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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 2 Recap

Ban Heng explained his intentions, but refused to accept his so-called gift because his flaws were not good enough. As a result, when I opened it, they were two crickets. Ban Heng said the fighting crickets were extremely lofty, and Rong Xia and Ban Huan disagreeed with each other and started fighting crickets. Rong Xia asked Ban Heng to help him, but Ban Hua lost to him. She was very angry and dragged Ban Heng away from Rong Mansion.

This was also Rong Xia’s first contact with the cricket, and he didn’t expect it to be so interesting. Banhua lay on the bed and began to have a strange dream again, in which she saw Rong Xia and went to buy cloth. When I woke up, I thought that if he really went to buy cloth, then my mother would believe that she could predict the future through dreams, so she took her mother to the cloth shop and waited for the rabbit.

Yin didn’t believe her daughter’s words at all, but she came anyway. It’s just that she has something to do, so she leaves first. Later, Ban Hua really saw the flaw, and it was exactly the same as the scene in his dream. She let Rong Xia stay where she was. She went to call Lai Yin Clan. Rong Xia just passed here when she went to buy pen and ink. Of course, she didn’t listen to Ban Hua’s words and stood here obediently.

Du Jiu said in the carriage that he was worried that Rong Xia’s troublesome approach to Ban’s house would bring danger, but Rong Xia knew that if he wanted to find the truth, he had to approach Ban’s house. Ban Hua saw his carriage and stopped them. In the carriage, I talked to Ban Huai and Ban Heng about their dreams. After Ban Huai left, the father and son planned to go to Xie’s house to see if Xie Qilin was blind.

The two only saw Xie Qilin talking with a woman. After the woman left, Xie Qilin was studying in the gallery, and he tripped over the bamboo as he walked. His eyes were stabbed with blood. Ban Huai immediately jumped off the roof, and Ban Heng stumbled into Xie’s house and was caught by Xie’s family as a thief. Ban Huai later pleaded guilty with Chai, but Yin did not forgive him. This incident spread to Rong Xia’s side, and it became Ban Huai’s injury to Xie Qilin.

He told his subordinates not to talk about it in the court, and at the same time secretly investigated Xie’s home. Later, Uncle Xie was upset and accused Ban Heng of hurting his son in broad daylight. The eldest princess came to the Ban’s house for this reason and talked about finding a trustworthy person to reverse Ban Heng’s case, so as to prevent the right Xiang Shiyan from getting into trouble for them.

Both the eldest princess and the Yin think that Rong Xia is good at being clean and self-conscious, and will enforce the law impartially, so they unanimously decided that it is best for Rong Xia to handle the matter. Ban Hua went to see his younger brother in jail and met Sun Shijin, the rightist in charge of this case. Ban Hua and Shi Jin seldom met each other. Seeing Shi Jin now looking handsome, Ban Hua was a little surprised. She hoped that Shi Jin could help her brother to get rid of his grievances. Although many people thought Shi Jin was ruthless and ruthless before, Banhua felt that he was just like himself, a lover of personality. Shi Jin had a good impression of her, but he never confided it, and naturally he readily agreed to her request.

At a poem meeting not long after, Shi Feixian took the poems written by Rong Xia, and everyone praised them. Li Xiaoru is good at demeaning others to uphold Shi Feixian, so he devalued Ban Hua. Ban Hua happened to stand up behind the stone when she heard this, and Rong Xia prevented the quarrel between the two. Ban Hua thought that Rong Xia liked Shi Feixian, remembering the words of his grandmother and mother, decided to go to their own favor, and used Shi Feixian’s style to talk to Rong Xiao, and Rong Xia had to listen to her in private. But Banhua couldn’t remember what his mother taught her, so Banhua gave him the note directly. Du Jiu came over and whispered a few words in his ear, and Rong Xia saw the note again and knew her intention.

The next day, Ban Hua asked Rong Xia again for a precise word, but Rong Xia couldn’t get involved in this matter. Ban Hua kept pestering him to the place where he sold the Four Treasures of the study and snatched all the things he saw. Later, I heard Du Jiu said that he was only here to buy a pen today, and Ban Hua was so angry that he threw everything away. But she didn’t give up, she still pestered him by Rong Xia’s side, Rong Xia was studying there, and Ban Hua was next to ask her to make up.

Shi Jin went to Xie’s house to investigate. Xie Wanyu lied that she had never gone out that day and had been studying cooking. Then Uncle Xie asked her to go to Shi Feixian, and she concealed the fact that she had been to the Xie Mansion that day. Shi Jin had long been skeptical. He waited outside the Xie Mansion and saw Xie Wanyu who hurried to inform Shi Feixian.

Under Ban Hua’s entanglement, Rong Xia’s attitude eased. Ban Hua worried that he would still not help. She ran to Xie’s mansion in the middle of the night. She was dressed in black and saw Rong Xia. Then she went to Xie Qilin and asked him to change. And show him the flawed letters. The next day, when the emperor asked Shi Jin about the progress of the case and asked Xie Qilin to talk about the situation that day, Xie Qilin changed his previous firm attitude and hesitated to say that he could not remember the situation at that time. Everyone was in an uproar.

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