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Hello Debate Opponent 2 (2021) 你好,对方辩友2

Hello Debate Opponent 2 (2021)
Other Title:  你好,对方辩友2, Nǐ Hao, Duifang Bian You 2 , 你好对方辩友2 , 你好对方辩友 2 , 你好,對方辯友2 , 你好對方辯友2 , 你好對方辯友 2, 你好,对方辩友2

Genres: drama, Romance, School, Youth
Shen Wen Shuai
Zhao Cong, Wang Shi Long
Jan 14, 2021 – Feb 13, 2021
Release Date: 
Mango TV
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Hello Debate Opponent (Chinese prequel)


  • Wu Jia Yi as Mu Xiaoyu
  • Zhai Zi Lu as Nan Bei
  • Lu Zhao Hua as Tuan Zi
  • Mi Mi as Tao Hao
  • Wang Ze Xuan as Ma Pu
  • Ke Ying as Duan Pu
  • Chen Ze as Liu Yanze
  • Zhang Nai Tian as San Jixue
  • Yu Mu Yi as Qiu Lingyan
  • Fu Sheng Jun as Ding Li
  • Wang Qun Shi as You Mengyuan
  • Yu Chen Xuan as Dan Dan
  • Lan Man Yu as Ji Fanxi
  • Wang Lu Qing as Xiao Qing
  • Li Yi Ning as Shui Ge
  • Zhang Lei as Department Head Li
  • Qin Hai as Teacher Meng
  • Ren Luo Min as Old Coach
  • Wang Gang as Tuan Zi’s father
  • Qin Zi Wei as Shi Jinxian
  • Xu Wan Ting as Gao Jinwen
  • Zhang Yao as Gu Diandian
  • Qin Zhen as Gu Bazi
  • Wu Qiong as Chen Buhe

A story revolving around a debate club which is facing the risk of being replaced. In order to become a school reknowned for its strong debating skills, and to relieve the stress of competition from the official school team, the teachers decide to form a “spare tyre” team to dilute the scores. From a replaceable team to well-valued one, in the process of polishing their debating skills, the group of students gradually develop a genuine interest toward debating; forming invaluable friendships and picking up valuable skills along the way.

Arrogant and stubborn Xiao Yu learnt how to listen and give in to others; Tao Zenan who always wants to please others learnt to say “no”, Nan Bei who was feeling lost found his direction in life, Ma Nanze who has a fear of stepping out into society learnt to overcome his fear. However seeing the rapid growth and improvement of the team, the principal was worried that they would stand out too much in the national competition and steal the limelight from the official school team, and started to pick on them.

In order to enter the National Competition, the team overcome numerous obstacles and finally managed to stand on their desired stage. Facing strong opponents, pressure from school and the desire to achieve both team glory and their own dreams, they have to make the most difficult choice in their one year of preparation. Source: DramaWiki

The TV series “Hello, Debating Friends 2” is a youth school drama starring Zhai Zilu and Wu Jiayi, and Wang Luqing. The play uses debate as the theme, telling the story of a “spare tire team” established by Beijing Jiaotong University, a strong national debate school. From “a set of loose sand” to “inspirational turning over”, the members overcame obstacles and eventually became a super team. The story of a strong debate team.

The previous debate forced the merger of East University of Finance and Economics with the comparable Beijing Jiaotong University. Xiaoyu, Nanbei, Tao Hao, and Tuanzi’s team of Dongcai University are facing a huge crisis of being replaced, and it is Liu Yanze, who has confessed failure to replace them, and Xiaoyu’s childhood rival Yin Nan, unwilling to become They replaced the second team, decided to challenge, but regretted losing. The members of the spare tire team went from “resigning to fate” to “inspiring to stand up”, and gradually gained fun and friendship in the debate. Debate taught them a lot, and they really fell in love with it.

However, the school team is worried that the rapidly growing spare tire team will dominate the national competition and begin to make things difficult. Everyone went through all the troubles to participate in the dream of the national competition, and finally met the arch rival of the school team in the semifinals. In the face of school pressure, collective honor and their own dreams, they have to make the most difficult choice this year.

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