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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 34 Recap

Just as Ye Jinyan and Dai Qian were discussing project issues, they saw Fan Jingang holding two boxes of pizza as moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ye Jinyan learned that Xie Hongzu had left Zhu Suosuo to go to Indonesia, and then stood silently in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking down at the lanterns of Wanjia, feeling very sad.

The R&D team is still working overtime to design the drawings, regardless of the holiday reunion. However, Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo have already prepared a table of delicious food to accompany the old grandmother to relive the past. Jiang Nansun recalled the time before the age of twenty-five. Every time we celebrated the holidays, everyone was like a routine, without the temperature, but now the family is no longer in the past, but the feeling of family love is cold and warm, which can be called lucky.

After years of baptism, Jiang Nansun has gradually grown into a beauty in the workplace. During this six months, she has recognized Tang Xin as a master and has also improved her self-worth. Tang Xin suggested that Jiang Nansun take time out to talk about love, after all, work can only exchange a sense of warm and saturated sense of accomplishment, but it cannot make up for the loneliness of old age.

After Tang Xin left, Jiang Nansun took out the ledger again and crossed out a line of creditors’ names, leaving only two people in the end. Maybe Jiang Nansun can really restart a new life after finishing all the debts, but she is more like a fugitive now, without hope, and dare not look forward to the future.

Zhu Suosuo’s due date is about to give birth, Jiang Nansun buys clothes for the child, and is curious about Xie Hongzu’s whereabouts. Zhu Suosuo confessed that Xie’s business was not doing well and was about to switch to commercial real estate, so Xie Jiayin would hold a business banquet in the afternoon and asked Xie Hongzu to take her to attend.

Originally, Zhu Suosuo was only the first meeting place to visit her mother-in-law, but she didn’t expect Ye Jinyan to be on the banquet list. When she thought that she had never seen each other since her marriage, she was suddenly at a loss. Jiang Nansun consoled Zhu Suosuo with courage to face, let alone being crushed by Zhao Malin.

The new assistant Nanfang is the niece of Fan Jingang. To make it easier for her to work in the company, she first worked as an assistant next to Ye Jinyan. Seeing the youthful and beautiful appearance of the South, Ye Jinyan recalled the scene when he first saw Zhu Suosuo.

Upon learning of this, Xie Hongzu deliberately brought it up in front of Zhu Suosuo, and even discredited Ye Jinyan’s image in her heart, but Zhu Suosuo only smiled indifferently. Afterwards, Zhu Suosuo followed Xie Hongzu to see Xie Jiayin. Unexpectedly, Xie Jiayin actually gave Zhu Suosuo Mawei at the venue, and specially pushed Xie Hongzu to get the flat shoes, and then took Zhao Malin to insult Zhu Suosuo.

Because of Zhao Malin’s arrogance, even catching the child’s attention, Zhu Suosuo remembered all the previous things, so she immediately countered and argued directly with the other party. This scene happened to be seen by Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo picked up the foreign wine out of control and left, just facing Ye Jinyan’s eyes and was stunned for an instant.

Considering that Zhu Suosuo was pregnant, Ye Jinyan asked Fan Jingang to comfort her first, and then came to see Zhu Suosuo in person, frankly admitting that the Xie family was applying for a commercial loan in their own name. Incur huge debts.

Zhu Suosuo worried that Xie Hongzu would be implicated, but Ye Jinyan only wanted to keep her safe, regardless of the situation of others. Even though the things are right and wrong, the feelings are still there, Zhu Suosuo saw the new assistant Nanfang standing at the door, half-joking and joking, but he didn’t expect Ye Jinyan to explain the reason to her before leaving.

Wang Yongzheng took Yuan Yuan to visit the ancient town, and the two met separately in the pavilion. As a result, Jiang Nansun also inspected here and prepared to participate in the bidding. Yang Ke and Jingyan Group compete for the same project. The developer plans to build a European-style villa, but the pavilion is a Chinese-style building and cannot be demolished.

On the way back, Wang Yongzheng mentioned Jiang Nansun’s suggestion to Yuan Yuan, but Yuan Yuan was worried that Jiang Nansun had deliberately set off. Wang Yongzheng took the initiative to find Jiang Nansun, still talking about the matter six months ago, and still did not believe that Jiang Nansun became profiteering. Jiang Nansun believes that many things cannot be solved in a simple way. Since she went to Yang Ke’s company, the two people have completely stood on opposite sides.

Ye Jinyan reminded Fan Jingang to pay more attention to Xie Jiayin’s company and real estate situation, and report anything in time. Nanfang recalled the scene where she saw Zhao Marin entangled Xie Hongzu on the second floor, so she believed that the relationship between the two was somewhat ambiguous, but she did not dare to mention it to Ye Jinyan.

Now that the company is facing bankruptcy, it is difficult to recover it by its own efforts. Unless Xie and Zhao marry, they may be able to retain their vitality. Xie Jiayin took out the real estate project he developed with Zhao Marin, and ordered Xie Hongzu to accompany Zhao Marin to Indonesia. At first, Xie Hongzu was still fighting for reasons, but when Xie Jiayin asked him back, he was speechless.

Xie Jiayin believes that Zhu Suosuo will marry Xie Hongzu because of Xie Hongzu’s huge family. If he turns from the rich second generation to the negative second generation, I am afraid Zhu Suosuo will leave him.

At this time, Zhu Suosuo is pregnant with Liujia. The old grandmother is patiently cooking nutritious meals in the kitchen, hoping that Zhu Suosuo will give birth to a fat boy. Zhu Suosuo felt uncomfortable and didn’t dare to act in front of her grandmother. He only waited until Jiang Nansun returned home and cried and hugged her immediately until Jiang Nansun comforted her and finally calmed down.

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