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Really Meet Love That Day (2021) 当天真遇见爱情

Really Meet Love That Day (2021)
Other Title: 当天真遇见爱情, When Innocence Meets Love , Dang Tian Zhen Yu Jian Qi Qing

Genres: Romance, Drama
Qi Xiao Hui

Hunan TV
Release Date: 
Jan 18, 2021 – 2021
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  • Wei Qian Xiang as Yan Meng
  • Wu Shi Le as Li Tianzhen
  • Chong Dan Ni as Qiao Ke
  • Zhu Jia Qi as Lu Yiming
  • Zhao Da as Ding Yanming
  • Li Jin Yang as Hu Xiaoshun
  • Rong Zi Xi as Guo Yuanyuan
  • Ma Jun as Li Jun
  • Ma Li as Zeng Yu
  • Chu Zhen as Wen Li
  • Zhang Gong as Gou Hansen
  • Zhou Zhi as Bei Ying

Li Tianzhen, a newcomer with the dream of an architect, joined the New May City Architectural Design Institute with full enthusiasm and became an intern of the talented designer Meng Yan. Faced with Meng Yan’s harsh test, Li Tianzhen was unyielding, but was expelled from the company due to an accident. At the same time, in order to adhere to his design principles, Meng Yan chose to leave his job and start his own studio. After repeated invitations, Li Tianzhen became Meng Yan’s partner, and the two bid for the “Yunxia Village” project together.

In the face of strong competitors, Li Tianzhen sticks to his original aspirations, matures day by day, and has the courage to take responsibility when the family business encounters difficulties. In the process of fighting together, Meng Yan also gradually fell in love with this pure and excellent girl and helped Li Tianzhen out of the predicament. The two people adhere to the architectural dream and grow together on the path of career, life and emotion, and gradually understand that people-oriented and people-oriented is the true meaning of architecture and the truly great works of architects.

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