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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 2 Recap

Wen Shaoqing thought that Cong Rong had come to make an appointment with him, but Cong Rong didn’t think of Wen Shaoqing when he was a child, instead he said that he came here just for work. Wen Shaoqing was disappointed, and Cong Rong didn’t understand Wen Shaoqing’s behavior. After the meeting, Zhong Zhen called Wen Shaoqing, but was taken to the boxing gym by Wen Shaoqing. Zhong Zhen did not dare to resist Wen Shaoqing.

Cong Rong asked Zhou Chengcheng to complain, but he didn’t expect Zhou Chengcheng to open a western restaurant by himself, and the business was good. Cong Rong told Zhou Chengcheng about her encounter with Wen Shaoqing in the hospital. Zhou Chengcheng believed that the two were destined to make Cong Rong seize the opportunity and encourage Cong Rong to pursue the job she liked.

Although she always thought that Cong Rong had a high degree of education abroad, Very capable, but even willing to choose to return to China for inter-professional employment. Cong Rong had her own plan. She returned home to take a bath, looked at the cheering duck that Zhou Chengcheng had given herself, and remembered that when she was a child, she chased her father to ask about the law of law.

After the boxing, Wen Shaoqing handed Zhong Zhen a bottle of drink. Zhong Zhen felt that Wen Shaoqing was suddenly too good to him. Wen Shaoqing took the opportunity to advise Zhong Zhen, he already knew that Zhong Zhen rented out his house to help Cong Rong rent. I also found out that Cong Rong did not have a boyfriend, because since childhood, Cong Rong was surrounded by girls. Zhong Zhen complained that if Cong Rong had a boyfriend, he wouldn’t have suffered so much. At this moment, the phone rang, and Cong Rong Rent-a-House suddenly tripped, and Zhong Zhen hurried over.

Cong Rong opened the door, and the room was completely dark. She thought Zhong Zhen was coming, but she hugged it without saying a word. Unexpectedly, it was Wen Shaoqing who was hugging Wen Shaoqing. Wen Shaoqing and Cong Rong were sitting in the living room negotiating. Zhong Zhen felt that the atmosphere was weird, and he went out to buy snacks. Wen Shaoqing asked calmly to add him to WeChat to facilitate future work chats. Cong Rong was angry, saying that he could not delay Wen Shaoqing’s precious time. Wen Shaoqing had to seduce Cong Rong with the summary of Uncle Lin’s patient. Cong Rong had to agree to add WeChat for work, but found that Wen Shaoqing’s WeChat name was too strange, called Febuxostat.

Cong Rong returned to her room, feeling that the act of hugging Wen Shaoqing just now was too embarrassing, because she said that Wen Shaoqing’s body was particularly sexy just now. Wen Shaoqing successfully added to Cong Rong’s WeChat and gave her a note of the heroine, because Cong Rong helped him when he was young. Wen Shaoqing sent a message to Cong Rong and asked her to show up at five o’clock in the morning so that she could give her a summary of the doctors and patients of Uncle Lin.

Cong Rong received the message, saying that it would depend on Wen Shaoqing’s tricks, and she appeared in the woods as she wished. Wen Shaoqing bought her sports equipment and asked her to run with her. Cong Rong said that he could sacrifice for his job, but he could not give his feelings and body casually. He hoped that Wen Shaoqing would give him the summary as soon as possible.

Wen Shaoqing brought Cong Rong to work at any time. Chen Cu thought that Cong Rong was a newcomer, but he did not expect it to be a comprehensive one. Zhong Zhen was punished by Wen Shaoqing for copying fifty times because of a wrong answer, but he still had to continue working. During the checkup in the ward, Qin Chu came over to partner with Wen Shaoqing. Zhong Zhen introduced to Cong Rong that Qin Chu and Wen Shaoqing were the top figures in the hospital. When he saw Wen Shaoqing check the wards one by one, Cong Rong learned how to respond to patients because he always learned the familiar words over and over again.

Zhou Chengcheng’s business is getting better and better, and the clerk suggested that she set up a few more tables. Zhou Chengcheng saw that the bookstore next door opened, and wanted to discuss with the people inside, but Wenren refused to give her a chance, but Zhou Chengcheng decided to put a table in front of the bookstore.

Cong Rong followed Wen Shaoqing for a half-day ward check. She deeply realized that Wen Shaoqing was too busy, but she still hoped that he would give herself a summary as soon as possible. When the two were eating, Wen Shaoqing was too late to eat, so he rushed back to perform the operation on the patient after receiving the call. Cong Rong had to give up the daytime to Wen Shaoqing. She knew that her status in the hospital could not be mentioned casually, so Director Yan comforted her.

Wen Rang was unwilling to set up a stall at the door by Zhou Chengcheng, and brought Rang Yiren out to scare away her customers. Zhou Chengcheng complained to Cong Rong and found that she was wearing a limited edition running shoe. Cong Rong had to confess that it was given to her by Wen Shaoqing, but it must have made her retreat. Zhou Chengcheng didn’t believe it, saying that such behavior must be interesting to Cong Rong.

After a day of experience, Cong Rong has a new understanding of Wen Shaoqing. After Wen Shaoqing came out of the operating room and saw Cong Rong asleep in a chair, he also sat next to Cong Rong, leaning her head on his shoulder, just like when he was a child.

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