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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 46 Recap

Shen Tianshu has been deceiving Hu Tianying with the reason that the sea and the sky can solve the toxin backlash in Hu Tianying’s body, causing this poor woman to mistakenly believe that everything he does is derived from love for herself. Now, Hu Tianying knows Shen Tianshu’s true face, but he also died under the toxin backlash, which is also unhappy with retribution.

Although Shen Tianshu had regrets, he did not regret it. For the sake of his great cause, no sacrifice was worth mentioning. Right now, Shen Tianshu got the poem guiding the location of Haitian Yise, and couldn’t wait to solve the mystery and find the treasure.

When Shen Tianshu rebelled against the Anping Army, he broke a hand and forged an iron hand at a blacksmith named Deng. He also learned from the other that his master had cast iron secret treasures for the court. These secret treasures can be used to make precision weapons that are rare in the world. A knife can cut iron like mud. After the imperial court is destroyed, the treasure is hidden in the sea and the sky. This is why Shen Tianshu spent his entire life trying to obtain it.

Not waiting for Shen Tianshu to solve the mystery in the poem, Lu Tiankuang took the first step to pursue the blame. The most important thing in Lu Tiankuang’s heart is Hu Tianying’s safety. Now that he learned that she was involved in death, Lu Tiankuang even wanted to kill Shen Tianshu. However, Lu Tiankuan’s mind was simple, and Shen Tianshu’s few lies and provocations made him direct his revenge anger at Zhou Fei and others.

Zhou Yitang had already returned to Forty-Eight Village. He guessed that Master Tongming might be able to relieve Li Jinrong’s poison, so he planned to take her to Penglai Island as soon as possible. Before the proceeding, Zhou Yitang and Xie Yun had a heart-to-heart relationship with each other and clicked on each other in one sentence. The sea and the sky caused chaos in the world, but there is no right or wrong in itself. If you can use the treasure to return the world to peace, why not do it .

Whenever something happened, Li Yan couldn’t help the least, and this time was extremely stupid. She had always been guilty of guilt and worked hard every day in martial arts. Li Yan regretted being lazy at the beginning, otherwise she could become a master like Zhou Fei and protect the Forty-eight Villages. But now that regret has been used, Li Yan actually imagined how to study poison.

Many people stayed in Forty-Eight Village to enjoy the peace and avoid the right and wrong. Now that the village is full of crises, the owner of Niu Zhai has the intention to leave, so he quarreled with several elders in the elder hall. Until Zhou Fei arrived, he not only promised everyone to come and go freely, but also sent many precious medicinal materials and other items to the owner of the cattle village.

In the name of Shen Tianxian, Gu Tianxian took poetry to search for a hiding place where the sea and the sky were the same color. He searched many places and made no progress. Shen Tianshu couldn’t imagine, so he could only ask Yu Wenzhi for help, but he didn’t see a low voice, but threatened the opponent with force. Yu Wenzhi believed that Shen Tianshu had the ability to take his head from the army, and the other party promised that he would do his best to help him seize the power, and only then agreed to help.

With the capable people of Yu Wenzhi, Gu Tianxian quickly found the entrance of Haitian Universe, but the poems were specious, and it faintly showed that the entrance must be in the cave in front of him, thinking that the poem was wrong. Haitian Yise is near, and Gu Tianxian has no intention of investigating the right or wrong of poetry for the time being.

Forty-eight Village quickly learned that Gu Tianxian was heading north, Zhou Fei and others decided to set off immediately and went down the mountain to look for the sea and the sky. Li Sheng originally wanted Yang Jin to stay and take care of Li Yan and Wu Chuchu. Whoever thought she was determined to go together.

Everyone was in a stalemate, and finally with Zhou Fei’s consent, Li Yan and Wu Chuchu could go together. Although this trip will last a lifetime, Zhou Fei and others have already planned to live and die at the same point and make the final break with Earth Sha.

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