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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 35 Recap

Li Yifan asked Jiang Nansun to meet, hoping that the two could develop a relationship between boy and girl friends, and Tang Xin also helped Li Yifan speak. Yuan Yuan went to the bar to watch Wang Yongzheng singing, expressing that she likes to look up to the person she likes and is willing to wait for Wang Yongzheng to slowly forget Jiang Nansun. Xie Hongzu and Xie Jiayin went to Indonesia. Zhu Suosuo found that Wang Yongzheng was having supper with Yuan Yuan, and was angry for Jiang Nansun, and went to ask Wang Yongzheng for his guilt alone. During the two people quarreling, Zhu Suosuo was emotional and was sent to the hospital.

Jiang Nansun learned that Zhu Suosuo had not been able to contact Xie Hongzu, so he called Xie Hongzu. On the way to the hospital, Xie Hongzu learned that something happened to Xie Jiayin and had to rush back. Zhu Suosuo was about to give birth, waiting for Xie Hongzu not to come, so he could only sign the production himself.

At this moment, Zhao Malin came with several doctors, claiming to check Zhu Suosuo’s body, and when she gave birth to the child, she would take the child away for care. Jiang Nansun accompanied Zhu Suosuo to give birth and comforted her that even if the child does not have a father, it does not matter, she will always accompany Zhu Suosuo mother and son. Xie Hongzu finally rushed to the hospital, but when he saw his newborn daughter, he left again on the grounds that he was busy with work.

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