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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 49 Recap

Only Li Di can penetrate one or two of Qimen Gossips. Shen Tianshu exchanged everyone’s lives and let Li Jie open the sea and heavens on the condition of giving up the Yaowangjing. I saw Li Di press the stone tripod organ, and a circular iron plate appeared from it, on which there were five elements and gossip patterns.

Li Ji took out the water ripples from the five tokens handed over by Shen Tianshu and put them in the corresponding organ dark grooves one by one according to the five elements and gossips. The machine touched, the iron plate rotated, and the stone gate in front of everyone gradually opened. The stone room was full of strange treasures, but Shen Tianshu did not pay attention to the gold treasures in front of him at all.

In the middle of the stone room is an iron box, in which is the Yaowangjing and Shen Tianshu’s long-coveted Sutie method. Shen Tianshu took away the two treasures and did not intend to keep his promise at all, and even wanted to kill Li Qian and others.

Zhou Fei is still practicing kung fu at Lv Run’s residence, as if he had entered the illusion, and almost went crazy. Fortunately, Zhou Fei was determined and finally averted the danger. The last mark of Qiwujue, the skill is dangerous, nine deaths and life, Zhou Fei is eager to practice, too reckless, but also got the opportunity.

Zhou Fei and Xie Yun just escaped from Lv Run’s residence and collided with Shen Tianshu. Goodbye to the two strange books in his hand, and now they will use force to rob them. Maybe it was the sea and sky that reappeared in the world, touching the dark room to destroy the organ. For a while, the mountain suddenly shook, and the gravel was like rain.

Zhou Fei was quick-eyed and grasped two strange books and cut them off. The two of them got half. When everyone saw that they did not escape, they would bury them alive. Shen Tianshu took advantage of the chaos to capture Xie Yun. Zhou Fei could not rescue him. When she and the people fled out of the cave, Shen Tianshu had not been seen for a long time.

Now the Yaowangjing and the Sutie method are divided into two, Xie Yun has fallen into the hands of the earth again. The two sides are in a constrained way to break the situation as soon as Li Li Rulingguang. Although Xie Yun is now strictly under the custody of the earth, Zhou Fei and others are weak and unable to defeat it. Only by wisdom can there be a glimmer of hope.

Zhou Fei followed Shen Tianshu all the way, so as to find the place where Xie Yun was imprisoned. Li Yu deliberately created chaos again. When Shen Tianshu reacted, Xie Yun had already kept the Su Tie method in mind, and Zhou Fei had already retreated.

Xie Yun was controlled by chains and could not escape at all, but Shen Tianshu was still worried and left him beside him to take care of himself. It was not until Zhou Fei came to the VIPs alone and exchanged the Su Iron Method for Xie Yun and the Yao Wangjing.

As soon as Shen Tianshu answered the exchange terms, Zhou Fei burned the Su Iron Law. When Shen Tianshu came forward to stop it, the above words were already incomplete. Knowing that Xie Yun had kept the Su Iron Method in his heart, Shen Tianshu exchanged iron forging knives.

After thousands of hammers and hammers, Xie Yun got a handful of tricks, and the blacksmith who obeyed the earth brake also learned Xie Yun’s method to forge a treasure knife. After Xie Yun exchanged the last process for the Yao Wangjing, he saw Shen Tianshu chopping it with a knife, cutting iron like mud, and seeing Zhou Fei and leaving again. He did not intend to chase him again.

After Zhou Fei and his two were temporarily safe, they found that part of the Yaowangjing had been erased by Shen Tianshu. To solve the poison of bone blue, it is necessary to attack the poison. Therefore, blind drug mistakes can also kill people. How can we try our best?

Since then, Ying He has locked himself in the house all day long, devoted himself to studying the Book of Yaowang, and finally lived up to his expectations and made him make a breakthrough. However, it is impossible to determine whether this last medicine is dead wood grass or snow buds. Once something goes wrong, it will be powerless.

Why should we also try drugs with animals, but the drug is strong, and the animal’s body can’t bear the drug at all, so it is difficult to really detect whether it is feasible. Zhou Fei heard what to do in the dilemma, and unexpectedly took the initiative to ask for his own medicine to test, even if one life was exchanged for one life, he was willing to do so.

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