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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 13 Recap

In the palace, the prince and the queen hurriedly called Wang Lin into the palace and asked him about the strategy to withdraw the army, but Wang Lin said that he was not worried about King Jianning. Since the emperor became ill, various troubles have followed. Lin suspected that these things were all done by the same person, and the prince was panicked when he heard it.

Wang Lin was the most uncomfortable with the appearance of the prince. He reprimanded him and said that he had already ordered Xiao Qi to lead Shiwanning. Shuojun rushed to the south of the Yangtze River, hoping to hold the rebels in the six towns. He also sent Wang Xu to command the imperial army to guard the capital, but he was not sure of victory. After telling the two of his arrangements, Wang Lin left.

Wang Yan became more and more familiar with Ning Shuo’s life, but since Xiao Qi told Wang Yan the truth, she didn’t know how to face Xiao Qi.

Wang Yan drank some wine with Yuxiu at dinner. Yuxiu talked about her father. Wang Yan also thought of Wang Lin. She wished that Wang Lin was only being strict with herself, not deceiving herself. After Yuxiu fell drunk, Wang Yan held a hip flask and had a drink outside.

Between half drunk and half awake, she thought of Zidan, and still chanted Zidan’s name. Xiao Qi was a little jealous when she heard it, and she was very unhappy. He carried Wang Yan back into the room. Xiao Qi tried to take off Wang Yan’s clothes. Wang Yan was awakened from drunk and stopped Xiao Qi. He also said that his wedding night would not come, so what are you doing now? What kind of person is Xiao Qi?

He blamed Xiao Qi for leaving him alone. Xiao Qi softly coaxed Wang Yan, saying that in his heart, Wang Yan will always be the lively and lovely woman at the Shangyuan Lantern Festival, on the suspension bridge. Seeing that Wang Yan’s clothes were soaked by alcohol, Xiao Qi wanted to take off her clothes and let her rest. Wang Yan refused, and asked Xiao Qi who he was, Xiao Qi replied, he is her husband, and whether Wang Yancheng admits it or not, he has already identified Wang Yan.

Zilu met with Huangong. He had already learned that Wang Lin had sent Xiao Qi to Jiangnan. He asked Huangong, Xiao Qi and King Jianning who would win. Huangong was full of confidence and said that he and King Jianning should cooperate with each other and they would definitely be defeated. Xiao Qi, when King Jianning came to Beijing to support Zilu’s ascension to the throne, this world is Zilu’s, but Zilu was worried that King Jianning would sit on the throne by himself, and Duke Huan let him rest assured. When the time comes, Zilu will know Jianning. Why would Wang support Zilu?

Xiao Qi called Wang Yan, took her to the stables to pick up a horse, and wanted to take her out for a walk. The two of them put on a Hu uniform and rode horses on the prairie. Wang Yan also offered to try riding skills with Xiao Qi. Chasing me, so happy on the grassland. In the evening, Xiao Qi took Wang Yan to Hulan’s Moon Ascension Festival. Wang Yan saw this scene for the first time and found it very strange. Xiao Qi said that the people here are not all Hulan people, but several ethnic groups.

Living together, intermarried, getting along well, and talking, a prairie woman invited Xiao Qi to dance, Xiao Qi looked at Wang Yan, Wang Yan said that Xiao Qi was his husband, and rejected the woman. After the woman left Xiao Qi said that on the grassland, if a man accepts a woman’s invitation, he should be her lover. After listening to this, Wang Chang said that he would also invite men to dance, and then he dragged Xiao Qi into the crowd. The two held hands and had a great time.

The next day, Xiao Qi was taking Wang Yan back, but behind him an assassin started chasing Xiao Qi and ran for a while. Xiao Qi was forced to dismount, fight with the assassins, and solve those few. Assassins, Xiao Qi let the horses go again, and led the remaining assassins to chase the empty horses, while he took Wang Yan to hide temporarily at the vigil of the former Ningshuo Army’s forage yard, and the sun was about to set, Xiao Qi A fire hurriedly started. While Wang Yan was adding firewood, Xiao Qi suddenly held Wang Yan’s hand. Although Wang Yan was a little nervous, he still let Xiao Qi kiss him, and the two hugged tightly.

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