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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 35 Recap

Wang Yongzheng is unrealistic, and Xie Hongzu has no responsibility. Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo face the same situation, but their experience varies from person to person. Compared with the above two ridiculous men, Li Yifan seems to be more direct and simple. He minimizes the tortuous and romantic process and hopes to marry Jiang Nansun. However, Jiang Nansun directly informed the result. Although his situation is very bad, at least it is not bad enough to need Marriage to change the status quo.

Before the two separated, Jiang Nansun confessed that Li Yifan still has Tang Xin in his heart, so every time he finds a girlfriend, he will be relatively programmatic. However, Tang Xin recognizes the fact that her ex-husband wants to remarry, and even appreciates that Li Yifan knows how to control emotional stability better than others. Only after marriage can he understand how important it is to have a stable husband.

Regarding the project renovation project, Jiang Nansun has her own idea. She intends to retain the original building body. One third of the reconstructed building volume is hidden underground, and plants of various seasons are planted on it, reflecting the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. On the one hand, it ensures greening, and on the other hand, it can be used as a partition to isolate the European-style villa. Tang Xin appreciates Jiang Nansun’s talents and is more satisfied with her current state.

Wang Yongzheng sang in the bar as usual. Yuan Yuan personally found him and put on a “looking up” posture, taking the opportunity to confess his love to him, and at the same time willing to wait for the other party to forget the past. At this time the band finished the performance and prepared for a dinner, Wang Yongzheng invited Yuan Yuan by the way, Jiang Nansun saw the group photo through Yuan Yuan’s circle of friends.

When Zhu Suosuo found out, he was furious and went to ask Wang Yongzheng Xingshi for her in the middle of the night, but Wang Yongzheng turned to Yuan Yuan instead. As the two were arguing, Zhu Suosuo became more emotional and suddenly experienced abdominal pain. Wang Yongzheng saw this and was so frightened that she was sent to the hospital immediately.

After Jiang Nansun learned of this, he hurried to the hospital. However, Wang Yongzheng was still like a silly white sweet. He hadn’t learned about Jiang Nansun’s situation, or even noticed the strangeness, so he was asking about the other party’s difficulties on this occasion. Jiang Nansun was worried about Zhu Suosuo’s safety, but fortunately, there was nothing serious.

Since Zhu Suosuo was never able to contact Xie Hongzu, Jiang Nansun contacted him on his behalf, and the person who answered the call turned out to be Zhao Malin. Taking into account Zhu Suosuo’s emotions, Jiang Nansun walked outside the ward and warned Xie Hongzu to come no matter where he was. Wang Yongzheng beside him was surprised. He had never seen Jiang Nansun so angry.

The first time Xie Hongzu received the news, he took a taxi to the hospital. He didn’t expect to learn that Xie Jiayin had an accident on the way, so he could only turn back. Zhu Suosuo was about to give birth, waiting for Xie Hongzu not to come, so he personally signed the birth certificate, and refused the analgesic pump proposed by the doctor, wanting to remember today’s pain.

Jiang Nansun resisted the tears and tried his best to calm Zhu Suosuo’s emotions. Unexpectedly, Zhao Malin suddenly broke into the ward, accompanied by several experts and assistants, who made it clear that he would wait for the child to be taken away and raised, and even frankly said that Xie Hongzu would divorce Zhu Suosuo. Seeing that Zhao Malin asked the expert to forcibly check Zhu Suosuo’s body, Jiang Nansun rushed to and broke with a few people in order to protect Zhu Suosuo, only to completely drive them away.

In the delivery room, Zhu Suosuo was suffering from childbirth. Jiang Nansun was with him, crying and cheering for her. Xie Hongzu solved the mess at home and rushed to the hospital in a hurry. He happened to hear Zhu Suosuo’s screaming cry, but as a husband, he not only failed to fulfill his due responsibilities, but even at this critical moment of life and death, his wife suffered. .

Even though Zhu Suosuo gave birth to a daughter after the rest of his life, Jiang Nansun was completely disappointed in Xie Hongzu. She believed that Xie Hongzu wanted to make up for the debt and should take good care of Zhu Suosuo. Unexpectedly, after only seeing his daughter a few times, Xie Hongzu, at the urging of Zhao Malin, left the ward on the grounds of company affairs, leaving Xiaohe with Zhu Suosuo.

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