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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 23 Recap

Xiao Zhu Xuanwen’s leg was red in the rain because of the injury. Luo Kaihuai was very guilty. In order to make Luo Kaihuai not feel guilty, Zhu Xuanwen turned off the topic and told her the story of Zhu Xuanwen and Luo Lianyi. Zhu Xuanwen and Luo Kaihuai told this story when they were very young. They knew each other at such a young age until they met again in a car accident that day. The subsequent numerous circumstances pushed Zhu Xuanwen to explore step by step. Luo Kaihuai seemed to have no impression of the past, so he never mentioned that fate is not based on memories, but on future acquaintances.

Because of his mother’s death that year, Zhu Xuanwen went to the countryside to relax. He didn’t like talking or contacting people, so he was very withdrawn. But because of this, Zhu Xuanwen met Luo Kaihuai who came to the yard to pick up the ball. Her small body squeezed into the yard and squeezed into his gloomy heart. She brought him not only anger, but also a new world, and that girl meant a lot to him. The exchange of sweets and comics is also an honesty of friendship and soul. From beginning to end, Zhu Xuanwen was the patient who was cured by Luo Kaihuai.

Linda was busy in the kitchen that day. She accidentally smashed the dishes and scratched her hands. Dave came here and cleaned her wounds with great distress, and then kissed and lingered on the bed. Coincidentally, on this occasion, Linda’s brother ran to her and was shocked by the scene, so Dave and Linda’s brothers were about to do it. One thinks the other party is a rogue, and one thinks the other party is a third party. After sorting out the embarrassment, the three of them sat on the sofa together. When things have reached this point, the younger brother’s suggestion is to take home and see parents early.

In the cave, Luo Kaihuai woke up early in the morning and Zhu Xuanwen was not by her side. She found the trap yesterday and found that Zhu Xuanwen was stuck in it, fear coincides with reality, how to make a decision. So Luo Kaihuai walked towards Zhu Xuanwen with fear, and taking this step meant that she needed great courage, and Luo Kaihuai did it. Director Qin had previously suggested that Zhu Xuanwen could reproduce the scene to stimulate Luo Kaihuai. Obviously, she took the first step bravely. Under Zhu Xuanwen’s guidance, she faced her fear squarely and chose not to flinch.

After asking Zhu Xuanwen, Luo Kaihuai learned the final ending of the story between Luo Lianyi and Zhu Xuanwen. It was a heart-wrenching tragedy. Along the way, Luo Lianyi met each other in her dreams. For a while, she could not accept such a miserable In the end, I fell asleep after crying. And Zhu Xuanwen repainted Luo Lianyi’s ending while she was sleeping.

The emperor’s reinforcements arrived in time to quell the rebellion, and finally Luo Lianyi and Zhu Xuanwen tied the knot. A happy ending always makes people happy, so now that Luo Kaihuai has been coaxed, Zhu Xuanwen should give him some rewards, so this feeling crooked until dawn. When Luo Kaihuai picked up the knife again, although she was still cautious, she could already touch sharp objects. Director Qin re-transferred the case of the injured girl Tongtong to her. She is now fully capable of curing Tongtong.

The fact that Zhu Xuanwen abandoned the board of directors and went to find Luo Kaihuai has caused dissatisfaction among the directors. If he does not devote himself to work, I am afraid that the company will not be able to explain it. But before that, Zhu Xuanwen wanted to do something. She went home with Luo Kaihuai specially, met Luo’s father, and formally asked him to marry Luo Kaihuai. So at night Luo’s father cooked a table of good dishes, and his son, daughter and son-in-law were all there. Everyone had a good time at the table. Soon Luo was going to take his daughter-in-law home with a laugh. The hospitality was very happy.

Luo Kaihuai overheard Zhu Xuanwen’s request to Luo’s father. At the time of parting today, she told him briefly that she liked him, and Zhu Xuanwen naturally liked her. After that, Zhu Xuanwen led the Yike Group to work overtime to re-order all the works of the Zhu Peach Blossom series, and make every effort to prepare for the big show six days later. At the same time, Zhu Li was passing on Yike’s internal news to Xie Kun.

Luo Kaihuai passed the psychological evaluation, and Zhu Xuanwen’s design was fairly smooth. A ring in the peach blossom series was very beautiful. He specially showed Luo Kaihuai and named it Dianzhu Peach Flower Ring.

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