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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 17 Recap

Zhou Chengcheng has prepared a table of dishes, but Wen Rang has not been seen, and his bookstore has been closed. Wen Shaoqing came to the store ahead of time and didn’t see Cong Rong. Zhou Chengcheng asked Wen Shaoqing to call Wen Rang, fearing that he would not answer the call. Wen Shaoqing made a call, and Wen Rang said that he would consider it. Cong Rong called and told everyone that he was going to work late.

Cong Rong sorted out the college student loan case and wanted to help Xiao Zhang, the girl before, but was seen by the Shangguan. Shangguan reminded Cong Rong that with her current conditions, she was not qualified to represent the case alone. Cong Rong explained that even if he was not qualified, he still wanted to do his best to help Xiao Zhang find some similar cases and increase his chances of winning. Shangguan was a little anxious. Suddenly Cong Rong rushed him to the hospital. After Wen Shaoqing learned about it, he immediately took a taxi to the hospital.

Jingjing brought the fruit basket to the hospital to visit a friend. When she met Cong Rong who was paying the bill, she couldn’t help but say a few words before realizing that Shangguan was sick. She had always treated Cong Rong as an imaginary enemy and tried her best in front of Shangguan, but Shangguan felt that she was too noisy. By buying porridge, Cong Rong pulled Jingjing out and told her to calm down if she likes a person.

If she continues to do this, Shangguan will be scared. Jingjing thinks that Cong Rong would not be so kind. Cong Rong said that she already has someone she likes, and Shangguan is just her mentor. Apart from respect, her boyfriend is on the way to pick her up from the hospital. . Jingjing thought that Cong Rong’s words were reasonable, and she returned to Shangguan to accompany him silently. But Shangguan kept thinking of Cong Rong in his heart, and kept the chocolate that Cong Rong had given him.

Cong Rong left the hospital and waited for Wen Shaoqing, while Wen Shaoqing was blocking the road. The New Year’s countdown bell rang and fireworks were set off over the city. Wen Rang has been entangled. After he figured it out, he went to the address on the letter. No one was seen, because his ex-girlfriend Xiao Jiang had already left. Zhou Chengcheng was very sad, and she was the only one to eat the dinner she prepared carefully.

Wen Shaoqing suddenly appeared in front of Cong Rong, hugged her tightly, and then took her to the restaurant for dinner. Cong Rong told Wen Shaoqing that he had a big thing he was doing. After he was successful, he would say it and apologize for not being with him tonight. Wen Shaoqing accepted the apology and kissed Cong Rong in public, indicating that this was punishment.

Xiao Jiang came to Zhou Chengcheng’s barbecue restaurant and said that he wanted to eat hot pot, and didn’t mind if it was left over from her meal. Zhou Chengcheng thought that when he met a confidant, the two drank and ate hot pot together. Wen Rang came back and opened the rolling door of the bookstore, Xiao Jiang put down two hundred yuan and went out. Zhou Chengcheng took the money and chased it out. He happened to see Xiao Jiang and Wen Rang talking. He heard Xiao Jiang say that she wanted to go back to Wen Rang again. Wen Rang told her not to waste her efforts, pretending to be calm and saying that he did not intend to go to the appointment.

Cong Rong met with Xiao Zhang, found a lot of information and told her that he could take her to a lawyer who had won the case. Xiao Zhang suddenly didn’t want to find a lawyer. She knew that it was impossible to win, and she didn’t have the time and money to hire a lawyer. Cong Rong had planned to say that he was helping her, but Shangguan suddenly suggested that he could help Xiao Zhang, asking her to explain the process of being deceived and to call other people who were deceived.

Mother Wen and Dad Wen came to Wen Rang Bookstore. They didn’t see Wen Rang, they only came to the next door Zhou Cheng Cheng store to wait. Wen Rang came back by bike and saw Daddy Wen and couldn’t help but talk back to Daddy Wen. Dad Wen didn’t want Wen Rang to continue to be decadent, so he almost beat him with crutches. It was Zhou Chengcheng who stood up and stood in front of Wen Rang and lied that he was dating Wen Rang, so Dad Wen was relieved.

Cong Rong maintained the justice of each party in his heart and convinced Shangguan. Shangguan accepted the loan case. Cong Rong needed to find more information. Wen Shaoqing was waiting for Cong Rong at the bus stop when it suddenly rained heavily. He braved the rain to go to a nearby shop and bought an umbrella.

After Cong Rong got off the bus, he had an umbrella to cover the rain. The two went to the supermarket together. Wen Shaoqing wanted to cook for Cong Rong. Cong Rong said that he would work overtime with Shangguan at night. Wen Shaoqing was a little jealous, but he drove Cong Rong to the law firm. Cong Rong turned around and saw Wen Shaoqing, thinking that he was so happy at this moment.

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