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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 5 Recap

Tao Xiaoting can’t help feeling sad when she sees her sister undergoing plastic surgery like a stranger. Tao Xiaodi hugs her and comforts that she will always be her sister. Then Xiaodi gave his sister a necklace, exactly the same as the one worn on her neck. She tells Xiaoting that she wants to break up with You Wei. She feels like two parallel lines never intersect with You Wei. She didn’t want to hurt him, so she wanted Xiaoting to explain to You Wei on her behalf. Xiaoting was very embarrassed but went anyway.

Xiaoting stepped on high heels and went, but when he reached the place, he retreated and wanted to go back. You Wei walked behind her and hugged her lightly. Xiaoting hurriedly broke free. This scene was secretly filmed by Jeff and he beat The phone told Liansheng Xiaoting to meet with a man, and the relationship was very close, but I don’t know what the relationship between this kid and USB flash drive is. You Wei seemed to feel that Xiaodi was about to break up with him. He had no money, no car, no house, and he really couldn’t give her the life she wanted. Seeing his decadent appearance, Xiaoting couldn’t help feeling distressed, but the breakup turned into a comforting hug.

Depressed Xiao Ting walked on the way back, and Streak deliberately carried Jeff to her side. Jeff got out of the car and gave him the fare and left. Xiaoting greeted him when he saw him. She praised her for her beautiful dress today, and Xiaoting quickly wiped off her lipstick. She got on his motorcycle, feeling that her vitality had been lost to make up for, and then the two went to a small restaurant. She talked about helping her sister to break up with her boyfriend. Lian Sheng realized that she had a twin sister who was working in the Oulu Café. She couldn’t help but think of the girl who was knocked down by him in the hotel that day.

Xiaoting kept drinking beer and quickly drank too much. In the evening, Xiaoting walked staggeringly on the streets of the prosperous city, protecting her with winning streak. Xiaoting said her dream. She hopes that one day a man will fall in love with her, not because of anything but because she is her. Looking at the innocent Xiaoting, streak’s eyes couldn’t help but be more tender. Hearing Xiao Ting said that she had never received flowers since she was a child, and Streak picked a flower from the flowerbed next to her and gave it to her.

Then Jeff told Lian Sheng that he found that Xiao Ting was indeed with a girl, but they did not look the same. After Lian Sheng looked at the photos, he said that this girl is Xiao Ting’s sister and she should have had plastic surgery. The husband went to the plastic surgery hospital to investigate.

At breakfast, Xiaodi’s mobile phone received a message from You Wei. She knew that Xiaoting hadn’t done anything, so she couldn’t help asking annoyed whether Xiaoting had pretended to be her again and gave You Wei chicken soup for the soul. Xiaoting felt that You Wei is now At the bottom of life, she should encourage him. After dinner, the two went out together, Xiao Ting and her sister competed to see who got a job first.

Xiaodi went to a luxury car club for an interview. The foreigner who was in charge of recruiting didn’t plan to recruit any more. Xiaodi called him and handed out the show he had set up. The foreigner couldn’t help being stunned to see her charming and beautiful appearance. Xiaoting went to the restaurant to apply for the job, but when he came out, he was struck up by two men. It turned out that they had just eaten in the restaurant. The man claiming to be assistant Xiao Xu said that his company does not look at the face, Xiao Ting laughed and asked whether their company hired a masked job. Another man called Mr. Yang said that they were hiring an operator. The only condition is the Mandarin standard. Xiaoting was pleasantly surprised and immediately showed tongue twisters. Mr. Yang was very satisfied and asked her to get in the car and take her to the company.

In the club, Xiaodi held a stack of magazines and sold them around. She came here to have a chance to meet Yingshu. She asked the sitting man if he wanted to buy a magazine, but he shook his head instead of looking up at the phone. Xiaodi accidentally fell when he turned and left. The man came to help her. Seeing her face, Xiaodi couldn’t help but his heart moved. Seeing the other’s expression, Xiaodi couldn’t help but smile more charmingly, knowing that he was attracted by him.

Xiaoting was taken to a remote place and felt something was wrong in her heart. After entering the house, she found several women wearing headphones on the phone. Then Mr. Yang took her to the office, gave her a folder for her to memorize the lines in it, and then called them one by one. Xiaoting couldn’t help but was surprised, she immediately got up and said excitedly that they were a fraud. Xiao Xu snatched her bag. Mr. Yang said that she wanted to go, but she wanted to successfully cooperate with them. Xiaoting pretended to be soft and agreed first.

In the afternoon, Xiaoting started to work. She dialed her sister’s phone while she was not paying attention, but her sister was chatting with the handsome boy and she hung up without answering. Xiaoting called Streak again, and heard that she claimed to be the Telecom Bureau and said that he won the jackpot streak and hung up because she thought she was joking. Xiao Ting soon called again and talked about his location and the building next to him on the phone. Xiao Xu, who was next to him, heard that it was their location, so he went to angrily and pulled off Xiao Ting’s headset and asked her where she was. Why, the winning streak didn’t feel right, so he immediately called Jeff and said that Xiaoting might be in danger.

Seeing Xiao Ting calling for help, Mr. Yang was very angry and took her to an empty room upstairs and pushed her down on the mat. He kicked her and said viciously that it would be rude to find her again, Xiao Ting Seeing that I could not escape, I couldn’t help crying sadly. Streak came to Jeff’s bar to discuss countermeasures. He told Jeff the approximate location Xiao Ting said on the phone. Jeff immediately contacted his brother to check. He saw that Streak would wait for news if he didn’t go back tonight, so he said he was so. Is Tao Xiaoting nervous?

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