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The Most Beautiful You in the World 世界上最动听的你 Episode 9 Recap

After the military training, everyone went out to have a meal. Xiaopang said that if it weren’t for Yu Huan’s existence these days, they didn’t know what Qiao Yibai had tortured. So he summed up the sentence: It is better to please the instructor than to please the sister-in-law. Yu Huan asked everyone to say what they had said, and Liang Cheng and Qiao Yibai were drunk. Rosie and Yu Huan escorted them back. They got drunk and threw up on the roadside. Liang Cheng suddenly saw the playground. The two went to the amusement park with their arms around, and Yu Huan and Rosie had to keep up.

Qiao Yibai and Liang Cheng sat on the merry-go-round and sang Journey to the West. Qiao Yibai asked brother where they were. Liang Cheng performed Monkey King’s signature moves and talked about the kingdom of daughters. Qiao Yibai said to let my old pig try, Yu Huan and Rosie stood by and looked at them helplessly. Yu Huan called to find out that Liang Cheng lived in the school. Yu Huan sent Liang Cheng and Rosie back to the school, and then sent Qiao Yibai home.

It took Yu Huan a lot of effort to bring Qiao Yibai home, throw him on the sofa, and pour him water. Yu Huan got up and was going to get a hot towel for Qiao Yibai, but Qiao Yibai took her hand and prevented her from leaving, saying that she never said anything. Qiao Yibai pulled Yu Huan down on the sofa and put his hand on her head, ready to kiss her, and fell asleep before kissing her.

Waking up in the morning, Yu Huan found Qiao Yibai holding her hand and lying on the sofa with a smile looking at Qiao Yibai who was sleeping on the ground. Qiao Yibai woke up and saw himself holding Yu Huan’s hand. As soon as he looked up, he saw Yu Huan lying on the sofa looking at him. His eyes widened and he quickly sat up. Qiao Yibai called out Huanhuan nervously, Yu Huan teased that he was not like this last night. Qiao Yibai ran away to make breakfast, and asked Yu Huan if the forty-five degree milk was okay. Yu Huan wanted to drink ice, but he did not agree.

Yu Huan was surprised that Qiao Yibai could actually cook. He asked Yu Huan what he would like to eat at noon. Anyway, he had no class in the morning, so he could cook for her. The last time Yu Huan ate it was made by Qiao Yibai. The pizza last time was delicious. When asked if Qiao Yibai made it, she recommended it to the Great God. Qiao Yibai was a little unhappy and asked if it was the one she had just broken up with. Yu Huan explained that it was not. It was a radio drama she recently played and was her idol.

Yu Huan got up and left. Qiao Yibai asked her if it was true that she was responsible for him. Yu Huan smiled and said it was true, Qiao Yibai smiled happily. Yu Huan was late for Tawny’s class, but Tawny ignored it. Miao Miao asked if Yu Huan was with Qiao Xiaocao, but she interrupted and did not refute. After class was over, Tawny left Yu Huan alone and asked her what she planned. The two talked about when they met for the first time, Tawny seemed to see herself in Yu Huan’s body, allowing Yu Huan to make life plans early.

Qiao Yibai came to the school to give Yu Huan a meal, and the loss of life made her lose her high appetite. He asked Qiao Yibai about his interests and bread, what he would choose. Qiao Yibai did not hesitate to choose her interests. Yu Huan was not struggling with her interests and what bread to choose, but she didn’t even know her own interests. Interest is actually around, as long as you put your heart and soul into doing everything, there will be a direction, Yu Huan understands after hearing Qiao Yibai’s words.

Miao Miao and Sun Yu came to Qiao Yibai for an interview. She was very nervous and Sun Yu was beside her to comfort her. The interview was successfully completed, and Yu Huan sent a bunch of flowers to thank Qiao Yibai.

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