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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 9 Recap

Xiao Qi analyzed that if the culprit really came at him, then Wang Yan would already be on his way to Ningshuo. Xiao Qi asked Hu Guanglie to lead people to investigate all the unfamiliar caravans on the road from Huizhou to Ningshuo. Hu Guanglie led the way and Song Huaien reminded him that the news of Wang Yan’s disappearance must have been known in the capital, but Xu Shu Still scheduled a seven-day military parade.

I am afraid that someone in the capital wanted to disadvantage Wang Yan, Xiao Qi heard the meaning in Song Huai’en’s words, and ordered Song Huai’en to “take good care” of Xu Sui. Su Jiner ran to the imperial mausoleum to find Zidan for help. When Zidan heard that Wang Yan had an accident and did not care about the guilt of escaping from the imperial mausoleum, Zidan took Su Jiner to Huizhou to find Wang Yan.

The three culprits belonged to the prince of Hulan, Helanzhen. The three of them had already imprisoned Wang Yan in the wood house. Among them, the female culprit was named Xiaoye, and she was very indifferent to Wang Yan. At night, she took Wang Yan with Wang Yan. When I went to see Helanzhen, Helanzhen seemed to be ill and very weak. He let Xiaoye go out and pulled Wang Yan into his arms. Wang Yan was very strong, and she gradually understood that he was useful to Helanzhen, and she would kill him for a while. Yourself.

He Lanzhen said that Wang Yan is indeed useful, but it depends on how he uses it. He wants to humiliate Wang Yan in order to achieve the purpose of humiliating Xiao Qi. He also said that Xiao Qi’s magnificent battle achievements are all innocent souls. Wang Yan said that Xiao Qi was not wrong. It was just a helpless move to defend Dacheng. He Lanzhen suddenly vomited blood and fainted. Wang Yan found a dagger from He Lanzhen. She wanted to kill He Lanzhen, but Without starting, she cut the rope that was tied to herself, trying to escape, but was knocked to the ground by Xiaoye.

Later, the emperor went to the emperor’s bedroom and asked him if he knew about Wang Yan’s disappearance and Zidan’s escape. The emperor still looked mad, speaking upside down, and seeing that the queen could not ask anything, she left. In fact, the emperor was already sober, and had asked Xue Daoan to send someone to find Zidan, but the palace was full of the queen’s eyeliner, he could only act in secret, not daring to reveal that he was sober.

The robbery of Wang Zhang was planned by the Xie family and Liupan people. Behind the scenes was the second prince son Li sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight. Huan Gong analyzed that as long as He Lanzhen killed Xiao Qi, the 200,000 army of Ningshuo would have no leader. , It is not a concern. But Zilu was worried that after Xiao Qi’s death, the military power would fall into Xu Zhi’s hands. Huan Gong let him not worry, and Wang Lin would definitely prevent Xu Su from getting the military power.

The crown prince wanted to issue an decree to send soldiers from all over the country to seal the city to find Wang Yan, but as soon as his words were spoken, he was opposed by the ministers. The crown prince returned to the palace sullenly and expressed his dissatisfaction with Xie Wanru. Xie Wanru expressed himself Supporting the prince’s decision, he also said that the prince is affectionate and righteous, and he must be a holy monarch in the future.

Xiaoye is affectionate to Helan Zhen. Seeing that He Lanzhen cares about Wang Yan very much, he also took precious water to bath Wang Yan. Xiaoye was even more angry. Wang Yan felt that Helan Zhen was a beast. He didn’t understand why Xiaoye obeyed Helan’s words. When Xiaoye heard Wang Yan slander He Lanzhen, he poured a scoop of water on Wang Yan’s face. After Wang Yan washed and washed, he was taken to Helanzhen’s room again.

Xiaoye and Chahan were guarding outside the door. Hearing there was movement in Helanzhen’s room, they rushed in. Helanzhen drank the two of them back, and ordered no one to come in again. The two had to close the door, and while He Lanzhen was distracted, Wang Yan took the hairpin on his head and tried to stab Helanzhen, but failed. She was afraid of being discovered by He Lanzhen and threw the hairpin on the ground.

He Lanzhen got up and continued to approach Wang Yan, and asked Wang Yan if he looked down on him. Wang Yan replied, if he wanted her to look down on him, he would fight Xiao Qi upright on the battlefield instead of humiliating a woman. He Lanzhen remained unmoved and continued to want to insult Wang Yan. Wang Yan asked how He Lanzhen would feel if He Lanzhen’s mother and sisters were so insulted by others. He Lanzhen stopped his movements and looked at Wang Yan with a green expression. No one can mention his mother, who slapped Wang Dan.

This slap was so heavy that it happened to allow Wang Yan to see the hairpin on the ground. She picked up the hairpin and slammed it on Helanzhen. However, the lethality of the hairpin was too small, and Wang Yan put the hairpin on her neck again. He said that if he died, He Lanzhen’s plan would be ruined. He Lanzhen didn’t move Wang Yan again, and rushed to Ningshuo with people the next day.

In the barracks, Xiao Qi took the initiative to find Xu Suo, wanting to test Xu Suo, and learned that Xu Suo had set off from the capital half a month ago. Xiao Qi was a little strange. It only took ten days to travel from Beijing to Ningshuo. How could Xu Suo walk so long. Xiao Qi had even more doubts in his heart, and ordered Song Huai’en to keep an eye on Xu Shou and his party, and they would not stop anything or startle the snake.

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