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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 22 Recap

Qin Lie and others saw Langxie again, but Ying Xingran asked Qin Lie for the equipment sect as soon as he spoke. But Qin Lie didn’t need to care about these villains. He just asked Dao Ling Yushi’s whereabouts, but Langxie said that the Sect Master of the Qisha Valley had been deliberately assassinated last night. This bizarre time of death caused Qin Lie and others to guess that the real target of their mysterious assassination might be Ling Yushi, but Song Tingyu on the other side decided to report to her father the situation of the Lingjiazhen Teleportation Array.

Song Tingyu asked Song Yu. The difference between the Nether Royal Family, but Song Yu mentioned the Botian Clan who claimed to be the Protoss, and then he stopped mentioning it, but ordered Song Tingyu to receive Qin Lie under the banner of the Xuantian League.

On the other hand, Qin Lie apologized to Yushi for his negligence, and Ling Yushi still felt warm after hearing Qin Lie’s sincere confession, but now he still puts the overall situation first, so Ling Yushi persuaded Qin Lie Talk to Mohai first to discuss countermeasures. After Qin Lie left, Ling Yushi alone stayed in the room and recalled what Chaoxi had said to him.

Looking at the sunlight, the magical grass in the underworld that Chaoxi had handed to him glowed brightly. Ling Yushi Speaking of Chaoxi’s name gently, the magic grass became more dazzling, just like Chaoxi’s smile. But at this time, Song Tingyu suddenly broke into the room and discussed with Ling Yushi. Nowadays, the evil races have different images in the eyes of Song Tingyu and Ling Yushi.

Now that the war between the two races is about to come, Song Tingyu deliberately revealed that Mohai has been trained. After countless extinguished mysterious thunders, it will blow up the passage tomorrow. Although he is now alive, Ling Yushi has developed deep feelings for the Nether Clan in his heart. Knowing this information from Song Tingyu, Ling Yushi silently made a decision in his heart…

In the dead of night, Ling Yushi secretly came to the refinery and stole all the nirvana mysterious thunder, but before leaving the yard, he was stopped by Song Tingyu, Qin Lie, Langxie and others. It turned out that everything was deliberately set by Song Tingyu.

The trap underneath was to bring out Ling Yushi’s favoritism to the evil race. Langxie originally planned to rectify the Fa on the spot, but the words of Ling Yushi couldn’t help causing Langxie to stop his actions and begin to recall the root of everything: the two sides of the war. Is there really right or wrong? Why the evil race must be wrong, and the human race must be just.

Ling Yushi had received the life-saving grace of the evil race. He would not be as paranoid as everyone present, but saw the true, good and beautiful side of the evil race. Although Qin Lie was brought by Song Tingyu and saw Ling Yushi stealing the Netherworld Xuanlei, Qin Lie understood that the reason for all this was the kindness of Ling Yushi, so even Song Tingyu forcibly locked Ling Yushi Qin Lie also insisted on breaking all obstacles, using space weapons, and fleeing danger with Ling Yushi.

Qin Lie and Ling Yushi returned to the ice and snow. At this moment, Ling Yushi had completely put down their defenses and returned to their purple dress. Qin Lie assured Ling Yushi that he would not care about the racial difference between the two. Yu Shi was very pleased, but recalling the disciples of the Qisha Valley and the villagers in Lingjia Town, Qin Lie quickly took out the imperial weapon he had made and rushed to the Qisha Valley.

When Song Yu learned that Ling Yushi was most likely from the Nether Royal Family, he quickly ordered everyone in the Xuantian League and Song Tingyu to go to the Qisha Valley to stop him. And the high priest of the evil race also sensed the call of the blood of the nether royal family, and quickly established contact with Ling Yushi, sensed its location, and quickly went to find the blood of the royal family.

Just when Qin Lie and Ling Yushi arrived, they found that Li Zhongzheng of the Qisha Valley had been ordered by the Xuantian League to lead all the Qisha Valley disciples to slaughter all the villagers in Lingjia Town. Seeing the tragic death of her former close friend Ling Ying, Ling Yushi’s emotions began to fluctuate violently, and she could no longer restrain the strength in her body. Seeing that the earth began to shake, the land grew cracks, the house was torn in half, and Li Zhongzheng fell on the spot with a boulder falling from the sky. Smashed to death.

The evil race and Song Yu who arrived late watched Ling Yushi’s power razing the Qisha Valley to the ground. At this time, the Jiuyou Sacred Code recognized the Lord and flew to Ling Yushi’s hands. The message of the Nether Clan Venerable was opened. The Venerable in the screen said that the Protoss battle was thousands of years ago, but the Human Clan as a former ally drove the Nether Clan to Underground, such a peaceful and loving evil race was forced to become a monster-like existence.

As the last message left by the Venerable Nine Nether Sacred Code, he wanted the blood of the last Underworld to understand this history. But now the war is about to start. Seeing that Song Yu and Xie Yi are about to kill the evil race, Song Tingyu immediately flew to Qin Lie’s side and urged Qin Lie to hold him hostage. This helped the evil race and Qin Lie escape.

After Yukongqi returned to the top of the Nether Passage, the high priest found Ling Yushi’s Nine Nether Sacred Code, and excitedly called Ling Yushi the Nether Queen. Only then did Ling Yushi truly recognize his identity. It is the only remaining blood of the Nether Royal Family. At this time, the high priest called out the title of Mother of the Earth to Ling Yushi.

It turns out that Ling Yushi was the supreme ruler of the Nether Clan-Mother of the Earth. Ling Yushi promised to everyone that he would lead the tribe back to a better world. Today’s grievances are temporarily wiped out. If the human race commits another crime, he will not show mercy anymore…

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