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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 2 Recap

Huo Weilun did not expect that he would encounter Lin Zhongshuo, who he least wanted to see in the same IG public relations company, and Lin Zhongshuo was also the company’s vice president, responsible for the emergency public relations department to report directly to Gao Feng. After the meeting, Huo Weilun went to Lin Zhongshuo to talk about the crisis public relations of Global Aviation, and by the way, talk about their previous acquaintance on the plane.

Lin Zhongshuo thought that Yuan Wei had arranged for him to work at Jige, so he called Yuan Wei to thank him, but Yuan Wei had no idea about it. Lin Zhongshuo has not made it clear with Yuan Wei, but Frank, the president of the Asian region of InterAir, is here, and he has no time to talk to Yuan Wei. Lin Zhongshuo went to see Frank, but he didn’t expect to see Yuan Wei, because Yuan Wei was the legal adviser of Global Aviation at this time.

Yuan Wei didn’t go on a business trip, Lin Zhongshuo realized that Yuan Wei was on a business trip, packing his own things and leaving, and at the same time broke up with him. Yuan Wei broke up with Lin Zhongshuo because Lin Zhongshuo was not working, but she was surprised that Lin Zhongshuo would work in Jige PR. Frank asked Jige Public Relations to follow the public relations strategy of the Global Aviation Headquarters and not admit the violent expulsion of Ms. Zhang, but Huo Weilun did not agree.

Huo Weilun believes that Global Aviation should first admit its mistakes and calm the public opinion with perceptual thinking. Yuan Wei said that the public relations strategy proposed by Global Aviation is to avoid legal problems and prevent Ms. Zhang from making claims against them. Huo Weilun could not refute either. Huo Weilun asked Lin Zhongshuo, who had been silent, but Lin Zhongshuo smiled and said that he was willing to follow the public relations strategy of InterAir.

The statement of Air Circle was made public, and Baiji News immediately responded. I felt that Air Circle had no intention of admitting its mistakes after the meeting, and it often sacrificed the interests of small groups to ensure the interests of Air Circle when conflicts occurred. So Xu Wenwen proposed Dominate public opinion in terms of values. As soon as Xu Wenwen’s report came out, Huo Weilun immediately sent someone to Lin Zhongshuo and asked Lin Zhongshuo to deal with the matter, so that Baiji News would remove the report.

As the vice president of crisis public relations, Lin Zhongshuo’s request made by Huo Weilun is his duty, so he can only find Xu Wenwen. Xu Wenwen saw Lin Zhongshuo coming to her, thinking that InterAir was making trouble with Lin Zhongshuo, but she did not expect that Lin Zhongshuo went to Jige Public Relations. She was very surprised, let alone what Lin Zhongshuo wanted to do.

Lin Zhongshuo went to Yuan Wei to talk about the crisis public relations of InterAir, and by the way to talk about the relationship between the two of them, but he didn’t expect Yuan Wei to return the access card to him and insisted on the decision to break up. Lin Zhongshuo wanted to retain Yuan Wei because he had already worked according to Yuan Wei’s intentions, but Yuan Wei said that the decision not to get married was something they made together three years ago, but now everything has changed and Lin Zhongshuo should do the same Change. Lin Zhongshuo didn’t understand what Yuan Wei wanted, and didn’t talk to Yuan Wei, so he threw the key and left.

The public opinion of Air Circle driving away passengers is still fermenting. Air Circle’s share price has also fallen by 3%. The President of Air Circle has to compromise and re-issued a statement to admit his mistake and assumed all responsibilities. Huo Weilun saw the news that the stock price fell, and saw Lin Zhongshuo coming to work in the parking lot, so he questioned Lin Zhongshuo. Lin Zhongshuo directly threw the statement of InterAir to Huo Weilun, and at the same time taught Huo Weilun a lesson.

Jige Public Relations issued a notice and transferred the managers of various departments to the newly established crisis public relations department of Lin Zhongshuo, but these managers were not willing to go to Lin Zhongshuo, so they all went to the personnel department Liu Jietong to make the theory. When Lin Zhongshuo arrived at the company, he just saw the personnel department get together and noisy, so he went in to find out the situation. Zhao Han, who was agitated, told Lin Zhongshuo about their unwillingness to transfer, and said excitedly that she would rather leave than transfer.

As soon as Zhao Han’s words fell, Xia Mo, who had just graduated from Southern University, approached the Human Resources Department. Because she submitted a resume but was not qualified for an interview, she wanted to ask about the situation. Lin Zhongshuo looked at Xia Mo’s resume and found that she was a fresh graduate, but she had a passion for work, so he directly asked Xia Mo to replace Zhao Han and resigned Zhao Han to make Yin Jingya who wanted to make trouble. Both Ma Lin had to remain silent and reluctantly went to Lin Zhongshuo’s department.

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