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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 31 Recap

When Wang Yongzheng finished the task, he noticed that the clothes and mobile phone were left in Zhao Malin’s car. When he arrived at Jiang Nansun’s home to explain, Zhao Malin called. Jiang Nansun took the phone to communicate with Zhao Malin and deliberately mentioned that Wang Yongzheng took her to the suburbs. Instead of being angry, he said that he had informed Xie Jiayin about the matter. People like her who are more conservative and have little belly would never accept Zhao Malin as herself. Daughter-in-law.

After hanging up the phone, Wang Yongzheng was helpless and spoiled, and finally understood why he liked Jiang Nansun so much because she was smart and sexy, which made him fall deeply into it. Jiang Nansun closed the door triumphantly and turned Wang Yongzheng away. At the same time, Xie Hongzu saw Zhu Suosuo becoming the person next to her bed, both gratified and moved. So far, she can’t believe that she has become his wife, promising to make Zhu Suosuo happy forever.

As a result, in the early morning of the next day, Zhao Malin hurried to the door, first to explain her affairs with Wang Yongzheng, and then to remind Xie Hongzu to go to the hospital to see Xie Jiayin. Originally, Zhu Suosuo stated that he wanted to accompany Xie Hongzu, but Xie Hongzu considered that Xie Jiayin had a deep grievance against Zhu Suosuo, so he went to the hospital alone.

Jiang Nansun accompanies Dai Qian to dinner, wondering why she didn’t return to Italy. In Jiang Nansun’s view, aunt Dai Qian is like a world-famous person in the novel, who will always return to the world at a critical moment, so she carefully tested Dai Qian’s thoughts on Ye Jinyan, but Dai Qian talked about the library team instead. The two people who spoke highly of Wang Yongzheng, but had reservations about Li Ang, who Ye Jinyan focused on training.

When it comes to Ye Jinyan’s attitude towards Li Ang and Wang Yongzheng, Dai Qian thinks Li Ang is the most smooth, and Ye Jinyan regards him as Tang Xin’s successor in training. Jiang Nansun asked when Dai Qian would return to the arena. Dai Qian thought that even if she was in the arena, the arena might not have his place.

The two people being discussed at this time were still guessing the identity of the new assistant transferred by the sales department, until Yuan Yuan suddenly appeared, and Wang Yongzheng’s face changed drastically. He has guessed why Yuan Yuan came here. He thinks the design department is the Qingshui Yamen, and it is very trivial after getting busy. However, Yuan Yuan said that she is not afraid of working overtime and staying up late. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with them.

Zhu Suosuo intends to visit Xie Jiayin in the hospital, and drop by Yang Ke’s company to deliver wedding candy. Yang Ke knew that it was not easy for Zhu Suosuo to marry a wealthy family, so he drove her personally, and the two of them sighed about the time spent fighting hard on the road. When I came to the hospital, I happened to see Xie Hongzu and Zhao Malin helping Xie Jiayin to go out. Looking at the scene that looked more like a family of three, Zhu Suosuo was extremely complicated. Yang Ke reminded her to solve Zhao Malin’s affairs as soon as possible.

Because the creditor’s husband is in urgent need of surgery, she has no choice but to come to Jiang Nansun. Although Jiang Nansun wants to help, she has no excess savings and cannot afford to repay it. When Yang Ke came back from the outside, he happened to see this scene, so he paid 20,000 yuan in advance to his creditor and sent two boxes of red ginseng to the other party to recuperate.

After the creditor left, Jiang Nansun thanked Yang Ke for his help and hoped that he could keep it secret for himself. Yang Ke promised to support her as much as possible, but he also reminded Jiang Nansun that he might need to face Ye Jinyan and Wang Yongzheng, and even crush their library dreams with his own hands.

Tang Xin bid farewell to Ye Jin and formally joined Yang Ke Company. She considered the city in the city project, so she hoped that Li Ang would join. Because Yang Ke and Tang Xin are talents cultivated by Ye Jinyan personally, they are not suitable for lobbyists. She simply chooses them as Jiang Nansun, and she comes forward to hire Li Ang to quit, and promises to give Jiang Nansun the position of vice president.

Even though Jiang Nansun knew that there would be an opposition to Wang Yongzheng one day, she was not yet fully prepared, especially when she saw Li Ang and Wang Yongzheng in a tacit understanding during the meal, she did not know how to speak. At the door of the house, Jiang Nansun did not get out of the car for a long time. She tried Wang Yongzheng’s bottom line and wanted to understand why the other party broke up with her ex-girlfriend.

Because of this conversation, Jiang Nansun was caught in a dilemma. Zhu Suosuo suggested that Jiang Nansun inform Wang Yongzheng of this matter in advance. After all, he is a human, not a machine, and he can accept it without setting up a program.

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