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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 14 Recap

After spending the night in the forage yard, Xiao Qi’s men also rushed to the forage yard to save their lives. After Xiao Qi returned to Ningshuo, he immediately ordered all the suspicious maids to be arrested. Mrs. Lu and Yuxiu were among them. Song Huaien went to the prison to interrogate Madam Lu.

Madam Lu quickly showed her loyalty and said that she could not betray Xiao Qi. Wang Yan also found Yuxiu and asked her if she knew who else knew that she was going out with Xiao Qi. Yuxiu said she did not know. Love, but she swore that she had never betrayed Wang Yan.

On the other hand, under Song Huai’en’s interrogation, Mrs. Lu admitted that she had leaked the news, saying that the culprit had tied up her husband and children, and she had to betray Xiao Qi and Wang Yan told Song Huai’en to find someone, and if they were found, let them meet again and let the other innocent people go.

Wang Yan wanted to pack his things and go south with Xiao Qi, but Xiao Qi let Wang Yan go back to the capital the day after tomorrow. Wang Yan was a little disappointed. He felt that Xiao Qi was about to leave himself again. Xiao Qi took out Wang Lin’s letter and gave it to Wang Yan. Wang Lin lied that Princess Wang Yan was critically ill. Wang Yan was worried and decided to listen to Xiao Qi and return to the capital the day after tomorrow.

Xiao Qi comforted a few words, and said that the leader of the assassin had been caught, and he had to go out again. Wang Yan asked who it was, and Xiao Qi said it was General Fenwei Dumeng. Wang Yan and Xiao Qi went to see Du Meng in jail together and asked him why he wanted to assassinate Xiao Qi.

Du Meng said that he was trying to get rid of the chaotic officials and thieves. After talking with Du Meng, Wang Yan already had doubts in his heart, Du Meng. Behind it is Xie Yuan, and Xie Yuan has been dismissed from office. Only the emperor can mobilize Du Meng and Xu Shou. Although all the evidence points to the emperor, Wang Yan still does not want to believe that the emperor is hurting him. To take the lives of her and Xiao Qi.

In the capital, Wang Lin took Wang Suhuan Mi to visit Huan Gong, Huan Gong greeted Wang Lin enthusiastically, and Huan Mi found a chance to meet Zi Lu. Unexpectedly, Wang Su suddenly found him. Huan Mi hurriedly told Zi Lu to hide. After Wang Su entered the house, he suddenly said that he wanted Huan Mi to give birth to him. Huan Mi struggled desperately, and Zi Lu almost jumped out impulsively under the bed.

Fortunately, Huan Mi gave Wang Su a slap and drove Wang Su away, so Zilu held back. After Wang Lin returned to the mansion, Wang An reported to him that the eldest princess took people to Ci’an Temple to worship the Buddha. Hearing what the eldest princess said, she planned not to return to the mansion again in the future.

The teacher at Ansi turned away too much, saying that the eldest princess had ordered them, and no one would see him, but Wang Lin still said a few words to the eldest princess outside the door, and the princess said that as long as Wang Lin let go of her greed, she would talk to him. When Wang Lin went back, Wang Lin sighed, but did not agree, but let the princess stay in the temple for a few more days, and he would come again.

Wang An was a little worried that Wang Yan would not see the princess after he came back, but Wang Lin said that he knew his daughter. If he didn’t use this method, Wang An would definitely not come back. He also told Wang An to visit the temple frequently. If there is a shortage of food and clothing, it must be filled in time.

A family banquet was held in the palace. The emperor deliberately pretended that Concubine Xie was still there. If she talked to Concubine Xie nonchalantly, there was a ghost in her heart. When she looked at the corner, she seemed to see Concubine Xie. The queen was scared and conscious. Unclear, Wang Lin advised her not to be frightened.

Since Concubine Xie could not fight her during her lifetime, why should she be afraid of the soul of Concubine Xie after her death, but the queen still could not calm down and was awakened by nightmares at night. On the other side, the news that King Jian Ning was approaching the capital was also learned by the emperor, but the emperor did not rush and waved Xue Daoan to retreat.

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