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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 11 Recap

Qiu Yingshu convened an emergency meeting to resolve a pending case. The Linhai Resort project failed to bid. He pointed his finger at Mr. Zhao. The major shareholder of the winning company Hongda this time was Cheng Liying. She went deep into the company related to Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao explained that Cheng Liying was the sister of his ex-wife. He and his wife divorced 6 years ago. Those businesses were intervened by Cheng Liying before the divorce of his ex-wife, and there was no contact after that.

Then Mr. Zhao counterattacked. The chairman claimed to be closed management, but he had contact with outsiders the night before bidding, and a girl came to give the chairman a computer. Afterwards, everyone adjusted the surveillance video of the building, and the streak saw that the computer sent to Yingshu was Tao Xiaoting. He told everyone not to kill each other. This will be delayed for a while.

In the evening, Yingshu came to the convenience store where Xiaoting worked and said that an important file in the computer she gave him that day might have been leaked. He asked her to think about sending the computer from the studio to him. Has no one else touched it? Xiaoting said no. She felt that Yingshu was very annoyed when she suspected her. She said that she had touched the computer but never turned it on. He has regarded her as a thief since the first day he met her. If he continues to be like this, she can’t afford him as a friend. She turned around and went into the convenience store.

Xiao Ting, who was waiting for the end of get off work by the side of the road, saw her walking here, and he ordered a bowl of noodles to the roadside stall owner. Xiaoting walked over to say hello when he saw him. She always meets him when she is in a bad mood, and she asks if he has supernatural powers. After the noodles were prepared, Xiao Ting sat aside and ate. She told Lian Sheng in frustration that a friend had just ran into the store and asked if she had stolen their company’s confidential documents.

Lian Sheng took away her noodles and ate a few bites. He smiled and said that he was climbing the window when he saw her last time. She didn’t doubt who she suspected. Xiao Ting felt that he was more wronged than Dou E. Lian Sheng also stood with her. While talking about why you doubt people. He asked her to tell him in detail what happened. Xiaoting said that the friend left the computer in their studio that day and called them to send it back. The boss asked her to send it back when he was too busy. Winning streaks are clear for themselves, maybe her friend just wants to understand the situation to make her less sensitive.

At the meeting the next day, Lian Sheng said that the night before the Linhai Resort project bid, Ou Noun had a power outage for 10 minutes. He investigated and found that the gate was pulled by someone and that Ou Noun did have a ghost. All those who worked overtime at Ou’an that night were suspected. Some people wondered how so many people were working overtime at the time. Mr. Yu suggested that this matter should not be investigated. Lian Sheng agreed with her that the Linhai Resort project has already caused losses to Ounou. If everyone doubts each other, it will only make Ounun. Lose more. Mr. Zhao and Hideki also agreed, and the matter was over.

Afterwards, Mr. Weng asked Mr. Zhao why he sang a tie with the winning streak at the meeting. Mr. Zhao said that he was pushing the boat along the river. If this matter is to be investigated, the fake divorce between him and his wife cannot be kept away. He thought that Hideki was going to attack him, but in the meeting he discovered that his real opponent was a winning streak. Mr. Weng asked him to do this, and he said that if he faced the challenge head-on, he didn’t know who would be the winner.

Make-up artist Mrs. Chen was teaching young girls quick makeup on the street, Xiao Ting walked over and listened carefully. Teacher Chen said that he was teaching styling classes at the Art Institute for her to listen to. Xiao Ting smiled and said that when she made enough money, she went to him. In the evening, You Wei came to the bar where Xiaoting worked. He mocked her for being a waiter and made her apologize loudly. Seeing that Xiaoting was wronged, Yingshu rushed over and punched Youwei, and the two started fighting. Then someone pulled them away, Yingshu warned You Wei that if he dared to bully Tao Xiaoting, he would never let him go.

Xiaoting pulled him out of the bar and asked him if he was okay when he saw his hand hurt, Yingshu said a little. She felt embarrassed to see Yingshu losing money for her just now, so Yingshu asked her to buy him a supper, and Xiaoting asked him to support her and she still had a job to do. Yingshu was waiting for her to get off work in the car at the door of the Binmen shop. He couldn’t help but feel moved when she saw how busy she was in the shop.

He waited until dawn and fell asleep in the car, Xiaoting knocked on the window to wake him up, and then she took him to the roadside stall for morning tea. Seeing her tired look, Yingshu said that his company was recruiting people so that she could try it. This was much better than taking three jobs at one go. Xiaoting agreed to try, but she told him not to open the back door. She wanted Get in on your own.

The rent of the studio has risen, which makes Tai Zhe very big. He told Xiaoting and Liu Zihan that he can only afford one person’s salary. In fact, he wanted to keep Xiaoting, but Xiaoting offered to leave, but she hopes to stay here for a few more days and move away when she finds a job. Later, Xiaoting came to Ou’an to apply, and her sister Xiaodi also came, but the interviews for both of them were not smooth.

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