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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 50 Recap

Shen Tianshu led the earth to withdraw from the Great Medicine Valley. The people who originally lived here thought that the crisis was over and returned to their homes one after another. There was no words of gratitude to Zhou Fei and others. In troubled times, it was rare for a moment of peace. Xie Yun took Zhou Fei to spring and returned to town, which was also a wish for him.

When Xie Yun was in a daze, he once painted a portrait of Zhou Fei, and the woman in red was the only thing he loved in his heart. Now, Xie Yun has secretly made the red coat, which is to take Zhou Fei to the tailor’s shop in Chunhui Town and send a red dress to Zhou Fei.

Seeing Zhou Fei dressed in red, Xie Yun seemed to be crazy. He was usually greasy and smooth, but at this moment, he became dull and seemed to have been hooked by Zhou Fei. As Xie Yun gradually approached, Zhou Fei felt more and more powerless, and then fainted in his arms.

It turned out that Xie Yun had already come up with the truth from where he should. He was already a man whose life was not long ago. It was a gift from God to save his life. If there was no medicine to cure and no loss, Xie Yun would not allow Zhou Fei to test medicine for him. Xie Yun asked for colorless and tasteless drugs from where to make Zhou Fei sleep all night, and how he was at his own disposal.

Xie Yun sent Zhou Fei back to the 48th village. Looking at his lover’s sleeping face, he was very reluctant to give up. If you can’t recover your life this time, Xie Yun hopes that in the next life, he can become a water plant by the forty-eight Ximo River and stay by Zhou Fei forever. It is enough.

Zhou Fei put two bowls of medicine beside his bed. Xie Yun picked up a bowl casually and drank it all. Then he lay quietly beside Zhou Fei. Xie Yunquan regarded Zhou Fei as the last moment of his life. He looked at Zhou Fei reluctantly and calmly, trying to deeply put her appearance in his mind, even in the next life.

When Zhou Fei woke up, he saw that Xie Yun still had a trace of breath, and quickly helped him with all the things. They once met in Dongting Lake for fishing, Penglai to watch the sea, and bask in the sun in southern Xinjiang. Xie Yun promised to comb Zhou Fei’s hair for life, but now he promises to speak, but his life and death are unpredictable. Until Zhou Fei’s internal strength was exhausted, the two fell down again.

When she woke up, she didn’t see Xie Yun’s figure. When Zhou Fei hurriedly searched for the back mountain, a familiar voice came to her ears. Xie Yun’s toxins were eliminated, and for the rest of their lives after the disaster, the two cherished the hard-won stay together. Peach blossoms are like rain, embellishing their love, their lips connect, love is continuous.

How should he successfully retire? He reluctantly said goodbye to Yang Yu and Li Yan. But when he returned to the Great Medicine Valley, he found that there had been no one here for a long time. Only when the little tiger hid in the basket did he escape the disaster. He went back from knowing it and imprisoned the villagers again.

He immediately wrote a letter to Zhou Fei and others for help. Shen Tianshu practiced the last layer of kung fu with the game portraits he saw in the dark room of Qimen. The martial arts have reached its peak, and the next step is to plot the world. Shen Tianshu deliberately obtained the same thing as the sea and the sky, and lured the news that he was alone out of the military camp.

Wendi’s life was open and loyal and courageous, and he would never cooperate with the earth. In the end, he fell into the wild, and the seal of Anping’s army was also taken away by Shen Tianshu.

The blacksmith used Xie Yun’s method of casting knives. Although the weapons were extremely sharp, they were not patient enough and could be easily broken. Only then did he know that Xie Yun had secretly tampered with the method of casting knives. In order to save his life, the blacksmith studied and improved day and night, and finally made great achievements, but was killed by Lu Tiankuang.

It turned out that Lu Tiankuang had already secretly found out that Shen Tianshu used her as bait to abandon Hu Tianying’s death. After Lu Tiankuang killed the blacksmith this time, he deliberately changed it to a knife-casting note, waiting for Shen Tianshu to take his own consequences, so that he could replace it.

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