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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 3 Recap

Xie Qilin remembered what Rong Xia had said to him before. He knew that Feng Ya poetry would be the only original, and that Shi Feixian came to him. Rong Xia took advantage of this and asked Xie Qilin to weigh it up. In the end, Xie Qilin told the truth in the court, saying that he was tripped over in a delusion and had nothing to do with Ban Heng. The emperor’s house is kind, he is blind after all, but he blames him for twenty and punishes him for never entering the court.

Shi Jin thanked Rong Xia for his help. He actually knew about Shi Fei’s private meeting of Xie Qilin. Taking into account his sister Qingyu, he did not say this, and Rong Xia expressed his understanding. After this turmoil, Banhua’s family burned incense and worshipped Buddha. Banhua remembered a dream he had had before, and became a little worried.

The Yin family thought about a few ways, and everyone thought they could give it a try. In order to thank Rong Xia, Ban Hua gave him a calligraphy and painting. Rong Xia saw this picture of the country and mountains and was very surprised. I did not expect that this rare and rare picture of the country and mountains was at Ban’s house, and that Ban Hua was not Know the preciousness of this painting. Ban Hua and Ban Heng went to the woods to hide treasures, and they ran into Rong Xiao.

Rong Xiao made people find out whether they were actually hiding treasures. If they were not, they would kill their brother and sister. The killer followed Rong Xia and Ban Hua, and hid under Rong Xia’s signal. He stepped on the dead wood and made a noise to make Ban Hua notice. In order to divert her attention, Rong Xian deliberately dropped the jade pendant and then lied that the jade pendant was lost.

The two returned to the carriage, and the two who had confirmed whether they were actually hiding the treasure had yet to give a signal, and the killer hidden in the carriage was about to attack Banhua. As soon as Banhua was about to get on the carriage, the firework signal was sent out, and Rong Xian pulled Banhua in a thunderous manner. The two killers immediately escaped from the carriage, and Banhua was not suspicious.

Rong Xia sent Ban Huan back, she was still wearing his fur. Du Jiu brought back all the treasures buried by the Banyu sisters and brothers, and Rong Xia brazenly said to help them keep them. Ban Hua held that fur suit, always feeling that Rong Xiao was the one in her dream seeking power to usurp the throne, and Yin felt that what she said was reasonable. She told Banhua to be more careful.

Ban Heng posted papers at the market and offered a reward for collecting Amber’s information. This is a very high-profile move. Ban Hua’s makeup looked like Shi Feixian, and even the costumes were similar to Shi Feixian’s, soft and hard looking strange. Ban Hua didn’t like to read the collection of poems she brought, and finally she decided to use her own way to win Rong Xia’s heart. She spent a lot of silver to buy many dishes for Rong Xiao, and she ate calmly.

Ban Hua didn’t like to eat mustard fish, but she was embarrassed to brush her face with the kindness, so she had to eat it with the same taste. Ban Heng was buying information about flaws everywhere in the capital. Xie Wanyu felt that he was really stupid and rich.

Xie Wanyu told Shi Feixian of the incident and suggested a way to stop Ban Hua from pursuing flaws. Shi Feixian then went to the palace to find her sister, and met Jiang Luo, the dull second prince. Fortunately, her sister was relieved, and her sister gave Shi Feixian his preference for flaws on paper. Banhua specially prepared a carriage for Rong Xia. Du Jiu’s vinegar jar overturned and said that Rong Xia would not get in her carriage, but she slapped her face soon.

Shi Feixian knew that Rong Xia liked skating, she asked Xie Wanyu to help. Ban Hua sent Rong Xia to the mansion. Rong Xia wanted to ask her why she was so diligent, but Ban Hua didn’t say the real reason. Xie Wanyu found Ban Heng and told Ban Heng that Rong Xia liked skating. Rong Xia didn’t eat dinner at night, and the housekeeper said that it would be fine if Ban Hua was there. She always ate more at Rong Xia than usual.

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