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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 23 Recap

Today, Qin Lie and Ling Yushi have been regarded as enemies and gaps by the five sects. Just as Ying Xingran and Song Yu were discussing the previous battle with the evil race, Song Siyuan hurriedly went to the palace to report Song Tingyu’s return. When Song Tingyu and Qin Lie returned to discuss peace, Song Yu’s expression was extremely complicated, and Song Siyuan added , The Nether Queen Ling Yushi did not appear, and Song Yu’s expression became even more suspicious.

On the other side, Yu Shi came to the palace of the Appliance Sect and watched the devilish energy from all over his body flow into his body. Ling Yushi secretly felt that the aura in his body became stronger…

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu walked to the hall. At this time, Qin Lie made a peace agreement with Song Yu on behalf of the Nether Clan. In order to show their sincerity, the Nether Clan sent back to Song Tingyu, and Qin Lie asked Song Yu to return to the Nether Clan’s Kulu, Ruo Song Yu had the consciousness of negotiating, and he needed Du Shaoyang and Langxie to negotiate with him. Song Yu wondered why Qin Lie chose Du Shaoyang and Langxie as messengers to negotiate.

In order to prevent Qin Lie from having other intentions, Song Yu agreed to let Du Shaoyang pass the message alone, and ordered Du Shaoyang to tell Qin Lie to return the Nether Clan with Kuru The Xuanyin Nine Leaf Lotus. Unexpectedly, Du Shaoyang even confided to Xie Yi on the other side for Xie Jingxuan. Xie Yi guessed at a glance that Song Yu’s intention was to use Xuanyin Nine Leaf Lotus to break the steps and take the opportunity to enter Nirvana.

After Xie Yi got the information, he was very happy, and promised to let Du Shaoyang meet Xie Jingxuan. But now Xie Jingxuan was expressionless, Du Shaoyang wanted to see the vigorous Xie Jingxuan before, so he had to agree to Xie Yi and took the opportunity to give Xie Yi the Xuanyin nine-leaf lotus that was handed over to Song Yu. This condition is exchanged for Xie Jingxuan’s free body.

Qin Lie looked at Ling Yushi’s way of absorbing the devil qi of the underworld, but Ling Yushi turned his head and looked at Qin Lie. He could see Qin Lie’s dream. In Qin Lie’s dream, he was still young, he became thunderous for some reason, and was about to attract the sky thunder, and suddenly a little girl sprang out to calm Qin Lie’s emotions, which prevented the sky thunder from falling. When he first awakened from the dream, Qin Lie wondered why Ling Yushi could see his dream, and Yushi explained that everything was the result of practicing the Jiuyou Sacred Code.

The strange dream made the two of them recall everything they had heard and seen again. If Ling Yushi is the mother of the earth, why can’t Qin Lie be the son of God of War? Qin Lie shook his head in denial, wondering whether Gong Mulie’s true position was evil or good. On the other side, Song Tingyu, who came to discuss the peace in place of Langxie, entered the hall and explained to the two of the Gongmu family: Gongmu family has appeared since the beginning of the spiritual realm, and the battle between the human race and the gods thousands of years ago was due to Gong Mulie’s tribute.

As the son of the God of War Gong Muhao, Mu Lie was unmatched in the spiritual realm, and later lost track in pursuit of a higher realm. He also has a childhood sweetheart called Ye Xian’er, and they are both teachers and friends. Ling Yushi quietly listened to Song Tingyu’s explanation, and then quietly sneaked into Song Tingyu’s consciousness to check whether his words were wrong.

At this time, the people of the Xuantian League begged to see them outside, and the three of them went out to meet, and they saw Du Shaoyang and his party. Du Shaoyang relayed Song Yu’s request, and the priest added that Xuanyin Nine Leaf Lotus was originally the spiritual material of the celestial pole, only in Xuanyin Minghai. Ling Yushi readily agreed to his request, and the two parties agreed to exchange at Gaodingshan at the gate of the appliance sect.

Song Yu found Xie Yi, explained to Du Shaoyang that he had a successful negotiation, and then took out the extinct mysterious thunder that had been refined. It turned out that Song Yu still did not give up the plan to kill the evil race, and a sneak attack was brewing.

Qin Lie and Ling Yushi returned to the hall. Recalling that when Yu Shi entered Song Tingyu’s dream and was attacked, Qin Lie wanted to advise Yu Shi not to try to figure out Song Tingyu’s heart, but the mystery of the three people’s life and experience clearly originated from it. In the same story, Qin Lie allowed the poems to enter his mind in order to find out the truth, in order to see the story behind the mysterious Ji Lingzhu in his mind.

Sure enough, after Yu Shi entered Qin Lie’s mind, he saw a child and three men. The child was bound and the three men surrounded him. When Yu Shi wanted to come closer, he was caught by three men. The person’s spiritual energy attacked, so that he was forcibly isolated from the dream state, vomiting blood and fell to the ground.

After listening to the retelling of the poetry, Qin Lie felt very puzzled. The strange man, the trapped child, the poetry found that one of the men was Du Shaoyang. After receiving the reminder from the poetry, Qin Lie found that Du Shaoyang was always beside him. The appearance of Shao Yang. But at this time Qin Lie no longer wanted to delve into it, but persuaded Ling Yushi not to use this method to hurt himself.

The next day, Yu Shi brought the spiritual materials to discuss with Song Yu, and the two successfully exchanged. Upon seeing this, Ling Yushi took the opportunity to negotiate the future of the evil race and the human race, hoping to bring a peaceful future to both sides. But who knows, in the Lingwen pillar square in the equipment sect not far away, Song Yu has already united with the Xie Yi people to attack the evil clan’s soldiers and horses by using Nirvana Profound Thunder.

Seeing the flames on the opposite side, Qin Lie and the three people saw through Song Yu’s tricks. The five sects hurriedly appeared, looking for Qin Lie to revenge for the severed finger. Song Tingyu stood in front of Qin Lie and others, eager to buy time to retreat for him. Even in the face of his own daughter, Song Yu did not hesitate. In order to protect the queen, the Kuru brothers used secret methods to stop Song Yu.

In this way, the three Qin Lie were able to rush back to the Lingwen Pillar Square, but it was too late. All they faced were the corpses all over the ground and the blocked passage to the dark. Seeing that there was no way to retreat, Song Yu and others once again After chasing him, Qin Lie immediately used the space weapon to flee the tool sect with the priest, Ling Yushi and the remaining few people.

Ying Xingran returned to the palace of the Appliance Sect as he wished, and now it is logical to return to the position of the Sect Master, Ying Xingran’s expression could not help but feel a little buoyant, but Langxie on the side accused Ying Xingran of treachery. Should Xingran disdain other people’s guidance, now he has only eyes full of power.

On the other hand, Song Tingyu asked Song Yu to leave the Xuantian League. It turned out that her father’s treachery and despicable methods made her despise, but Song Yu pointed out that Song Tingyu actually admired Qin Lie, and made such a playful choice. Song Tingyu had to reluctantly admit under the pressure of her father. Ignoring Song Tingyu’s naivety, Song Yu returned to the room and took out the Xuanyin Nine Leaf Lotus, but after the absorption, Song Yu couldn’t help feeling a little strange inside.

Du Shaoyang handed over the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus in his hands, and Xie Yi regained Xie Jingxuan’s consciousness. But after Xie Yi absorbed this spiritual material, Xie Yi felt something strange. At this moment, Mo Hai walked into the hall. It turned out that Qin Lie, Du Shaoyang, and Mo Hai had conspired to prescribe the spirit medicine.

As for Song Yu, Mohai feared that no one could threaten Song Yu’s status after he broke the order, so he directly used medicinal powder to destroy the spiritual power of the spiritual material, causing it to lose its medicinal effect. Xie Yi, who was originally full of disdain, watched his spiritual sense leave the physical body, and he truly became an unintentional slave. Seeing Xie Yi’s increasingly dull eyes, Mo Hai shouted and ordered Xie Yi to kneel…

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