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My First Love Is Secret Love 我的初恋是暗恋 Episode 10 Recap

Yan Dayu intends to confess to Shen Wenjing, and Yan Dayu’s confession slogans were plastered on the school stairs, and Yan Dayu was called by the director to the teachers and students of the school to conduct a face-to-face review. Seeing that the college entrance examination is near, Qiao Ye, Zhu Qianshuang, Yan Dayu and Shen Wenjing also study together on weekends, but Shen Wenjing cannot talk to Yan Dayu, so Qiao Ye and Zhu Qianshuang are the microphones to help them. Spread the word, so Zhu Qianshuang was disgusted. Grandpa Qiao Ye passed away suddenly, and Qiao Ye stayed in the hospital all night.

When I returned home the next day, I heard from the neighbor’s aunt that Zhu Qianshuang had been waiting for him downstairs for a long time last night. He felt very guilty and went to find Zhu Qianshuang. The two were chatting at the door of the store near Zhu Qianshuang’s home, but they happened to be spotted by Zhu Qianshuang’s mother. Zhu Qianshuang’s mother was worried that Zhu Qianshuang and Qiao Ye would fall in love. After Zhu Qianshuang fell asleep, she secretly turned over her mobile phone and found that they were sending text messages frequently.

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