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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 7 Recap

Tao Xiaoting didn’t want to disturb the winning streak for too long, so he left his house with his suitcase. Streak was uneasy and called her. She lied that she was with her friend and asked him not to worry, for fear that she would hung up the phone without a few words. With nowhere to go, she wanted to spend the night on a stone bench in the park. As soon as she lay down, she was called up by the staff and said that they were going to close the door. She had to walk aimlessly on the street with her luggage.

Xiaoting was planning to spend a long night in an Internet cafe. She was eating instant noodles and looking for a job online. Suddenly, she saw that a studio was recruiting people and included food and accommodation, so she quickly took a photo of the address with her mobile phone and rushed over. She came to Hong Taizhe’s studio and rang the doorbell. Inside, Yingshu and Taizhe were chatting. Female assistant Liu Zihan opened the door and learned that Xiaoting had come to apply for the job, so she immediately refused to say that they wanted to recruit a strong male assistant.

Xiao Ting was sitting on the steps outside the working room. She wanted to call her sister but held back. At this time, her sister also wanted to send her a message, but when she thought that Xiao Ting provoked her first, she didn’t want to be soft. Putting down the phone and continuing to mop the floor, she accidentally found the USB flash drive under the sofa and took it out and put it in a box.

The next day Taizhe and his assistant were going out to take photos with photographic equipment. The door was caught by Mickey’s sculpture and could only be opened a little. It turned out that Xiaoting wanted to prove her strength. The girl said that it was useless for her to quickly move the sculpture away, but Xiaoting, frustrated, was about to leave but was stopped by Tai Zhe.

That day Jeff told Lian Sheng Tao Xiaodi did go to the hospital for cosmetic surgery, that is the day when Xiao Ting regarded Lian Sheng as a black car driver, and now she works as a waiter in a supercar club. The winning streak decided to change the strategy of finding a USB flash drive. It used to be a secret check and now it must be clear. Then Jeff came to the supercar club to find Xiaodi and asked her if she had picked up a wallet in the cafe some time ago. Xiaodi said that he had admitted the wrong person, and she had never worked in the Oulu Cafe. Jeff said that he did not mention the Ou She said that Nobu Cafe herself, Xiaodi felt that since he believed she was the one who could call the police to catch her.

Jeff calmed down and said that he didn’t want to hold her accountable, and having a USB flash drive in his bag was very important to him. Jeff took the initiative to ask Xiaodi to make the price according to the method he taught him in a winning streak. Xiaodi opened his mouth and asked for 30,000. He bargained for 10,000, but Xiaodi insisted on 30,000. Jeff agreed and agreed to hand in three hours later. Money delivered in one hand. Xiaodi left the club and took a taxi home.

Jeff and Liansheng drove behind her quietly. Xiaodi hurriedly called his sister Xiaoting without finding a USB flash drive when he got home. Xiaoting opened a small cardboard box and found that there was indeed a silver USB flash drive in it. Last time she went back and took some things and brought them together. Xiaodi asked for the address and hurried over by car.

At this time, there was a problem with Taizhe’s computer. He was very anxious because all his works were in the computer. Yingshu said that his laptop also had Taizhe’s works. Taizhe went to the USB flash drive to copy it, but accidentally knocked it down. Xiao Ting’s small cardboard box, he found a USB flash drive when he sorted the box, and Taizhe took it to Yingshu.

Yingshu inserted the USB flash drive into his laptop, and when he saw that the USB flash drive had insufficient memory, he copied the contents of the USB flash drive to his computer desktop first. At this time, someone called Yingshu, he unplugged the USB flash drive and got up and went back. After walking a few steps, he collided with the cleaning Xiao Ting. Both of them were surprised to see each other, Xiao Ting thought he was chasing here. Annoyed, he chased him with a feather duster. When Yingshu learned that she was Taizhe’s new assistant, he said that she was a gold worshiper or a thief, and asked him to quit her quickly.

At this time, Xiaodi came to Xiaoting and asked for a USB flash drive, and Taizhe gave her the USB flash drive. Xiaodi ran out with the USB flash drive, and Jeff greeted him, and the two of them paid for the USB flash drive. Jeff inserted the USB flash drive into the computer but found that there was nothing in it, so he wanted to get the money back. Xiaodi felt that he was shameless. When the two pulled, Jeff released his hand when he saw the winning streak beckoning him, and Xiaodi took it. Run away with the money.

When Streak came to the studio, Taizhe saw that he was very happy, so he asked Xiao Ting to make him a cup of coffee. Strange did not expect Xiao Ting to be here, so he quickly covered his face with a magazine. He took out the USB and asked if Taizhe had seen it. Taizhe said he had seen it, but the inside was empty. The contents were all copied on Yingshu’s computer.

At this time, Yingshu called Liansheng and asked him to return to the company for a meeting. Liansheng rushed back immediately, but he encountered a traffic jam on the road, so he got out of the car and ran all the way to the conference room. Seeing that the secretary was operating Yingshu’s computer and wanted to click on the folder in the USB flash drive on the screen, he quickly walked over and said that he was familiar with the data. Then he explained. He took the mouse and clicked on the meeting to use. The file, a big rock in my heart could not help falling to the ground.

After the meeting, he followed Yingshu to secretly write down his power-on password. Then he found through monitoring that Yingshu was walking to the underground garage, and ran into the garage quickly. After Yingshu started the car, he felt something was wrong. When he got out of the car, he saw that the tire was flat, and immediately called to let his hands come down to deal with it. Walked over and opened Yingshu’s laptop on the passenger seat to operate it.

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