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The Most Beautiful You in the World 世界上最动听的你 Episode 10 Recap

Yu Huan was preparing to dub. Miao Miao came in and teased that she would not recognize people in her clothes, and Qiao Xiaocao was pitiful, but they both developed too fast. Yu Huan was very happy to see Young Master Yubai coming online, and several people started dubbing. This is after Qin Xiu helped His Royal Highness return to the country, he encountered Shen Changhuan who had lost his memory on the street.

Qin Xiu shed tears looking at Shen Changhuan who was squatting down there. Qin Xiu took Shen Changhuan home and kept her by his side. He taught her to write her name, the meaning of Shen Changhuan for a lifetime.

After dubbing, Yu Huan exclaimed that it was too numb, and Qiao Yibai called her irresponsible. But Yu Huan didn’t know that Young Master Yubai was Qiao Yibai, but he also noticed something was wrong. Qiao Yibai said that all hooligans who were not responsible for the purpose of being responsible were all hooligans, and then went offline angrily.

Qiao Yibai suspected that Yu Huan had other dogs, and she did not see her Moments and Weibo. So he posted a Weibo, fans were shocked, Su Ao suspected that Qiao Yibai had been hacked. Su Ao bought a bottle of water and returned to the dormitory. Looking at Qiao Yibai who looked like an angry little wife, he handed him a bottle of water. Su Ao asked him if he was wronged by his younger siblings, and he told Su Ao that she did not want to be responsible.

Like Su Ao, Qiao Yibai asks for advice on her sister-in-law. Su Ao said that the most important thing about chasing girls is not to get used to them. Girls, they are not used to it. The more used they are, the easier it is for them to gain an inch and trample on the truth. In love, you must not be too humble, you must have principles and temper. However, Qiao Yibai always felt that Su Ao was wrong.

Qiao Yibai went to school to give Yu Huan a tomato fish. She told him not to always go around her. He should think about what job he would look for in the future. She hadn’t thought about what she was going to do until now, and asked him if she thought about it. He said that from today onwards, he will definitely look like a man. This sentence was heard by the passing female classmate.

The whole campus is circulating that the reason why Qiao Yibai didn’t fall in love was because of a hidden illness. The students all looked at Qiao Yibai with strange eyes, and the rumors in the school were still circulating. When Rosie heard a good friend talk about it, she was angrily absent from school and went out for coffee. Met Yu Huan and Miao Miao in the cafe, Rosie mocked Yu Huan. Because Miao Miao and Yu Huan were close friends, Sun Yu regarded Qiao Yibai as a good brother and gave Qiao Yibai the secret recipe passed down from his ancestors.

Yu Huan heard some classmates talking about her and Qiao Yibai in school. She learned about it when she asked, and asked her classmates to apologize to Qiao Yibai. Yu Huan pulled Qiao Yibai’s noisy place. Yu Huan saw Sun Yu’s order for Qiao Yibai’s Shiquan Datangtang and wanted to find him angrily. When she turned and left, she was almost hit by a bicycle. Qiao Yibai pulled her back and hugged her, avoiding the bicycle.

Yu Huan ran into Liang Cheng through the basketball court. Liang Cheng invited her to watch a basketball game, and she agreed. Liang Cheng embarrassedly asked her if he was embarrassed when he drank too much last time, and Yu Huan held Qiao Yibai’s shoulder in comfort and talked intimately. He happened to be seen by Qiao Yibai behind him, and he was a little unhappy.

After the dubbing in the evening, Yu Huangai was no longer called Yu Bai Gong Zi Mei Ren, but Lao Yu. Qiao Yibai said that she didn’t call him that way. Yu Huan explained that she seemed to like someone recently, and she couldn’t see anyone else to molest him, so she can’t call him that way anymore.

Rosie made a loving lunch to Qiao Yibai and asked Sun Yu to pass it to the most handsome god-level school grass he knew. Sun Yu mistakenly thought it was for Liang Cheng, and Liang Cheng didn’t dare to eat it when he heard that it was given by Rosie.

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