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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 17 Recap

Wang Chang asked Song Huai’en when he thought King Jian Ning would attack the city. Song Huai’en analyzed that Wang Jian Ning lacked Wu Qian’s internal response and had a clear understanding of Huizhou City’s inner reality and would not easily attack the city, but they could not delay too much. For a long time, although they have planted Xiao Qi’s handsome flag on the city wall and made the illusion that the army has entered the city, if Xiao Qi is really in Huizhou City, Xiao Qi will definitely take the initiative to send troops. Right now they will not move.

Will show his horse’s feet, Wang Yan knew in his heart that a fierce battle would be inevitable. Wang Chang believed that Xiao Qi would definitely rush to Huizhou to rescue him. Song Huaien was worried that Xiao Qi would not have time, so he said that if the situation is critical at that time, he will escort Wang Yan away from the waterway, but Wang Yan is determined to advance and retreat with the soldiers, absolutely Don’t run away alone.

Xie Wanru gave Su Jin’er two pills, saying that when Zi Dan saw Wang Yan, let them both take these two pills. Su Jin’er was a little worried, Xie Wanru comforted, saying that this pill only hurts the situation and won’t hurt the body. , She also promised that Su Jin’er would do it, she helped Su Jin’er become Zidan’s side concubine, and Su Jin’er accepted it.

King Jian Ning guessed that Huizhou City was just bluffing, so he ordered his men to attack Huizhou City the next day. When Wang Chang heard the news that King Jian Ning was about to attack the city, he asked Song Huai’en how long they could last. Song Huai’en said that it would be two days at most. Wang Chang said that only if King Jian Ning believes that Xiao Qi is in Huizhou City, can King Jian Ning have something to do. Fear, might be able to slow down Wang Jianning for a few days. When Wang Yan was serving porridge to the people in the city, Zidan suddenly appeared, Wang Yan’s heart was shaken, and he recalled all kinds of He Zidan.

Wang Yan took Zidan into the hotel. The two were separated for half a year, but they seemed to have passed a lifetime. Zidan said that he was worried about Wang Yan’s life, so he came to Huizhou to find Wang Yan, hoping to take Wang Yan away. People find a secret place, leave Wang Xie’s grievances, and leave everything behind. Wang Yan is a little disappointed with Zidan.

Before the war, Zidan could say such disrespectful words, and time passed, what meaning does Zidan say about this? Since the day Zidan missed the appointment, everything has changed, but Zidan took out the hairpin that Wang Yan threw away and said that he did not miss the appointment that day. Wang Yan took the hairpin and recalled all the things that day, and couldn’t help crying.

But she told Zidan that if she missed a step, she missed her life. Now that she and Xiao Qi have gone through life and death, she and Xiao Qi are on one mind. She is a veritable Princess Yuzhang, but Zidan refuses to believe it. I naively thought that Wang Yan said this was because he was afraid of the Queen and Xiao Qi hurting him, or that they deliberately said that they were offensive to him. Zidan hugged Wang Yan and pleaded, but Wang Yan broke free from Zidan, saying that the two had already changed.

Now, if Zidan is willing to stay to help, she can still keep Zidan, if Zidan is still stubborn, it is better to leave as soon as possible, she will not let everyone know about this, ruin Zidan’s reputation as a prince, Zidan insists Pulling Wang Yan away, Wang Yan asked Zidan to look at the people in front of him, and asked him if he could bear to abandon these people. Wang Yan also announced to everyone that Zidan had come from the capital to defend Huizhou. When the people were cheering, Song Huaien came to report that King Jianning’s army had assembled at the South Gate, and it seemed that the city was about to be attacked.

Mou Lian tied Wu Qian to the head of the city, and told King Jianning that Xiao Qi had captured Wu Qian, and that Xiao Qi and Ning Shuojun were already in the city. When King Jianning was about to attack, Wang Chang decided to leave the city for a while. king. Wang Yan came to the front of King Jianning’s formation alone. King Jian Ning was a little puzzled why Wang Yan came out. Wang Yan did not rush to say that Xiao Qi wanted to eradicate the rebels. She tried her best to stop him.

The fight broke out, but King Jian Ning did not believe what Wang Yan said. He directly said that Xiao Qi must not be in the city. She had time to transfer the people in the city. King Jian Ning didn’t want to agree, but Wang Yan threatened his life, and King Jian Ning could only agree. After Wang Zhang returned to the city, he immediately asked Mrs. Mou and Yuxiu to arrange the transfer of the people, and encouraged the soldiers to defend the city tomorrow.

On the second day, King Jian Ning led an army to attack the city. Song Huai’en and Mou Lian led the army to defend the city and fought a fierce battle with King Jian Ning’s army. After all the difficulties, everyone finally defended the first wave of siege. Wang Yan stabilized the people’s hearts in the city, and the people were grateful to Wang Yan and asked to defend the city.

In the middle of the night, King Jian Ning was still attacking the city. He also promised to take the lead in the city as a reward of ten thousand liang. Under the fierce attack of King Jian Ning’s army, the city gate was breached. Song Huai’en hurriedly led Ning Shuo’s army to the city gate to intercept.

The Daoist Qingyun next to the emperor pretended to be a deaf and mute person to accompany the emperor in cultivating immortals, but the Daoist Qingyun was Wang Lin’s person, and he was still poisoning the emperor’s pill. Wang Lin asked Daoist Qingyun to speed up the progress. The emperor was about to die within a month, but Wang Lin didn’t know that the emperor had long been suspicious and did not continue to take the pill given by Qingyun Daochang.

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