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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 45 Recap

Zhou Fei asked for help to stop Gu Tianxian first, and Wu Chuchu also wrote a letter to Mrs. Nishang for help. The two groups wiped out Gu Tianxian and others, leaving Gu Tianxian alone for later use. Shen Tianshu did not have Gu Tianxian’s support, and Li Sheng and other talents were able to provoke discord.

Li Sheng already knew that Hu Tianying’s sneak attack on Forty-eight Village was in collusion with Yu Wenzhi, so he could use Yu Wenzhi’s name to provoke the relationship between the two. He guessed that Hu Tianying would not dare to hand over the token to Shen Tianshu easily for self-protection. No matter what the relationship between Shen Tianshu and Hu Tianying is, as long as Hu Tianying meets Yu Wenzhi privately, Shen Tianshu will have a rift with him.

Li Sheng and others were temporarily lurking in an uninhabited village outside Hanshui Town, and the walking gang also sent news for Mr. Bai. They saw a man and a woman entering Hanshui Town. The woman was holding knives. It must be Zhou Fei and Xie Yun. People who can help spread the word, Zhou Fei and Xie Yun first find Li Sheng to join.

Li Yan is still under the control of Di Sha. Although she is afraid of timidity, she has not revealed the poems that guide Haitian Yishi’s hiding place. Shen Tianshu was quite patient with Li Yan, coaxing softly on the surface, but threatened with secret contacts. Li Yan couldn’t bear to see others suffer from her involvement and suffering, so she had to write poems on paper and asked Shen Tianshu to release the innocent people.

Shen Tianshu was defensive, and asked Li Yan to recite poems to determine whether she used fake poems to deceive. After all, people write things randomly in a panic, and it is difficult to memorize word by word. Finally, confirming the authenticity of the poem, Shen Tianshu actually complied with his promise and let go of the hidden contacts. Shen Tianshu’s patience with Li Yan made Hu Tianying dissatisfied, and even more doubted whether he disliked his old age.

Hu Tianying was teased by Li Yan when she was in Qingyungou, and she wanted to kill and then hurry up, but Shen Tianshu repeatedly refused her request, which made Hu Tianying inevitably angry. Hu Tianying, a pitiful mirage known for being treacherous in the arena, actually gave birth to a jealous little daughter.

Zhou Fei and Xie Yun converged with Li Sheng and others. After making a plan, they happened to hear Shen Tianshu and Li Yan arguing outside the hidden pile. If it hadn’t been for Xie Yun to let Li Yan go down the mountain to buy things, she would not be in danger, so Xie Yun used herself to exchange for Li Yan.

Whether it was Xie Yun’s father who had saved Shen Tianshu’s life, or Gu Tianxian had fallen into their hands, since Xie Yun was willing to replace the hostage and release Gu Tianxian, Shen Tianshu would naturally agree to weigh the pros and cons. The two of them sat alone in the hall. They were gossiping back then, and if someone who didn’t know could see them, they thought they were really old friends they hadn’t seen for many years.

That year, Shen Tianshu was rescued by Xie Yun’s father and recruited into the Anping Army. However, he was dissatisfied with Zhou Yitang’s prohibition of killing prisoners of war, burning and looting the people, so he rebelled against the Anping Army and took the initiative to leave a hand. Shen Tianshu wanted to achieve the same color between the sea and the sky in order to create an army that could surpass the Anping army thousands of times, and compete with Zhou Yitang.

In the middle of the night, Yang Jin pretended to be Yu Wenzhi to meet with Hu Tianying. In addition to making Shen Tianshu have a rift with her, he was also trying to assassinate Hu Tianying. Who knows, she finally escaped. At this time, Shen Tianshu learned that Hu Tianying had brought the token to meet Yu Wenzhi, and no longer entangled too much with the two Zhou Fei who came to rescue Xie Yun, and hurried away.

Zhou Fei and Xie Yun intercepted and killed Hu Tianying halfway. There were a hundred poisons that did not invade Xie Yun’s protection. Zhou Fei could easily hurt each other seriously. At this moment, Li Sheng and others rushed to the meeting in time and informed Shen Tianshu that he had already retreated. It turned out that Hu Tianying had left behind a secret word long ago, leaving the real token to Shen Tianshu, and she took the fake token to meet Yu Wenzhi.

Now, Shen Tianshu, who got the token, has already left, and Hu Tianying is the pawn he used to disturb the sight of Zhou Fei and others. Shen Tianshu has already planned to abandon the car to keep the handsome. Hu Tianying was seriously injured, and unwilling to believe that her lover betrayed, and the old injury recurred for a while, so he broke off his breath with full of unwillingness.

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