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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 1 Recap

An international flight from Melbourne, Australia to Shenzhen is about to take off. Cong Mu and Cong Rong (played by Xing Fei) have a video call. In order to hide Cong’s mother, Cong Rong deliberately stated that he was basking on Australian beaches and secretly concealed the report of Cong’s mother returning to China for internship. Cong’s mother always hoped that Cong Rong would stay in Australia to develop. Cong Rong’s cousin Zhong Zhen failed to pick her up at the airport because of work, but he entrusted the boss to pick him up.

While waiting at the airport, Cong Rong saw an old man suddenly fell to the ground. She hurried forward to help. Wen Shaoqing (Tang Xiaotian) appeared, took decisive measures, contacted the emergency center, and speculated professionally that the old man had a stroke. Bleeding. Cong Rong admired Wen Shaoqing. The two did not communicate too much. As Wen Shaoqing hurriedly left, he calmly picked up the pen he had dropped.

Cong Rong saw that the internship report time was approaching, but the boss entrusted by Zhong Zhen did not show up. She could only scan the QR code and share the car by herself, rushed to Daren Law Firm at the last minute of the report time, and was received by Human Resources Lucy. Lucy emphasized that the requirements for working at Daren Law Firm are very strict, and only one of the five interns can be left.

Cong Rong was selected to Yunji Hospital through an envelope lottery. The other four interns were thankful that they were not drawn to Yunji Hospital, because the inpatient lawyers here often deal with doctor-patient disputes, which is no different from those involved in miscellaneous affairs. Cong Rong was very satisfied with the house Zhong Zhen helped her find. She told Zhong Zhen the news as soon as she wanted to be his colleague. Zhong Zhen felt incredible.

Zhou Chengcheng (played by Huang Yilin) ​​drove a luxury car to the downstairs of Cong Rong’s residence. He also helped Cong Rong purchase a lot of household supplies, expressing his warm welcome to Cong Rong’s return to China. Wen Shaoqing made a good table of dishes, which seemed particularly appetite, just to make up for his pet dog.

Zhou Chengcheng drove Cong Rong in a cool manner, and also asked her for the pink crystal for peach blossoms, hoping that she could find love. When asked if Cong Rong had someone he liked, the first thing that flashed in Cong Rong’s mind turned out to be Wen Shaoqing, who he met at the airport during the day. Zhou Chengcheng hesitated seeing Cong Rong.

Cong Rong said that he had met someone who would never be able to meet again, but he did not expect that the two were at the entrance of the supermarket and Cong Rong saw Wen Shaoqing again. When Zhou Chengcheng saw Wen Shaoqing’s face exploding, he wanted to help Cong Rong seize the opportunity. By the way, he added Wen Shaoqing’s WeChat friends, but Wen Shaoqing indifferently refused.

Director Yan of the hospital gave Cong Rong a general introduction to the environment of Yunji Hospital, and arranged some work for her, mainly the legal publicity and education of the hospital, assisting the hospital in reviewing agreements and contracts, and coordinating the relationship between doctors and patients. And now there is a tricky thing. A patient named Lin thought that Dr. Wen Shaoqing misdiagnosed him and lost his temper in the hospital every day without eating or drinking.

Director Yan asked Cong Rong to go to the neurosurgery department to find Wen Shaoqing about the doctor-patient dispute. Cong Rong didn’t expect that Wen Shaoqing was the one he met at the airport. Wen Shaoqing has been avoiding Cong Rong, not wanting to waste any working time. Wen Shaoqing thinks that she has no problems and does not cooperate with Cong Rong’s coordination work at all. Cong Rong pretended to be sick and came to the clinic to continue pestering Wen Shaoqing.

Wen Shaoqing was very angry and gave Cong Rong a brain fragment, not wanting to spend her outpatient time talking about personal matters. The little nurse saw Cong Rong’s medical record and told her about Wen Shaoqing. Cong Rong learned that it is a taboo to find Wen Shaoqing during the outpatient period. The real Wen Shaoqing is particularly responsible for the patient and will not delay any time.

Wen Rang (played by Li Chuan) asks Wen Shaoqing for a drink with a beer. Wen Shaoqing remembered when he was a child. Under a big banyan tree, Xiao Wen Shaoqing heard that Xiao Cong Rong was about to leave, and cried sadly. The two promised to see each other until the beginning of school, but after a few years, Xiao Wen Shaoqing did not wait for Xiao Cong Rong.

At this moment, the sky was raining heavily, and Wen Shaoqing saw a girl in front of him hiding from the rain under a tree, but Cong Rong unexpectedly turned out to be. Cong Rong apologized to Wen Shaoqing. Wen Shaoqing didn’t want to talk to her, but when he heard her introduction, he could not help but lift Cong Rong’s hair and hug her in his arms.

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