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Oh My Foodie 隔壁那个饭桶

Oh My Foodie
Other Title: 隔壁那个饭桶, Ge Bi Na Ge Fan Tong

Genres: drama, romance
Tencent Video
Release Date:
Related Show:
Ge Bi Na Ge Fan Tong (隔壁那个饭桶) by Jiu Xiao Qi


Romance between a professor with a high EQ, and a girl who loves food.

The foodie gold sales lady VS the little milk dog from the physics professor of God of Cooking, different sisters and brothers love, sweet hits. The rice bucket next door, what are you going to pay for me for eating so much? money? I don’t need money, I only want people.

The story of the rice bucket next door: Blue Shirt, a new urbanite who works hard in a foreign land, goes out brightly, the house is in a mess, three meals a day are all takeaways, the front is a sales master who can handle any situation freely, and the queen is a lack of security The lonely girl who didn’t have enough sense of feeling and the door lock, but was afraid of her accident, no one knew.

Qiao Feng, the youngest professor in a prestigious school, has a full professional score and negative emotional intelligence. He is unwilling to communicate with others. Apart from scientific research, his only interest is to cook for himself and the cat in the kitchen. In order to help bring in talents and have a better life for the new urbanites, schools, communities, and companies have tried every means, but the two closed their hearts …

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