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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 15 Recap

Zhou Chengcheng hugged Wen Rang and said coldly. Wen Rang was caught off guard, and Wen Rang took off his clothes and threw them on her. Zhou Chengcheng put on his clothes and continued to hug Wen Rang, expressing concern that he was cold. This scene was seen by Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing. The two were betting on the bus. Wen Shaoqing reminded Cong Rong that Wen Rang has always been an iceberg character and it is difficult to have relationships. Cong Rong retorted, thinking that Zhou Chengcheng was very enthusiastic and would definitely melt the temper.

Cong Rong compiled a weekly work report, and everyone recognized her strength. Wen Shaoqing sent a series of numbers to Cong Rong, which means “I miss you.” After Cong Rong got off work, the two met in the hospital for dinner. But Chen Tu received a phone call, there was an operation urgently needed, and he called for Wen Shaoqing to perform the operation. Unexpectedly, Qin Chu was also in the operating room, Chen Tu felt a little embarrassed, Qin Chu said it was nothing. After the operation, Qin Chu confessed to Wen Shaoqing that she had liked him before, but all this passed. She only hoped that Wen Shaoqing would not be burdened. Wen Shaoqing thanked Qin Chu very much and said that it is very good to be a colleague and friend with Qin Chu.

Wen Shaoqing came to the lounge to look at Cong Rong, and found that she was asleep, and leaned close to her face to look at her. Cong Rong was awakened, thinking that Wen Shaoqing was going to kiss herself, but she didn’t expect Wen Shaoqing to say that her face was swollen. Wen Shaoqing took Cong Rong to the dentist. The doctor said that Cong Rong was just an inflammation of his wisdom teeth. Cong Rong was embarrassed, and asked Wen Shaoqing not to stare at her for a tooth extraction. The whole hospital knew that Wen Shaoqing was in love and successfully left the single group list.

Zhou Chengcheng bought a bunch of tools to the bookstore, and also bought a piece of clothing for Wenrang. Wen made a duplicity with a cold expression, and passed the clothes money to Zhou Chengcheng, pitying her for no financial resources. Zhou Chengcheng wronged Baba and admitted to Wen Rang that he should not watch his CD, and hoped that he would not be angry with himself because of this.

Wen Shaoqing took Cong Rong home, molested Cong Rong on the sofa, and let Yiren watch a wave of dog food next to him. Zhou Chengcheng and Zhong Zhen met in the elevator, Zhong Zhen came over to deliver medicine to Cong Rong, Zhou Chengcheng came to Wen Shaoqing for help. During the chat between the two, Zhong Zhen found out that he was the last person to know that Cong Rong was in love. He knew that Zhou Chengcheng came to rescue soldiers because of Wen Rang, and lamented that both of them were fallen into the world.

When they got out of the elevator, the two were about to knock on the door. They heard Cong Rong’s voice and Wen Shaoqing’s voice in the room, thinking they were having sex between them. Zhong Zhen made a promise and told Zhou Chengcheng in the tone of a medical professional that this kind of thing needed to last for a short period of time so that Zhou Chengcheng would not disturb the two of them for the time being. As a result, the two had been squatting at the door waiting for Cong Rong. Unexpectedly, Cong Rong had a toothache, not something else. Wen Shaoqing was about to go out to buy medicine for Cong Rong and saw Zhou Chengcheng and Zhong Zhen squatting at the door.

Zhong Zhen hurriedly left the scene. Zhou Chengcheng approached Wen Shaoqing. He wanted to know Wen Rang’s home address and asked Wen Shaoqing to help him. Cong Rong works very fulfillingly in the law firm every day, and he learns many things smoothly, and almost forgets to eat. Shangguan himself was in the pantry and was instructing Cong Rong on work. When he was seen by a male colleague, he was a little gossip, thinking that Shangguan’s behavior was a mystery.

Chen Tu was holding a few bags of rice, but Wen Shaoqing disliked him and refused to give him a ride, so he had to call Zhong Zhen. Wen Shaoqing drove overtime calmly and wanted to surprise her. Unexpectedly, Cong Rong ate takeaway with Shangguan. Shangguan concentrated on work and picked up the wrong food. Cong Rong grabbed the documents in Shangguan’s hand and asked him to eat well. Cong Rong happened to miss Wen Shaoqing when he left the law firm. After Wen Shaoqing sent another message to Cong Rong, she learned that she had taken the official car home.

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