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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 15 Recap

Zilu soon learned that Xiao Qi led Ning Shuo’s army to fight Wang Ning and Wang Yan’s return to Beijing. He knew that the time had come, so he sent a letter to Wu Qian and Wang Jian Ning, and started his plan. After Wang Yan arrived in Huizhou, Wu Qian personally took someone out of the city to greet him, but Wang Yan discovered that Wu Qian didn’t take him to the hotel. Wu Qian also wanted to separate Song Huai’en from Wang Yan. Song Huai’en also noticed something was wrong, and ordered immediately. People turned around, but Wu Qian’s army was already in ambush in the city. Wang Yan saw that Wu Qian had a bad heart.

She called Song Huai’en, told him in secret, and gave Song Huai’en a token so he could find it. When he had a chance to break through, he went to Lan Yuezhuang in the southern suburbs to seek help from the Wang clan guards, and then sent someone to notify Xiao Qi. After Song Huai’en got the order, he loudly announced that Wu Qian was rebelling and led his men to fight with Wu Qian’s soldiers. Wu Qian took the opportunity to hold him back. After Wang Zhan, Wang Zhan forced his death to death, and Song Huai’en rushed out of Wu Qian’s encirclement to find reinforcements.

Xiao Qi is analysing the whereabouts of King Jian Ning’s army. The intelligence says that King Jian Ning has an army of 200,000, but the army they are chasing after is only 150,000. Xiao Qi’s men are a little worried about the division of King Jian Ning’s troops. Two roads, with another picture, Xiao Qi analyzed that King Jian Ning’s goal was the capital city, but he did not dare to head-on with the Ning Shuo army. Naturally, he had to find a way to hold the Ning Shuo army, and the military powerhouse Linliangguan was located. Huizhou, at this time, the hand came down to report that Guanzhou had fallen.

Wu Qian imprisoned Wang Yan in the hotel. Wu Qian thought everything was going well, so he told Wang Yan about his cooperation with King Jian Ning. He also said that when King Jian Ning’s army will go north, the new emperor will become king. Are going to die. Wu Qian returned to his room, only to find Xie Yuan with a few people in his room, and holding a sword against Mrs. Wu’s neck. Wu Qian hurriedly knelt to beg for mercy.

Xie Yuan asked where Wang Yan was. Wu Qian was relieved. Reported the situation to Xie Yuan, but Xie Yuan was very dissatisfied that Wu Qian let go of the five hundred Ning Shuo army. Wu Qian quickly promised that he would catch the remaining Ning Shuo army. Xie Yuan wanted to leave after he told him. Let Wu Qian kill Wang Yan, and said that Wu Qian’s mansion is already his own. If Wu Qian doesn’t follow, don’t blame him for being ruthless.

Mrs. Wu asked General Mou Lian, a Weizhou school lieutenant, to take herself to the hall to find Wang Yan. Since Wang Yan was kidnapped, Mrs. Wu felt very guilty. But Wu Qian did a foolish thing and she couldn’t stop it, so she could only come to remind. Wang Yan said that someone wanted Wu Qian to kill her, so Wang Yan must be careful. Seeing Madam Wu’s affection, Wang Yan also believed her a bit, and promised to find a chance to repay her in the future.

Mou Lian urged him outside the door. Wang Yan asked a few questions about Mou Lian’s situation, and learned that Mou Lian was kind-hearted and admired Xiao Qi, so he had a plan. After Mrs. Wu left, Wang Zhang called Mou Lian into the house and persuaded him to rein in the precipice. He could also introduce Xiao Qi to him and give him a chance to make contributions, and ensure that neither he nor Mrs. Wu would be implicated.

King Jian Ning approached the capital. The news that Wu Qian had detained Wang Yan was sent to Beijing. Wang Lin hurriedly sent people to investigate who Wu Qian had met at the time. He also called the generals to discuss matters. Zilu was also discussing with Huan Gong. In one step, before King Jianning entered Beijing, Zilu had to find a way to get a tiger charm to echo with him. Zilu asked Huan Gong again why he believed in King Jianning so much. Only then did Huan tell the truth. It turned out that Zilu belonged to King Jianning.

The son, Zilu’s mother and concubine were pregnant when she entered the palace. From then on, King Jian Ning was planning to seize the throne and played a big game of chess for twenty years. Zilu was furious after learning the truth. I feel that I have been wronged for so many years, and my biological father hides in the dark to watch the changes. Duke Huan persuades Zilv not to stick to these trivial things. King Jianning did this to make Zilu ascend to the throne. .

In the evening, Song Huai’en’s men reported that Wang Yan was in trouble back to Xiao Qi’s barracks. In Huizhou, Xie Yuan saw that Wu Qian had been slow to attack Wang Yan, so he let him go down and kill Wang Yan. Xie Yuan’s assassin rushed into Wang Yan’s room to assassinate, Mou Lian outside the door finally made up his mind to help Wang Yan solve the assassin, showing his loyalty.

At this time, Song Huai’en brought Ning Shuojun and Wang’s guards back to rescue Wang Yan. Wang’s guard Pang Gui rushed into the room and wanted to take Wang Yan away. Wang Yan asked about the situation outside and asked Pang Gui to go first. Assist Song Huaien.

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