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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 22 Recap

When Zhong Jinghua returned home, the person was still waiting downstairs. She knew that she couldn’t bear being harassed by this person all the time, so she took the initiative to meet this scumbag’s request and let him get out of her sight. Zhong Jinghua had become a little mistress of this person without knowing it. The days when she was chased and cursed “Mistress” was simply her nightmare. Now his appearance made her sleepless day and night, but she didn’t want to go again. face. Zhong Jinghua took a day off, but Liu Yu was uneasy and went to visit her house specially.

Shu Ke’s failure to win Rong’s project made Ye Huifang very disappointed. Ming Wanpeng could fight for it again after Shu Ke left. Ye Huifang glanced at him silently, but did not refuse him. Shu Ke kept frowning. Mingyuan joked and usually asked him to ask Tao Hua for help. Of course Shu Ke was unwilling. In fact, Tao Hua really wanted to help Shu Ke, but she didn’t find Liu Yu, but her mother, Ye Huifang. Feeling sorry for my daughter, after all, I agreed to mention Shu Ke.

Shu Ke ran around for the case of Rong’s. On this day, he took Li Aiqi to negotiate alone. Afterwards, he went to see Miss Xu. After learning about Miss Xu’s plan, they agreed to talk another day. Who knows Someone accidentally spilled coffee on him. In desperation, Shu Ke could only open a hotel room to change clothes. Ms. Xu was there to help. At this moment, Tao Hua knocked on the door of their room, just to witness Shu Ke wearing a bathrobe, thinking they were While doing something indescribable, Tao Hua rushed away immediately. Shu Ke rushed out without hesitation and grabbed Tao Hua, dragged her to the scene of the accident to reproduce the accident, and finally coaxed Tao Hua away.

Back at the company, Li Aiqi returned the shoes to Shu Ke. It was the last time Shu Ke took Tao Hua’s shoes for emergency use. Tao Hua was very surprised. Shu Ke explained again, but these shoes were given to Tao Hua by Tao Shu. Tao Hua hasn’t worn it once, so it’s no wonder that Tao Hua is in a bad mood. Shu Ke knew he was at fault, and Tao Hua didn’t really blame him. Although Shu Ke lost Rong’s project, he is now striving to cooperate with AF. Ye Huifang was a little worried after knowing that she did not want to put too much pressure on Shu Ke.

Tao Hua wanted Zhou Yingying to be with Shu Ke as an assistant, but Ye Huifang did not refuse, and he also asked Tao Hua to pay more attention to Shu Ke’s appearance. After all, she would meet with more people in the future. At this time, Shu Ke apologized to Ms. Xu and learned about the needs of AF. In addition, Ms. Xu also learned with Shu Ke about the reasons why he stayed in Yihui, which seemed to have a good sense for him. When Shu Ke returned to the company, Yingying was already sitting next to him. Tao Hua said that Shu Ke was going to see Miss Xu this time, and Yingying followed him and Zhang Hui to AF.

Shu Ke introduced his plan to AF, and Zhang Hui, who was accompanying him, gradually changed his mind after getting along with Shu Ke during this period of time. He no longer looked at him with prejudice and showed his talents. Zhang Hui No longer spit Shuke with Ma Dachun. Tao Hua called Shu Ke to her office and put on the clothes she had bought.

Shu Ke didn’t want these expensive ones, but she couldn’t stand Tao Hua’s threat and had to accept them all. When Zhou Yingying saw Shu Ke’s deflated appearance, she couldn’t help laughing. At this moment, Li Aiqi suddenly walked up to her and asked to talk to her alone.

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