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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 1 Recap

Due to work mistakes, Global Airlines caused the flight to China to burst. A foreign man and a Chinese mother, Ms. Zhang, had a dispute over buying tickets for the same seat. The staff was unable to catch the foreign man off the plane. , So she forcibly took away Ms. Zhang’s child and forced Ms. Zhang to get off the plane. This incident caused a sensation among the passengers in the same class of the plane, and they took videos.

Lin Zhongshuo and Huo Weilun took the same flight together, and they also saw the scene of Ms. Zhang being treated unfairly. Lin Zhongshuo took the video and kept it for his own use, while Huo Weilun only stepped forward to help Ms. Zhang say a few words. The position is given to Ms. Zhang. After Ms. Zhang got off the plane, Lin Zhongshuo immediately called the media to break the news about the scandal of Interair Aviation. Huo Weilun immediately criticized Lin Zhongshuo for being shameless.

After Huo Weilun finished scolding, he sent an email to the president of Air Circle, and Air Circle immediately sent someone to contact Huo Weilun to help Huo Weilun deal with the crisis public relations of the matter. Huo Weilun, for the benefit of Global Aviation, gave every passenger on the plane a little favor and asked them to delete all the videos they took. Soon everyone cooperated and remained silent.

The most difficult person on the plane was Lin Zhongshuo. Huo Weilun personally talked to Lin Zhongshuo. Lin Zhongshuo took the opportunity to scold Huo Weilun back, and then the lion opened his mouth and asked Huo Weilun to buy the video at a high price. After Lin Zhongshuo had negotiated with Huo Weilun, he saved the video on the computer while Huo Weilun didn’t care, and then deleted the video in front of Huo Weilun.

Xu Wenwen saw what Lin Zhongshuo was doing, and after she got off the plane, Lin Zhongshuo talked to the media and lied that the video was gone, making her feel that Lin Zhongshuo was particularly mean. With this crisis on the flight, Huo Weilun successfully signed the order of InterAir. He was very happy to return to the company to see Gao Feng, the general manager. He thought he had the opportunity to replace Fang Li, the executive vice president who had already quit. , Unexpectedly, Gao Feng remained silent.

Gao Feng believes that Fang Li is a first-class public relations talent, and Huo Weilun is not Fang Li’s opponent, so he wants to hire another talent to join the company. After Lin Zhongshuo returned home, he received compensation from InterAir. He immediately transferred the money to the foundation as compensation for the captain’s widow. After Lin Zhongshuo transferred the funds, he received a message asking him for a video of Ms. Zhang being deported, which made him curious about who contacted him.

Lin Zhongshuo went to see a contact person, but he did not expect that this person was actually Xu Wenwen, a reporter from Baiji News that he met at the airport. Xu Wenwen wanted to ask Lin Zhongshuo for a video, and let Lin Zhongshuo take the lead to announce the expulsion of Ms. Zhang. Lin Zhongshuo refused to give Xu Wenwen the video, but gave Xu Wenwen a few hints, but did not tell Xu Wenwen his real purpose, leaving Xu Wenwen confused.

After Lin Zhongshuo left, he called his girlfriend’s lawyer Yuan Wei and asked about compensation for the passenger being driven away. Yuan Wei couldn’t help but persuade Lin Zhongshuo because Lin Zhongshuo was an improper reporter and had not been doing business for three years, but Lin Zhongshuo just refused to listen. . Gao Feng asked people to inquire about Lin Zhongshuo’s situation, and wanted to recruit Lin Zhongshuo to replace Fang Li, but he did not expect Lin Zhongshuo and Fang Li to be classmates.

Gao Feng was very interested in Lin Zhongshuo, so he went to meet Lin Zhongshuo in person for a while, just inadvertently saw Lin Zhongshuo deliberately engage in ghosts and put chewing gum on Fang Li’s promotion card. Lin Zhongshuo’s mischief made Gao Feng very certain that Lin Zhongshuo was the person he wanted to invite, so when he saw Lin Zhongshuo, he directly expressed his intentions. Lin Zhongshuo went back to think about it, and asked Gao Feng for the job of vice president, and decided to go to work in his public relations company.

Xu Wenwen investigated Lin Zhongshuo and learned that Lin Zhongshuo left the journalist industry after reporting the captain’s suicide. She felt that Lin Zhongshuo must have committed suicide because the captain’s wife could not bear the pressure of public opinion, and refused to disclose Ms. Zhang’s violent drive. So I went to Lin Zhongshuo again. Xu Wenwen provided Lin Zhongshuo with a mental assessment report of Ms. Zhang, explaining that Ms. Zhang would not commit suicide due to the pressure of public opinion. Lin Zhongshuo then sent the video to Xu Wenwen.

Xu Wenwen exposed the event of Ms. Zhang being driven out. After Huo Weilun saw the video, he immediately wanted to go back to the company to deal with it, but at this time, Gao Feng was holding an emergency meeting. The purpose of the summit meeting was to promote Huo Weilun as the executive vice president of international overseas business, and to introduce to everyone Lin Zhongshuo, the newly established head of crisis public relations.

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