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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 1 Recap

In the early fall of Dayezhen’s fifty-eight, the class house was busy preparing for the wedding of the eldest lady and the son of the Xie family. The bride, Banhua, is the most talked about in Beijing. In addition to her outstanding appearance and generosity, she also has her trend-setting fashion taste, which can be called the top class in the capital of Daye. As for the groom Xie Qilin, his appearance and talents are quite average.

With the arrival of the wedding date, the people want to see whether Banhua can successfully marry Xie Qilin. Ban Hua, dressed in a bride’s costume, saw the groom fall to the ground. She unexpectedly discovered that the groom was not Xie Qilin, but a stranger. Then she woke up from her dream.

When Ban Heng was eating the steamed buns, he received an arrow with a letter in it. It said that the Xie family was going to remarry. Ban Heng’s face changed greatly and shouted. Ban Hua rode into the downtown area on horseback, causing the people to complain. But there is no way for her. After all, Banhua is the granddaughter of the eldest princess and the first noble daughter of Daye.

She usually likes to go to lively places in gorgeous clothes. After she stopped the horse, she was asked to help her look at the horse and recognized that this was the place in the dream. She saw Xie Qilin and a woman here. Xie Qilin was Ban Hua’s second fiance, but he didn’t seem to like Ban Hua. After seeing her, she dragged the woman and ran forward lifelessly. Ban Hua stopped them, and Xie Qilin drew his sword and shouted that he would not marry her Ban Hua.

Banhua hit him with a whip, and Xie Qilin was so scared that the sword fell. She has no feelings for Xie Qilin. If it hadn’t been for the Xie family to beg the Ban family, Xie Qilin could not climb her. Xie Qilin’s friend Yunniang knelt down and begged Banhua not to hurt Xie Qilin, but Banhua didn’t care about them, and dropped the banknotes, saying that she was thanking Yunniang for letting her see Xie Qilin’s true face.

This scene was clearly seen by Rong Xia, the first gentleman of the great cause. Ban Hua also saw Flaws. She intuitively thought Flaws were familiar, as if she had seen them somewhere. Rong Xia’s personal bodyguard, Du Jiu, thought that Ban Hua was interested in Rong Xia, so he put his hand on Rong Xia’s face. Ban Hua cast a glance at him and left silently.

Du Jiu felt that Banhua was extremely hot, but Rong Xia felt that she was different from ordinary women and was very interesting. When Banhua returned home, her mother Yin and her father Ban Huai were talking about Xie’s family. She asked her parents if they had dreamed about future events. The whole family thought she was upset because of her sadness. Ban Hua asked her maid to be hard-boiled and soft in disguise and dressed in gorgeous clothes to attend the chrysanthemum appreciation party.

The wear on her body was drawn immediately, and some even immediately used it to make it, intending to sell it at the market. Xie Qilin’s younger sister, Xie Wanyu, saw her also coming, and ridiculed her that she was divorced by her brother because of her harshness and unreasonableness.

Ban Huan went back, and the Sun Shi Feixian, the right minister, mediated. Then Princess Anle also appeared. Xie Wanyu was still reluctant. Ban Huaping said that she had a marriage contract with the first gentleman, Anlebo. When she said this, she did not know that Anlebo Rongxian took the gift given to Princess Anle by the Holy Something came over and heard her.

It’s a pity that Rong Xia didn’t follow Ban Hua’s words, so that Ban Hua could not come off stage and left angrily. Later, Banhua thought that they could not make them so proud, and when they returned home, she met Flawless, and said a few words about Flawless, gentle and elegant, without any irritation, and compromised to give her way.

Rong Xia knelt in front of his parents’ tablet. He has not forgotten the mystery of the door of extinction back then. Now he hides his powers to solve the mystery of the door of extinction, and approaching the Ban’s house is part of his plan. Ban Huai and Ban Heng led the team to the Xie Mansion and forced them to open the door, but they searched the entire Xie Mansion and couldn’t find Xie Qilin. Ban Hua ran to taste crabs with the ladies again, and she fought back one by one against Xie Wanyu and Li Xiaoru’s irony.

Banhua dreamed that his home was copied and woke up and talked to his family about it, but they didn’t care about it, and Banhua simply stopped talking. The wound on Uncle Xie’s forehead was seen by Emperor Yun Qing. He asked what was going on. Uncle Xie took the opportunity to take out a plaque full of loyalty and slandered Ban Huai and smashed the plaque gifted by the royal family.

Ban Huai told the story, and the emperor asked Anlebo to talk about it. An Lobo said that this was indeed the Xie family’s breaking of faith. The Ban’s anger was excusable. For this reason, the emperor did not blame Ban Huai, and the princess sent a cart of playthings to the Ban’s soothing class. Graceful.

Rong Xia has been letting people investigate what happened back then, and he is afraid that what happened back then has something to do with Hu Fu. Xie Qilin abandoned Banhu, and the sage decree to dismiss his tribute, and Uncle Xie was dumbfounded when he took the decree. Ban Hua was still worried about being ransacked.

Ban Heng obeyed her parents’ arrangements and took her to the restaurant. On the surface, she was going to drink tea to relax, but actually brought her to Rongfu. Ban Hua refused to go in at first. Heng Hao said that she agreed. The moment he saw Rong Xia, Ban Hua still couldn’t help but mutter in her heart, Rong Xia deserves to be the No. 1 gentleman in the great cause, and looks more pleasing than Panan.

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