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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 24 Recap

Xie Yi kept kowtow acknowledging his mistakes under Mo Hai’s orders, and only then was he truly calming his heart. Du Shaoyang was afraid that Xie Jingxuan would blame herself, but Xie Jingxuan didn’t mean to blame. Mo Hai guessed that Song Yu would blame Du Shaoyang for the failure of the panacea, so he suggested that Du Shaoyang take the initiative and go to Song Yu to bring out Song Tingyu and find Qin Lie.

After Xie Jingxuan brought Song Tingyu out, Mo Hai planned to let Du Shaoyang pretend to be Song Tingyu to fly to the south, so that Song Yu’s surveillance could be transferred away, and Song Tingyu went north again, Song Tingyu recalled the ancient times in the extremely cold land that Qin Lie mentioned.

The beast guessed that Qin Lie was likely to be in the 10,000-year-old icy land. Now the only way to survive is to open the portal, and the Ji Lingzhu in Qin Lie’s mind is likely to be one of the solutions. Mo Hai handed his spatial ring to Song Tingyu, reminding Song Tingyu to pass it to Qin Lie. Xie Jingxuan insisted on taking Song Tingyu to the portal, and temporarily let Du Shaoyang go south alone.

Qin Lie felt his inner hostility broke through the line of defense, and as expected, a giant beast rushed out of the mark behind his neck, calling himself reckless. This giant beast that had been frozen for thousands of years now offered a deal to Qin Lie to unblock the ice to release all the giant beasts, and they would avenge Qin Lie and eat up those enemies. Nowadays, Qin Lie, who was extremely hostile, couldn’t control the violence in his body.

Seeing that Qin Lie was about to use Lei Xiu to release the behemoth in Xuanbing, everyone hurriedly cast a spell to stop him, but no one could beat Qin Lie’s Lei Xiu. Ling Yushi reluctantly confronted Qin Lie with spiritual strength, trying to persuade Qin Lie not to be so impulsive, but at this time Qin Lie did not listen to Ling Yushi’s words at all, but instead blamed Ling Yushi for the confrontation, Ling Yushi was able to Feeling that Qin Lie had completely lost himself at this time, he seemed to have become another person, not under his control.

Song Tingyu, who suddenly appeared at this time, threw Qin Lie down on the snow, and constantly calmed Qin Lie’s emotions. This regained Qin Lie’s consciousness, and Qin Lie’s violent eyes gradually turned mild. Ling Yushi looked at the two people in front of him, and suddenly recalled the dream of Qin Lie he had seen before.

It turned out that it was Song Tingyu who could comfort Qin Lie. After waking up, Qin Lie drove away the recklessness, and the three decided to return to the Underworld Channel again. But before the three of them could think about it, Song Yu and others had already rushed to the extreme cold of the north by taking the fire cloud account. It turned out that Du Shaoyang brought Song Yu and others to Qin Lie. Yi Yuan, who spoke for Qin Lie, was pushed off the boat and had to be rescued by Qin Lie. Song Yu saw that he could not persuade Qin Lie to submit, so he murdered again.

Seeing Yushi was hurt by Song Yu, Qin Lie couldn’t bear it anymore. He was about to cast a spell to unlock all the giant beasts, but when the profound ice was about to melt. Li Muhe Buli appeared again. As the sword holder of Tianjian Mountain, Li Mu persuaded the two parties to stop, but Song Yu insisted on killing Qin Lie, so Li Mu rejected Song Yu’s spiritual power with a palm. Song Yu saw that his skills were not as good as others, so he had to give up.

After Song Yu left, Li Mu proposed to take Qin Lie and others to the place of riots to explore more possibilities. In order to revitalize the evil race, Yu Shi gave up accepting the Tianjian Mountain sword amulet. In addition to Qin Lie, Li Mu also accepted Song Tingyu.

With Xie Jingxuan, Qin Lie also offered to bring Yiyuan and Du Shaoyang along with them. Although I don’t know what Qin Lie’s intentions are, Du Shaoyang still accepts this opportunity. Everyone came to the thunder-inducing array again, and the priest led out the teleportation array, and was able to bring Ling Yushi back to the ancestral land: the land of the spirit market.

Before leaving, Ling Yushi told Qin Lie that among the three men in the Ji Lingzhu, one of them was Li Mu who had just appeared. Qin Lie felt more and more confused. At this time, the priest’s mother-in-law answered Qin Lie’s question about Qin Shan. It turned out that a long time ago, Qin Shan helped the evil race avoid the attacks of the human race and explained that the priest, if his grandson Qin Lie Later in danger, the priest must lend a helping hand.

Now that the mystery gradually became clear, Ling Yushi promised Qin Lie that he would continue to practice the Nine Nether Sacred Code, hoping that Qin Lie would be careful of Du Shaoyang’s inner resentment. The two who were about to separate were reluctant to give up their inner feelings. After watching Yu Shi silently approaching the teleportation formation, facing his own appearance, Qin Lie couldn’t bear the extreme reluctance and watched Yu Shi leave.

Song Tingyu finds Song Yu, a strict father and a daughter who is eager to be recognized. Now only at the moment of parting do they speak up with each other. Looking at her father’s back, Song Tingyu felt 10,000 words jammed in her heart, so she had to kneel to bid farewell to her father. Yiyuan and Lian Rou bid farewell to each other, Li Muhe could not be separated from each other, but Xie Jingxuan and Du Shaoyang on the other side stood very far away, ignoring each other. When Qin Lie returned to the team, Li Mu officially led everyone to the place of riots.

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