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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 11 Recap

After Zidan returned to Beijing, he knelt outside the emperor’s bedroom for three hours. Xue Daoan persuaded the emperor to see Zidan, but the emperor remained unmoved and asked Xue Daoan not to disturb his cultivation. The emperor didn’t see Zidan because there was still the queen’s eyeliner in the palace, deliberately making a look of serious hysteria, but the queen was still a little uneasy.

Song Huaien was worried that Hu Yao would protect Wang Yan alone, hoping that Xiao Qi could send some more people to protect Wang Yan, but Hu Guanglie said that this action would startle the snake, and soon reported it. The soldiers also set off. Xiao Qi and Xu Shou came to the school for a military parade, and He Lanzhen and others hid in the dark waiting for an opportunity. Halfway through the military parade, Xiao Qi suddenly drove away from Xu Shou. According to the previous arrangement, the soldiers surrounded Xu Shou and his group and threw explosives into the encirclement. He Lanzhen saw this and ordered his men to launch a sniper. .

The order was given, and a group of people suddenly jumped out of the water tank in the school field and stabbed Xiao Qi. When Xiao Qi was fighting the assassin, Chahan took the fake Wang Yan Xiaoye and appeared on the high platform, and asked Xiao Qi to come forward and fight to the death with himself. Xiao Qi stood too far away and couldn’t see the truth. For the sake of safety, he ordered that Everyone should not act rashly, but approach Chahan.

As soon as Xiao Qi leaned forward, Cha Han ordered people to release arrows. Xiao Qi swung his sword to cut down the arrows. The soldiers in the rear were worried about Xiao Qi and ordered arrows to shoot the culprits. Only Cha Han and Xiao Ye were left on the stage, and Xiao Qi worried After hurting Wang Yan, he hurriedly signaled to stop shooting arrows. At this moment, Hu Yao jumped from the side and fought Chahan. She overpowered Chahan, but Xiaoye stumbled and fell from the high platform. Xiao Qi quickly caught Xiaoye.

Only then did he discover that the princess in his arms was a fake, Xiao Qi threw Xiaoye out, and Xiaoye was so desperate that he pulled the lead around his waist and committed suicide. After Xiaoye committed suicide, He Lanzhen showed up with Wang Yan. He Lanzhen made a condition that as long as he opened the south gate and let Xiao Qi fight alone with him, Wang Yan would be rescued. Xiao Qi agreed to He Lanzhen’s terms without hesitation.

Regardless of the obstacles of his subordinates, Xiao Qi chased Helanzhen alone. Helanzhen and his team fled to a cable bridge. After crossing the cable bridge, it was the Hulandi boundary. He Lanzhen was disappointed when he saw that Xiao Qi had not chased him, so he asked Wang Yanhe I went back to Hulan together. Before I said a few words, Xiao Qi suddenly appeared across the bridge, and Xiao Qi’s soldiers also appeared behind He Lanzhen.

After a fierce battle, Xiao Qi killed all He Lanzhen’s men, and stepped forward. He Lanzhen approached. He Lanzhen wanted to die with Wang Yan. He jumped under the bridge. Xiao Qi quickly grabbed Wang Yan with his eyes and hands, and cut off He Lanzhen’s hand. He Lanzhen fell under the bridge, and Xiao Qi successfully rescued Wang Yan.

Wang Chang slept in the military camp for two days before waking up. She heard Xiao Qi talking with the doctor outside the house. She was worried about her in words, but she didn’t want to face Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi confessed her mistake and said she was herself. I failed Wang Yan, but he will definitely try his best to make up. If Wang Yan is really unwilling to face him, he will return to the capital after Wang Yan’s injury is healed.

After Xiao Qi has said this, he sees that Wang Yan has no reaction, so he wants to turn around. When he left and walked halfway, Wang Yan called him to stop. He hurried back to Wang Yan’s couch, and personally fed Wang Yan a decoction to relieve pain, took care of Wang Yan, and said that when Wang Yan healed, he would take the king. Take a good look at the land of Ningshuo.

In the capital, Xie Wanru went to visit Zidan and learned that Su Jin’er had been by Zidan’s side, so she asked people to bring Su Jin’er to talk with him. Xie Wanru asked Su Jiner why he insisted on staying in Zidan Mansion. Su Jiner told her secret thoughts and said that he wanted to serve Zidan all the time. Only then did Xie Wanru know that Su Jiner also likes Zidan. Xie Wanru wanted to avenge Wang Yan. He promised to help Su Jiner fulfill his long-cherished wish.

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