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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 6 Recap

In the evening, I went to the bar to discuss with Jeff about how to save Tao Xiaoting. Tao Xiaodi was driving around in the handsome guy’s car. She seemed to sense something, and she felt panicked. The handsome guy said that there is a big hotel in front of him. Flute told him to park and she wanted to go home by herself, and said she was not a random girl. Later, Xiaodi called her sister but no one answered. She didn’t know that Xiaoting was in a dangerous situation now, and the phone and bag were taken away.

Early the next morning, Jeff learned of Tao Xiaoting’s specific location through his friends. After winning streak, he rode a motorcycle and Jeff drove there. They sneaked into the yard, and streak saw many girls working in a room wearing headphones, among them Tao Xiaoting. They quietly returned to the outside of the hospital again. Jeff wanted to call a few brothers to help. He saw that there were a lot of girls in the winning streak, and decided to call the police if they were accidentally injured.

Xiaoting went out to eat with other girls. She saw a car coming in. Before the door could be closed, she picked up a pot of hot vegetables and threw it at the guards, and then ran outside the door. When Streak saw this outside, he told Jeff to call the police and ride a motorcycle to rescue Xiaoting.

Xiaoting accidentally fell down while running, and was caught up and controlled by Mr. Yang and Xiao Xu. Mr. Yang slapped her severely. At this time, Streak arrived on a motorcycle, and he fought with them. Xiao Xu was knocked to the ground and turned around after winning streak. Seeing Mr. Yang put the knife on Xiao Ting’s neck, the winning streak told him to calm down and don’t hurt her. Xiao Xu tied up the streak of hands with a rope. At this time, the police arrived and rescued all the girls trapped in the yard.

Mr. Yang let go of Xiao Ting and walked to the front of the streak and punched him. He dodged him. The streak was tied and he attacked with his feet. He broke free from the rope and rode on the motorcycle and ran away. Xiaoting was worried about the girls who were locked up in the yard, and they hurried back to see that they were relieved.

After winning streak and going back to the meeting, he sent Xiao Ting to the bus stop to let her go home by herself. Xiaoting was very grateful to Liansheng for saving her. She wanted to write him a thank-you letter, but she didn’t know where to send it. Seeing his hand was injured, he hurriedly asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital. Liansheng said that nothing was just a skin injury. He asked her Remember today’s lesson and stop blindly looking for work.

The money from Xiao Ting was taken away by the bad guys. She gave her 10 yuan for the car after winning streak. She said pitifully that she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. She gave her 100 yuan for winning streak, and Xiaoting gave him 10 yuan and said 100. Yuan is enough, she yelled at his leaving back that she would pay it back.

When she got home tired, Xiao Ting took a shower. At this time, the handsome guy sent Xiao Di back. Xiao Di opened the door and saw that Xiao Ting was drying clothes, so he closed the door quickly. The handsome guy asked her what was wrong. She said the house was too messy for her. Go ahead and clean up. Then she entered the house and let Xiao Ting hide in the simple closet. Then she opened the door to let the handsome guy in.

When they hugged sweetly, Xiao Ting came out of the simple closet. She draped her hair and surprised the handsome guy. He thought Xiaodi designed it. She called her a scheming bitch. Xiao Ting drove him out, Xiao Di threw the plate to the ground angrily when she saw that her sister had broken her good deeds. She said that if her sister could not bear it, she could go out. Xiao Ting saw her sister drive her away and packed up her luggage and left. Home.

Streak, who was busy working in the company, received a call from Xiao Ting. She asked him where there is a cheaper hotel. Streak asked her to send him the position and rushed over. Knowing that she was driven out by her sister, he took her to his house. Looking at the beautiful and spacious house, Xiaoting was surprised that he actually lived here, and Lian Sheng explained that he helped the guests abroad to look after the house.

In order to repay the winning streak, Xiaoting decided to show his hand to cook for him. Unexpectedly, there are still vegetables grown in the yard. Xiaoting happily went to pick the vegetables and boasted that he wanted to cook him a full-feast. After eating, Xiao Ting couldn’t help but feel very sentimental when he recalled what happened one day. She was rescued by him from the liar’s den, and then driven out by her sister. She felt that she would not be worse than today. Lian Sheng said that he was worse than her. He had never seen his parents since he was a child and grew up in an orphanage, but he felt that this was not miserable, but a gift from God.

Streak felt that he couldn’t protect Xiaoting at all times, so he taught her some self-defense techniques. When he was tired from training, he gave her a bottle of water to drink. Seeing Xiao Ting smiled happily, he asked her what she was laughing. Xiao Ting laughed that he looked like a dad. Streak, who slept in bed at night, thought that Xiaoting who was lying on the sofa was asleep, got up and came to her, and wanted to open her suitcase to see if there was a USB flash drive. Who knew Xiaoting was not asleep, she opened it When asked what he was doing, Streak said he was sleepwalking.

Early the next morning, Xiaoting made a hearty breakfast for Streak in his sleep, and left him a note. She was very happy to know his friend, but did not want to disturb him for too long. She also said that sleepwalking was an illness for him to go. Take a look at the hospital.

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