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When We Meet (2021) 世界上另一个你

When We Meet
Other Title: 世界上另一个你, Shi Jie Shang Ling Yi Ge Ni, When We Meet, Another you in the world

Genres: Youth, romance, school
Wang Kai Yang (王凯阳), Yu Jing (于景)
Yu Jing, Li Tianyu, Wang Ning
Release Date: 
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  • Zhao Dong Ze as Lu Ming / Deng Yu
  • Wu Man Si as Han Youyou
  • Tang Meng Jia as Xu Xiaoxiao
  • Xiao Yu Liang as Ma Zixuan
  • Wen Xin as Jiang Xia
  • He Long Long as Lin Hao
  • Hu Yu Xuan as Yu Yuanbai

The story revolves around an office worker named Lu Ming and a high school student named Deng Yu, who shares the same appearance. One day, they meet coincidentally and from then onward, their lives became entangled together. As they spend time together, they slowly understand each other; growing together and achieving redemption; and finally became an inseparable part of each other.

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