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Lian Ai Beijing 煉愛北京

42 Lian Ai Beijing (2021)
Other Title: Lian Ai Beijing, 煉愛北京, Goodbye Beijing

Genres: drama, romance
16 episodes
Release Date: 
January 15, 2021
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  • He Zhouwei

Lian Love Beijing” is a young woman born in the 1990s born in a small city. Because she can’t stand the ethical life of a small city, she has always yearned to go to a big city for development.

After graduating from the master’s degree, like all the dreams of Bei Piao, I came to the capital Beijing with great enthusiasm and hope with my university boyfriend Xiaobing. When I first arrived, Xiaobing did not find a suitable job, but he was allowed to find a job that would never pay a salary.

This led to increased pressure in the lives of the two of them. In the end, love was no better than bread. The two who once loved chose Parted ways. However, the pace of licensing did not stop. Soon I found an intern job in the We Media field. The boss is a typical strong woman, and only one of the five interns at the same time is willing to stay, and stay. The standard is simple and rude-“Who can write an article of 100,000+ in the first place”, those who can’t do it can only leave.

Soon, through interviews with the big V old wheat in the designer circle, he successfully completed 100,000+ He became a survivor among the interns. It was also because of her 100,000+ that she got a higher starting point and became an intern with a monthly salary of 50,000. It attracted the attention of colleagues and bosses in the company, and also achieved high in various occasions inside and outside the industry.. ….

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