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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 32 Recap

The next day, Jiang Nansun sat in the office in a daze. Yang Ke understood Jiang Nansun’s feelings and knew that many things were just a thought. However, the workplace is not full of enthusiasm during the student period. It also needs to face various cruel conditions. The rules of the adult world are like this. The only thing that cannot be changed is experience.

Not long after marrying Xie Hongzu, Zhu Suosuo had not yet fully adapted to the positions of Mrs. Xie and the sales director, and was told that he was pregnant. She felt a little flustered by the sudden new identity, so she immediately asked Xie Hongzu to send herself to Jiang Nansun, especially thinking that Zhao and Xie had emptied the company, and she couldn’t help but complain, lest Zhao Malin replace herself.

While Jiang Nansun comforted Zhu Suosuo’s emotions, Xie Hongzu and Xiaohe were still chatting downstairs, regretting that they were too playful before, so that they can’t help with anything now, and even worried that they are not a good husband and a good father. Compared with Xie Hongzu’s worries, Zhu Suosuo is determined to have a good baby. She hopes that the unborn child will be a boy, and does not want her daughter to work hard in society and repeat the same mistakes.

That night, when Xie Hongzu and his wife were lying on the sofa watching TV, they happened to see Ye Jinyan’s scene. Seeing this scene, Xie Hongzu immediately picked up the remote control turntable. He knew that he was inferior to the other party and was also afraid of Zhu Suosuo’s old feelings. However, Zhu Suosuo expressed his attitude and only hoped that Xie Hongzu would have confidence in himself and live a good life in the future.

Ye Jinyan has lost several capable subordinates one after another. At this moment, his greatest hope has been pinned on the library project. Watching Wang Yongzheng and others are still working overtime and discussing, his heart is both gratified and lonely.

Jiang Nansun thought twice and decided to meet with Li Ang and wanted him to avoid Wang Yongzheng. Li Ang received the text message and did not know what he meant, so he rushed to the appointment with doubts. It was not until the meeting that he learned that Jiang Nansun had invited him to join Yang Ke’s company.

It was when Jiang Nansun tried hard to persuade Li Ang, but Wang Yongzheng happened to come to the school to meet his tutor and found them at the same time. Originally, Wang Yongzheng hadn’t noticed the strangeness, but when he saw Jiang Nansun clearly coming, he immediately left with annoyance. Jiang Nansun caught up to explain the reason, but because the two people had different ideas, conflict broke out.

When Jiang Nansun encountered a problem, she asked Dai Qian for help, because Tang Xin was bound to win Li Ang, and hoped that Dai Qian could go to Jingyan Group, so that he would feel less guilty. Dai Qian believed that she could not pay for Jiang Nansun’s choice, and since she had made a choice, she had to bear it bravely.

Afterwards, Jiang Nansun took the red wine to find Zhu Suosuo with a heavy heart. After a few glasses of wine, he finally made up his mind to call Li Ang and ask him to meet at the company. Zhu Suosuo felt very distressed when he saw Jiang Nansun’s appearance. Jiang Nansun thought that Li Ang and Wang Yong were pure people, but he was a person who was rolling in the mire. On the way back, Jiang Nansun burst into tears. Although there are many choices like this, he has no choice but to hesitate.

Tang Xin took Li Ang around the office and thought that Ye Jinyan’s projects would be named after Ye Jinyan, but after Li Ang quit, all projects were named after him, and the salary column in the contract was blank. It’s all up to him to fill in. Li Ang was moved by Tang Xin, so he went to Jingyan Group to find Ye Jinyan to resign. Ye Jinyan understood the reason for his departure, and was unwilling to continue to ask questions.

After Wang Yongzheng learned of Li Ang’s resignation, he immediately ran to question him. He had promised to fulfill his childhood dream of a library and had promised to complete at least ten libraries, but now he leaves Jingyan Group like this. Knowing that Li Ang broke his promise, he simply chose to remain silent.

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