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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 33 Recap

Li Ang’s betrayal of Jingyan and the R&D team naturally had no face to face Wang Yongzheng’s questioning. Only Yuan Yuan pretended to understand, and was actually caring and considerate to each other. She believes that Tang Xin dared to promise and Yang Ke dared to delegate power. The generous conditions given by these two people alone are enough to make people decide to quit. Moreover, from her personal experience, empathy is more important than saving others by herself.

Ye Jinyan announced that the R&D team would be merged into the design department next Monday. When Wang Yongzheng heard the news, he was hit hard, but he was helpless. Fan Jingang asked Wang Yongzheng to drink and talk, and asked him to stay in Jingyan Group. Although the merger of departments is a foregone conclusion, all aspects will be restricted, but Ye Jinyan is still the head of the group, and he will continue to operate the library project as usual.

Just because Fan Jingang said his words sincerely, Wang Yongzheng was deeply moved. He made a promise on the spot that he would definitely complete the project work. He also said that the significance of Jingyan Group’s existence lies entirely in Ye Jinyan, not Yang Ke and Li Ang. .

After leaving the bar, Fan Jingang found Dai Qian through his drink and claimed that Ye Jinyan consciously owed her due to not choosing Dai Qian as a partner before. However, Dai Qian said that she chose to leave because of her inferior skills, and it was normal for Ye Jinyan to choose the strong as the boss. Fan Jingang wants to regain the affection he sacrificed in the past, but Dai Qian thinks that time has passed and is irreversible.

Accompanied by Xie Hongzu and Xiaohe, Zhu Suosuo brought fresh ingredients to meet his grandmother. Jiang Nansun noticed that Zhu Suosuo was abnormal. Since she got married, there were no stars in her eyes, and she laughed bitterly and embarrassedly, so the sisters vented their inner troubles by chopping vegetables.

As soon as he left, Ye Jinyan personally took Dai Qian to the airport, and then returned to the company with a lonely expression. Seeing that the meeting was about to be held, Ye Jinyan wanted to review the project again and tried to keep the R&D team. When he was in a desperate situation, Dai Qian suddenly appeared and applied to be the leader of the library project team.

Everyone in the company expressed doubts about whether Dai Qian was able to return to practice after 10 years of leaving the industry, especially Zhao Kun from the design department. Dai Qian took out her senior resume and mentioned that she was doing important work in Italy such as the renovation of the ancient city, and she successfully shut up the other party.

Wang Yongzheng returned to the office and found that Lilian had actually become a new colleague. After learning about it, she realized that it was Dai Qian who had recruited people from the school and brought her to the project team. Now that Lilian is married, she is only a friend and classmate to Wang Yongzheng, but Yuan Yuan is still surprised by the familiar relationship between the two.

Wang Yongzheng was a little puzzled about Dai Qian’s choice to return to the company to lead the group. As a result, Dai Qian said that she wanted to find new investment and fundamentally find supporters, such as foreign government investment, to help them pay for their dreams.

Jiang Nansun learned from Li Ang that Dai Qian had returned to Jingyan Group, so he personally expressed his gratitude to Dai Qian. Dai Qian hoped that Jiang Nansun would concentrate on his work and take back all sympathy.

Xie Hongzu accompanied Zhu Suosuo for the checkup, but he patronized Zhu Suosuo and didn’t take care of Zhu Suosuo’s emotions at all. Even naming the child had a unique response. Xie Hongzu mentioned that he was going to Indonesia on the weekend to discuss business, just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhu Suosuo learned that Zhao Minlin was also going to Indonesia, so he made him swear to prove that he would never cheat.

After the incident, Xiaohe personally sent Zhu Suosuo back to Jiang Nansun’s house and delivered the food on time. Zhu Suosuo asked if the old relationship between Xie Hongzu and Zhao Malin had rekindled. Xiaohe was in a dilemma and did not know how to respond. He could only mention that the relationship between Zhao and Xie was not superficially simple. At the same time, he hoped that Zhu Suosuo could trust Xie Hongzu. Zhu Suosuo understood Xiaohe’s position, and then read out the meaning of his conversation.

Dai Qian found the most suitable international company to invest in the library project, but because the company had strict requirements on its partners, she was worried that Jingyan Group could not withstand the verification, but Ye Jinyan was extremely confident, and Dai Qian was relieved.

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