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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 10 Recap

Zidan and Su Jiner rushed to Huizhou to look for Wang Yan. Wang Yan was no longer in Huizhou. Naturally, they couldn’t find Wang Yan. The news that Zidan mobilized Huizhou government soldiers to search for Wang Yan was known by Xie Yuan, and Xie Yuan hurryed. When people asked Zidan to come to see him, Xie Yuan was a little helpless and disappointed. He felt that Zidan, like Concubine Xie, had been trapped in a love letter all his life.

Zidan was a little surprised when he saw Xie Yuan. Xie Yuan reminded Zidan not to stay in Huizhou for Wang Yan anymore. He wanted him to remember the hatred between the Xie family and the Wang family, and stop thinking about what he could have with Wang Yan, but Zidan said he himself I just want Wang Yan to be safe, not to know Wang Yan’s life and death like now.

Seeing that Zidan was so stubborn, Xie Yuan said that he had accepted the emperor’s secret edict this time. He had no choice but to return to Beijing. Xie Yuan took out a letter and asked Zidan to see the reason for himself. Zi After reading it, Tan decided to take Su Jiner back to the capital.

The Huizhou provincial governor, Wu Qian, specially went to Beijing to plead guilty to Wang Lin because of Wang Yan’s robbery. Wang Lin only said that if Wang Yan had any shortcomings, the Wu family would be buried with him. Wu Qian was frightened to the ground. After Wang Lin left, Wu Qian wanted to go to the princess to intercede again.

Wang An turned Wu Qian out of the door because the princess was unwell. Wu Qian still did not give up, but still begged at the door. In the palace, Wang Yu’s concubine Zhu Yan is pregnant with Wang Yu’s child, and Huan’s maid Ruoqiu fights for Huan’s misfortune. She feels that it was the Wang’s family who must marry Wang’s, and also dismantled Huan’s great marriage, but Wang Suo ignored Huan Mi and made her concubine pregnant.

It was a humiliation to Huan Mi. Although Ruoqiu was very angry, Huan Mi did not take it seriously. When Huan Mi heard Wu Qian making a noise outside the door, and heard that it was Wang Yan, she told Ruoqiu to lead Aunt Xu here, and Ruoqiu obeyed her orders. Wang Lin had been concealing the news that the eldest princess Wang Yan was involved. This time, Wu Qian stabbed him out. The eldest princess heard Wu Qian’s report, her body couldn’t bear the blow, and she passed out.

After the eldest princess fainted, Wang Su waited by the bed. After Wang Lin came back, he explained the reason, and asked what was going on with Wang Lin. After Wang Su left, he wanted to find Huan Mi. Huan Mi’s maid said Huan Mi went to the other hospital to accompany her father. Wang Su was angry and didn’t fight. He felt that the eldest princess was sick.

As a daughter-in-law, Huan Mi did not accompany the eldest princess. He asked the maid to wait for Huan Mi to come back to find her. What Wang Su didn’t know was that Huan Mi didn’t go to accompany Huan Gong at all, but was affair with Zi Lu. Zi Lu promised Huan Mi that the day when he was enthroned, it was the time when Huan Mi was in the world.

In the capital, Wu Qian knew that he had caused a catastrophe, lest Wang Lin would do anything to him, he wanted to escape from the capital overnight with his wife. When the two were cleaning up, a maid suddenly visited and made Wu Qian go with him if he wanted to survive. . Wu Qian was taken to Huan Gong’s residence. Huan Gong introduced Zi Lu to Wu Qian, saying that now only Zi Lu can save Wu Qian.

He Lanzhen and his party arrived at the factory wind station in Ningshuo. In the evening, Xiaoye asked Wang Yan to pick up the cakes on the ground to humiliate Wang Yan. Wang Yan looked at the surroundings and asked Xiaoye to untie herself, and she ate it. That dirty cake, Xiaoye’s mind was simple, and he wanted to humiliate Wang Yan, so he untied her rope. Wang Yan was eating the cake while looking for a chance. Chahan came to give Wang Yan the porridge.

Xiaoye heard that Helan Zhen gave Wang Yan. He went out and wanted to pour the porridge. Wang Yan seized the opportunity, closed the door while Xiaoye went out, set the fire again and fled. After learning that Wang Yan’s room was on fire, He Lanzhen ordered his men not to be busy fighting the fire, and sent people to surround the post.

When Wang Zhang didn’t know how to escape, Hu Guanglie and Hu Yao suddenly showed up and pulled her into a corner. The two showed their identities. Only then did Wang Zhang calm down, but there were too many people in He Lanzhen, and the Hu family brothers and sisters could not escape. When going out, Wang Zhang could only tell them what He Lanzhen would do to Xiao Qi three days later, and asked them to pass the news to Xiao Qi.

She went out to distract the chasing soldiers. Hu’s brother and sister took the opportunity to escape. She now tells He Lanzhen. It’s still useful. It won’t be easy to be killed. After saying this, Wang Yan rushed out. When Hu Yao saw this, he asked Hu Guanglie to go back and pass the news, leaving behind to protect Wang Yan in secret.

After Wang Zhang was captured, He Lanzhen decided to guard Wang Yan himself, and also told Wang Yan about his life experience. He Lanzhen’s mother was a princess in Liupan, who was defiled by Prince Hulan who came to watch the ceremony on her wedding day and gave birth. One child and one daughter, He Lanzhen and his sister.

He Lanzhen’s mother raised her children alone, but He Lanzhen’s younger sister became ill. The desperate He Lanzhen mother returned to Liupan for help, but was spurned by the Liupan people. It is a kind of evil. Many years later, Hulan lost his grandson and no heir to the throne. Prince Hulan remembered the son Helanzhen again, and sent someone to bring Helanzhen to Hulan. But it didn’t take long before Hulan and the Central Plains went to war.

Sandwiched in the middle, suffering from the flames of war, He Lanzhen was forced to die to get an army, but when he arrived at Liupan and wanted to save his mother and sister, Liupan was in ruins. His mother and sister were already in ruins. No longer alive. After that day, the head guard of He Lanzhen’s mother and a group of Liupan people who had escaped from the war found Helanzhen, embraced him as the young master, and vowed to avenge Liupan.

In the palace, Xue Daoan reported the news of Ning Shuo to the emperor. It turned out that Xie Yuan’s actions were secretly directed by the emperor to kill Xiao Qi and let Xu Su take over Ningshuo’s army. You can give up, he has made up his mind that none of the Wang family can stay.

Ning Shuo, Xiaoye brought a set of clean clothes to Wang Yan, let her freshen up, and get on the road tomorrow. Last time Wang Yan ran away, He Lanzhen wanted to ask Xiaoye for the crime. It was Wang Yan who pleaded for Xiaoye. In this way, Xiaoye’s attitude towards Wang Yan was much better. Wang Zhang realized that Xiaoye had affection for Helan Zhen, and he advised her not to make mistakes. If she has been living in contempt and insult, then this love is better than not. Wang Zhang persuaded Xiaoye to think about it, but Xiaoye wanted to complete the revenge plan for He Lanzhen.

After Xiao Ye changed clothes for Wang Yan, she put on Wang Yan’s clothes and pretended to be Wang Yan, and also tied a jade belt. Wang Zhang was taken to Helan Zhen’s place and found that He Lanzhen was going to pretend to be an envoy to enter the barracks. He Lanzhen picked up a jade belt and told Wang Zhang that the jade belt was filled with the most potent phosphorous fire poison, and he only had to pull the jade belt within thirty feet Things will turn into ashes, He Lanzhen tied a jade belt to Wang Yan, so that she should not act rashly. In the barracks, Xiao Qi is also preparing for deployment.

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