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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 21 Recap

Song Tingyu felt that her condition was getting worse, and she could only rely on Qin Lie’s face to remember her beloved Gong Mulie. At this time Ling Yushi slowly walked in front of Song Tingyu, pretending to be hostile, and said to Song Tingyu that if Song Tingyu dies, he will snatch Qin Lie and Gong Mulie. It is Ling Yushi’s provocative words that arouse Song Tingyu. The desire to survive in the heart. Seeing that Song Tingyu finally cheered up, Qin Lie carried Song Tingyu on his back and the three of them walked towards the exit side by side.

The enemy is approaching, all the residents infected by the underworld devil energy are settled in the rescue center, as well as Xie Jingxuan who is hiding here, knowing that the blood spear guard is coming to deliver food, seeing the beloved is right in front of him , But looking at the overall situation, Xie Jingxuan had to forcibly endure her inner desire and sat alone in the shed, silently waiting for Du Shaoyang to leave. The eighth-level hall master Xie Yi also happened to be patrolling nearby.

He was about to come to the rescue center to have a look. Who knew he was stopped by the door guard and was about to let it go. When he was about to leave, Xie Yi found out. The clues left by Xie Jingxuan, but recalling that his daughter had been killed on the way to capture the Spirit Devouring Beast, Xie Yi still hesitated in his heart, just left in a hurry, and did not delve into it.

Qin Lie and the three finally walked out of the Nether Passage. Song Tingyu, who was poisoned, was picked up by everyone, but with great care, he discovered that Ling Yushi beside him was hiding a looming purple color. But before the three of them enjoyed the rare light, suddenly the sky thunder gathered, Qin Lie ushered in a breakthrough, and was about to reach the peak of the Vientiane Realm. I saw a black thunder cloud surrounding Qin Lie’s head, Qin Lie topped it. Lived under extreme pressure and screamed, which finally persisted and broke through.

After the doctor diagnosed Song Tingyu, he finally learned that only people from the evil race can help Song Tingyu breathe out the evil spirit. In a coma, Song Tingyu held Qin Lie’s hand tightly and kept mentioning the mother of the earth and the son of the God of War, and also warned Qin Lie not to provoke Song Yu.

Ling Yushi suspects that Song Tingyu, like himself, is related to Qin Lie’s real life experience, but Qin Lie disagrees, and focuses on finding a way to rescue Song Tingyu. Here, Qin Lie found Xue Li and wanted a way to ask for advice, but Xue Li had already found his body and insisted on returning to the Heavenly Tool Sect. Qin Lie had no choice but to leave with the blood, and remembered the advice of the blood: put away the spirit pattern pillar.

On the other side, Ling Yushi was by Song Tingyu’s bed, helping to absorb all the evil spirits. For Song Tingyu, the evil spirit is a deadly existence, but for Ling Yushi it makes the whole body comfortable. Such a reaction makes Ling Yushi doubt her true identity.

After Song Tingyu woke up, she couldn’t remember what she had said in her dream. Fortunately, Song Tingyu has fully recovered. At present, everyone’s goal is the evil race war. The three decided to use the Fire Cloud Tent to quickly return to the Equipment Sect to help repel the evil invaders.

Xie Yi returned to the rescue center again, arguing at the door, trying to call his daughter back. Xie Jingxuan inside heard Xie Yi’s words and hurriedly found a piece of soldier’s clothes and ran away in disguise. Xie Yi’s words also summoned Du Shaoyang, who was patrolling on the other side. Seeing that Xie Jingxuan, who was disguised, was about to be caught by Xie Yi, Du Shaoyang hurried forward and diverted Xie Yi’s attention. This gave Xie Jingxuan enough. Time to escape.

Xie Jingxuan, who had escaped from danger, met again by the lake, and the two young lovers who hadn’t seen each other for many days hugged each other tightly because of miss. Du Shaoyang told Xie Jingxuan about his miss and hoped that Xie Jingxuan would stay. But Xie Jingxuan said that if she stayed behind and was discovered by her father, the cruel Xie Yi would turn herself into an unintentional slave, like a walking dead.

Du Shaoyang was dumbfounded, and his heart was full of dismay, but at this time, Xie Yi appeared from behind and interrupted the conversation between the pair of fateful mandarin ducks. Seeing that Xie Yi was so arrogant in front of him, Du Shaoyang was about to fight back. Unexpectedly, Xie Yi defeated Du Shaoyang at once, causing him to vomit blood. Distressed Xie Jingxuan knelt down to Xie Yi begging for mercy. Become a mindless slave with no thoughts or thoughts…

The three Qin Lie riding on the fire cloud tent found the clues under the sky. The thunder-striking formation Qin Lie had been using for cultivation was used by the evil race to make a teleportation formation using nightmares.

The three of them were distressed about how to open the teleportation array to find out the truth, but the mysterious array on the side drew the attention of the three. The strong aura in it made it impossible for ordinary people to open it. Qin Lie, with extraordinary spiritual power, tried to perceive the message. It was accidentally discovered that the Nether Royal Family and the Nine Nether Sacred Code were mentioned.

As the highest race of the Nether Clan, the Nether Nether Sacred Code was their holy code. At this time, Ling Yushi approached the array of self-consciously, who unexpectedly led to the first scroll of the Nine Nether Sacred Canon. Unexpectedly, Song Tingyu grabbed the Nine Nether Sacred Code with a single palm, originally from when he fell into the Netherworld, Song Tingyu was secretly observing Ling Yushi’s reaction, and also secretly when Ling Yushi absorbed the underworld demon energy for herself.

Taking a peek, now that the Nine Nether Sacred Code recognizes the Lord, Song Tingyu very much suspects that the Ling Yu poem in front of him is from the Nether Royal Family. It turned out that Song Tingyu had long discovered that she was different. Ling Yushi was not surprised, but just as calmly threw out her own doubts, hoping to use Song Tingyu’s hand to help her identify his identity, and Qin Lie on the side would not mind seeing Yushi. Just ask Song Tingyu not to report the matter to Song Yu. After Song Tingyu agreed, the three went to the Lingwen Pillar Square together.

When the Huoyun account really came to the implement sect, everyone from the evil race looked at the three Qin Lie in the sky, frowning involuntarily. However, Qin Lie just kept silent, and took all the twelve spiritual pattern pillars back into his bag as he ordered.

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