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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 12 Recap

Xie Wanru dressed up Su Jin’er, changed her into neon palace clothes, and gave Wang Yan’s favorite Su Hexiang to her, and asked her to take it with her, saying that Zidan would like it. In the evening, Su Jin’er entered Zidan’s room anxiously. Zidan was so drunk that he immediately recognized Su Jin’er as Wang Yan.

At the court, news came that Wang Yan was out of danger. The prince was overjoyed and quickly ordered to send a lot of rewards to Ningshuo. But the emperor suddenly cried and laughed. The officials wondered what was wrong with the emperor, and the prince quickly ordered Retreat. The eldest princess also received Wang Yan’s letter, but seeing that the handwriting on the letter was weak and weak, the heart that had just been let go was lifted up again. Wang Su comforted him and said that Wang Su would not die in catastrophe, and he would have good luck.

In Ning Shuo, Wang Zhang’s injury gradually improved. The maid Yuxiu came to give Wang Yan clothes and jewelry. Wang Yan glanced at it and felt that she was too vulgar, so she was taken away. She looked at Yuxiu and suddenly remembered herself and Su Jin’er. I have been apart for many days, and I am a little worried about Su Jin’er’s safety. Su Jin’er and Zidan had a spring feast at this time. After Zidan was sober, he realized that he had mistaken the person. The two were speechless. At this time, the next person came to report and said that Wang Yan was out of danger. Zidan ignored Su Jiner’s news, and hurried out to ask about the situation. Su Jiner looked at Zidan, who didn’t look back, and felt extremely disappointed.

Wang Zhang took Yuxiu around randomly in Ningshuo City. Seeing that Yuxiu had a bit of aura, she told Yuxiu not to keep her eyebrows down when she talked. Yuxiu said that she didn’t know Wang Yan was so approachable. Myolie is in charge of affairs, and people are never allowed to laugh. Wang Zhang left and asked about Xiao Qi. Myolie and Yi’er just passed by here with a smile and a smile. When they saw Wang Zhang, they walked up to salute. The clothes they were wearing were just sent to Wang. Wang Yan was a little dissatisfied with Myolie’s clothes and jewelry. He found a reason to teach Myolie a few words, and asked the two of them to come to him tomorrow to serve as a helper for Yuxiu. Myolie was very unconvinced, but couldn’t Revolt.

When Wang Yan was resting in the room, Madam Lu suddenly came with Xing’er and Yi’er. Yuxiu blocked a few people in front of the room. Madam Lu asked Yuxiu to think clearly. Don’t think that everything is worry-free if you hold Wang Yan’s thigh. Wang Yan was awakened during the dispute, and he quickly asked who was making noise outside. Yuxiu went into the room to report. Wang Yan felt that Madam Lu was really unruly and told them to kneel in front of the court.

A few people went to Xiao Qi for comment again, but they didn’t expect that Xiao Qi wouldn’t listen at all, and directly asked them to do what Wang Yan said, and they had to leave in anguish. Xiao Qi was listening to his subordinates reporting that the emperor was critically ill, and the imperial family was ready to move. After a few people left, he ordered his subordinates to send people to watch the movements of the imperial family.

In the capital, King Jian Ning led a 150,000 army to the capital on the pretext of visiting the emperor. The officials and the prince were all in a mess. They didn’t know what to do. The prince hurriedly ordered someone to invite Wang Lin and Wen Zongshen. King Ning told the prince about the fight for the throne with the emperor. The prince was a little impatient and asked the officials to come up with a strategy to retreat, but the officials had nothing to do.

Xiao Qi went to visit Wang Yan’s room and heard her say that her chest was tight and she couldn’t breathe. He opened the window and put on her own cloak again. Wang Yan and Xiao asked if she wanted to transfer to Ningshuo City with her. Qi walked in the city of Ningshuo together. The two of them were walking and talking. Xiao Qi told Wang Yan that he had not come to see her in the past few days. He had sent Helanzhen back to Hulan. When he found Helanzhen, Helanzhen was dying. It was Xiao Qi. Saved him back. Wang Yan wondered why Xiao Qi did this. Xiao Qi said that the current King Hulan does not have a prince, as long as Helanzhen is an illegitimate son.

If there is no accident, Helanzhen will be the next King of Hulan, but the old King Hulan has a nephew. He Lan Tuo, this man lost his father since childhood and was raised by the old King Hulan as if he was raised by his side. But Liu Pan was destroyed because He Lan Tuo pretended to be an army of Ning Shuo and wanted to use Xiao Qi’s hand to destroy He Lan Zhen. He can succeed to the throne of Hulan, justifiably.

He didn’t tell Helanzhen the truth because he wouldn’t believe it when he said Helanzhen. It’s better to let the tiger go back to the mountain and let Helanzhen and Helantuo fight against each other, so that Xiao Qi can take advantage of the fisherman’s profit. Wang Yan was a little surprised by Xiao Qi’s intentions. , I felt that he was planning to marry Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi avoided answering, saying that the facts were not what Wang Yan thought.

The facts were so cruel that Wang Yan couldn’t bear it. Wang Yan was a little unconvinced. Tell yourself the truth. Upon seeing this, Xiao Qi told Wang Lin about the matter of marrying a daughter for military power. Wang Yan was hit hard, and Xiao Qi comforted him and persuaded Wang Lin not to be cowardly. He had to face what he should face.

Wang Mansion, Wang Lin called Wang Su who wanted to go to the side court, and told him and Huan Mi to be a loving couple, don’t lose big because of smallness. At the beginning, Wang Lin asked Wang Su to marry Huan Mi because of the power of Huan Mi, and Wang Su was angry. Endlessly, now Wang Lin is already overwhelmingly powerful. He doesn’t understand what Wang Lin wants. Because of Wang Lin’s majesty, Wang Su can only leave.

This day, Madam Lu came to Wang Yan again. Wang Yan asked Yuxiu a few words. He learned of the relationship between Madam Lu and Xing Er Yi Er, and also learned that Xing Er Yi Er’s ambition to become a side concubine, so she became more and more concerned about these people. Dissatisfied, and deliberately left a few people. When I saw Madam Lu, Madam Lu kept begging for the two of them, but Wang Yan was unmoved and ordered Madam Lu to drive the two out of the house.

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