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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 4 Recap

Ban Hua let Ling Mian and Hard Bang Bang find a mansion, separated from Rong Xia Mansion by a wall. She bought colorful fireworks and released them in the dark. After seeing the corners of her mouth rise, Rong Xian was in a good mood. Mianmian went to Rong Xia’s mansion later, but didn’t even enter the door, but was driven out by Du Jiu’s words.

Rong Xia went to court the next day and found that Ban Hua did not send him in a carriage. He thought that what Du Jiu said last night made Ban Hua’s heart cold, so he asked Du Jiu to find some gifts to send to Ban Hua as a reward. Du Jiu sent the gift to Ban’s house, softly remembering his attitude yesterday, stupefied that he waited a full hour before telling him that Ban Hua was out.

Softly handed Ban Hua’s letter to Du Jiu and asked him to pass it on to Rong Xia. In the letter, Ban Hua invited Rong Xia to the suburbs. Rong Xia went to the appointment as scheduled and saw the frozen ice lake. Du Jiu always knew that Rong Xia didn’t like skating, and even ordered someone to break all the ice in the mansion. Now I saw that Ban Hua invited him to come skating, and was about to refuse, but Rong Xia didn’t let him go.

The rhetoric given by Rong Xia was that he had recently contracted the wind and cold and didn’t want to skate, but his enthusiastic Ban Heng and Ban Hua were on the ice like a duck being driven off the shelf. The Banhua people are beautiful and their skating skills are not bad. Rong Xiao hadn’t skated for a long time, and he was a little rusty, so Banhua taught him skating generously.

Rong Xiao had never touched a woman like this before, and couldn’t help but be moved. The two men and talented women slid hand in hand on the ice, reminding Rong Xiao of the scene when his brother took him to skate when he was a child. Rong Xia is very talented in skating. Ban Hua taught him to skate by himself for a while. Rong Xia quickly started to slide to the center of the lake. Unexpectedly, the lake center was thin and Rong Xia fell into the cold water.

The emperor ordered Jiang Luo to marry Xie Wanyu, but Jiang Luo refused. The emperor slapped him and ordered him to be placed under house arrest. When this incident spread to the outside world, it turned into various versions. Some of the city women said that the second prince fought against the emperor, and some said that the second prince fought the emperor.

Ban Hua rescued Rong Xia, and Rong Xia asked Du Jiu to bring her own cloak, but he put on Ban Hua as a thank you for her life-saving grace. Shi Feixian’s people have been staring at the movements of Rong Xia, Ban Hua and others. He told her truthfully what had happened on the ice lake. Shi Feixian was very angry. He wanted to take the opportunity to make Rong Xia hate Ban Hua, but he didn’t want to make them all. The doctor treated Xie Qilin to a doctor.

Xie Qilin noticed that the people next to him were surrounded by face cloths. This person could not speak and contradicted Xie Qilin. The doctor was persuaded to leave. He took the opportunity to find what he wanted in Xie’s mansion. Banhua specially went to Rongfu to see Rongxia, and Rongxia asked the housekeeper to refuse, don’t let her enter the mansion.

Banhua sent two stone lions away. Knowing that Rong Xia was ill, she soon left with Ban Heng. On the way back, I met a poor scholar, Shen Yu. Because the alcoholic contaminated Ban Xiangjun’s fame, he couldn’t bear to make an appearance for Banhua, so he was kicked out by Xiao Er. When Ban Hua learned the reason, he helped Shen Yu and himself talk to those alcoholics who didn’t know the general idea, and then asked the shopkeeper to apologize to Shen Yu.

Because of this, Shen Yu has a great affection for the beautiful Banhua, and what he said is very pleasant. Banhua waved his hand and said that from now on, it will only be used by the underprivileged children, and all the consumer classes are covered. Shen Yu is even more fond of her .

The apprentice who pretended to be the doctor beside him was Du Jiu. He said that he had searched Xie’s house and couldn’t find his wife’s bracelet. Rong Xia felt that someone deliberately misled him. Ban Huai and Ban Heng opened a class academy. Many poor students came here to study. Shen Yu asked Jingting Hou to marry Ban Hua, so angry that Ban Huai asked Ban Heng to throw Shen Yu out. Shen Yu has been there ever since. Outside the class.

When the emperor heard about the opening of the academy by Ban’s family, he praised him, and Ban Huai had a hard time with the emperor. After the emperor asked Rong Xia what he meant, he said that it was inconvenient to intervene. Ban Huai came back from the court and told Ban Hua that Cheng Amber was not sick.

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