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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 44 Recap

Although the poison in Li’s body is suppressed in time and not fatal, he can’t detoxify without knowing what poison. Only those who can find the poison can be poisoned. Li Ji found the steel needle used for poisoning in the house. Goodbye to the candle and hide the poison.

Zhou Fei remembered that Mu Xiaoqiao once said frankly that when he killed Hu Tianying, he did not see the other party’s face clearly, so he suspected that Hu Tianying was not dead.

Before the accident, Li Jirong left a letter, which was originally to go down the mountain to assassinate Shen Tianshu and explain the future. It is written in the place where the tokens are hidden, but now it is empty. Li Qian immediately ordered the mountain to be closed on alert, and Zhou Fei also investigated Hu Tianying’s hiding place alone.

Chen Zichen was blocked from going down the mountain, and was found by the disciples in the village to find the lost mountain and river wall on them. Zhang Bolin logically thought that they were in collusion with the earthsha and wanted to kill it on the spot and then quickly. Fortunately, Xie Yun and Li Wei arrived in time. At a glance, Li Qian saw that this was a trick to sow discord, and immediately let Chen Zichen and others go, so that the court owed 48 villages a favor.

Hu Tianying wanted to disguise himself as a mountain in the chaos, but happened to meet the disciples in the village who wanted to go to block the path, and then killed several people on the spot. After Hu Tianying successfully left the fortress, she rushed to the foot of the mountain with the attendant. Compared with chasing soldiers, Hu Tianying was more worried that she would attract others with tokens. Only when she rushed back to Disha Villa as soon as possible would she feel at ease.

Forty-eight Zhaishanmen were blocked, and Zhou Fei chased straight from the path. Although she was cautious enough, she still fell into Hu Tianying’s villain’s tricks. Even if Zhou Fei was poisoned, he forced to suppress the poison knife, but was blocked by the waitress, allowing Hu Tianying to escape successfully.

Although this trick is one of the top chess games, Xie Yun and Chen Zichen have never got revenge and killed each other for this. It really made Yu Wen stop his anger, and even promised Shen Tianshu. As long as the earth helps him kill Xie Yun, he will no longer be involved in the same treasures of the sea and the sky. Unfortunately, Shen Tianshu never paid Yu Wenzhi seriously at all. Yu Wenzhi wanted to achieve something, and could only start with Hu Tianying.

There is an atmosphere of vigilance and guilt in the forty-eight villages. In the crisis, after Li Di calmly dispatched the defense in the village calmly, he took several disciples and Yang Di down the mountain to hunt Hu Tianying. Li Yan was entrusted by Xie Yun to go down the mountain to buy wine. She should have returned today. At present, she has not been seen for a long time.

Yang Qian is inevitably anxious. Chen Zichen deliberately asked Mr. Bai to stay and obey Li Qian’s orders in order to involve the 48 villages. Under the probing of the foot gang, he learned that Shen Tianshu had rushed to Hanshui Town to meet Hu Tianying. Gu Tianxian rushed to Hanshui Town with the group of people.

Zhou Fei was not poisoned deeply. Xie Yun chased him all the way and absorbed all the toxins in her body, so she turned to safety. In order to save his life, Hu Tianying revealed that there was a way to detoxify Li Yurong in the sea and the sky. Zhou Fei and Zhou Fei decided to rush to Hanshui Town to intercept Hu Tianying and wait for Li Yu and others to support him.

Hanshui Town is full of people, but Li Yan regards Shen Tianshu as an innocent uncle. For fear of being persecuted by the earth, she took the initiative to take Shen Tianshu to the 48 hidden stakes of the fortress to hide. Shen Tianshu once heard Tong Tianyang mention that Liu Youliang walked with Li Yan before his death, and now he forced her to redraw the map.

When Li Yan learned that the person in front of her was Shen Tianshu, she regretted it too late. Mr. Bai was unable to continue to track Shen Tianshu at the cost of losing several people. However, according to the information from the disciples who were hiding beside Yu Wenzhi, Shen Tianshu and Yu Wenzhi almost turned against each other because of stealing tokens.

Mr. Bai was worried that Yu Wenzhi would bring private soldiers, but Li Qian couldn’t ask for it. He intended that when Yu Wenzhi and the earth brake dog bit the dog, they could sit and reap the fisherman’s benefits.

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