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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 23 Recap

Li Aiqi talked to Zhou Yingying alone. She thought that Zhou Yingying deliberately got in the way, which made her lose the opportunity to make the final proposal with the team leader, and Zhang Hui seized the fruits of her labor. Li Aiqi has no bad intentions, she just wants to rely on herself Zhou Yingying’s ability was recognized, and Zhou Yingying could not speak for a while, but she had agreed to Ye Huifang’s request and could only remain silent.

In the teahouse, Beta finally had the opportunity to apologize to Fat Girl, but Fat Girl was still reluctant to face him. She had already made plans to improve herself. For Beta, she just wanted to be an ordinary friend. Beta was still in a very bad mood. He was worrying at home, so his parents came to the door. His mother was not satisfied with him looking for a girl from another city, and also claimed that he wanted to introduce him to him. Beta was completely stunned by his mother.

Zhou Yingying was able to come to work in the company. After Mingyuan saw her, he made a special trip to invite her to dinner. He didn’t understand why Yingying always helped Tao Hua, but for Yingying, she and Tao Hua’s iron girlfriend, she loved the simple and kind Tao Hua, that’s why she was willing to do so many things for her. Ming Wanpeng wants his son Mingyuan to take over Yihui. He completely ignores how his son wants to develop and wants him to change careers like Shu Ke. Although Mingyuan doesn’t want to do what he wants, he can’t completely ignore the feelings of his father. I could only promise him to stay in the country for a while, and then turn around to find Zhou Yingying to play.

Shu Ke was very busy recently, but fortunately, he successfully won the AF project. He told Tao Hua the good news for the first time. All colleagues outside the office stood up to congratulate Tao Hua. Tao Hua was full of joy. On the other side, Ming Wanpeng came out again. He urged Ye Huifang to invest in the industry. Rong could prepay the funds, but the condition was that part of the income of the industry was not able to receive orders from peers during the same period. Ye Huifang hesitated and did not give the first answer. .

Rong’s rejected Coase’s proposal, leaving Liu Yu and Zhong Jinghua confused. They obviously had the intention to cooperate before. They didn’t know that Ming Wanpeng had secretly manipulated this project. Ma Dachun in Shu Ke’s group kept his mouth broken. Because he could not get reusable, he deliberately ridiculed Li Aiqi. Zhang Hui did not agree with him. He also helped Li Aiqi speak, which made Ma Dachun very surprised, but Zhang Hui did not let him talk any more, Ma Dachun Had to shut up.

Because Shu Ke won the AF project, he has his own independent office. In the evening, Ye Huifang invited Shu Ke to his home and asked him questions specifically to make him judge which one is more beneficial to cooperate with AF and Rong. Shu Ke pays more attention to the enterprise. The credibility of AF is very optimistic about the rising star of AF, and his analysis is very good, so Ye Huifang agrees. Ye Huifang’s attitude towards Shu Kedi has obviously changed, and Tao Hua is also very happy.

Liu Yu went to Rong’s President Wang, and Zhong Jinghua went to Rong’s prince. He planned to save the Rong family together. Who knew that Rong’s prince wanted to possess Zhong Jinghua, so Liu Yu rushed directly to him. In front of the prince, he would rather give up this project than to let Zhong Jinghua get hurt. At this moment, he finally saw his feelings for Zhong Jinghua. Zhong Jinghua couldn’t help but reddened his eyes when seeing Liu Yu like this.

After a whole night of deep thought, Ye Huifang finally decided to cooperate with AF. This was contrary to Ming Wanpeng’s original intention. He desperately persuaded Ye Huifang. Ye Huifang simply held a meeting to discuss with all levels how to choose AF and Rongshi.

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