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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 43 Recap

Li Yurong’s body is getting weaker and weaker. Dan burns incense to help him sleep, but this sleep makes her have nightmares. Shen Tianshu threatened the lives of the 48 people in Li Jirong’s dream like a ghost, seducing her worries that had been suppressed for a long time.

The sea and sky are the things that their parents protect with their lives. The lives of everyone in the 48 villages are also Li Yurong willing to do everything to protect. In the face of such a threat, Li Jirong cut and stabbed like a madman, and no longer saw the calmness of ordinary days.

With both hands on Li Jirong’s shoulder, she turned back and stabbed Shen Tianshu’s abdomen with a sword. She waited for a long time to be happy, but looked up and saw Zhou Yitang’s blood dripping. The scene of killing his lover with his own hands made Li Yurong completely mentally collapse. Fortunately, the nightmare woke up at this moment.

Li Jirong wiped his sweaty forehead, and his heart to assassinate Shen Tianshu was also more anxious. At this time, Wu Chuchu came to sort out the snow knife, and then happened to know the recurrence of Li Jirong’s old disease. However, no one can let Li Jirong go to the doctor to recover from his injuries. She has long put life and death aside. At this critical moment, she can’t leave a branch.

Chen Zichen’s marriage was defeated. Hu Tianying once again invisibly poisoned him, persuaded Chen Zichen and Mr. Bai to leave the 48th Village today on the grounds that staying in the 48th Village would cause sadness and thus hurt his body. Once Chen Zichen leaves today, Hu Tianying will take action that night, so that Chen Zichen can be invisibly blamed.

Zhou Fei practiced his knife by the river every day. In order to defend the ground and others attacked the fortress for the sea and the sky. Xie Yun was so sad, and he felt guilty that he involved her in right and wrong. Xie Yun hereby asked Li Yurong to destroy all the tokens, so that she can be once and for all.

What’s more, he will die soon, and this so-called treasure of restoration has long been meaningless. The sea and sky are things that many people use their lives to protect. Li Jirong does not want to destroy it. What’s more, Xie Yun does not want to involve Zhou Fei to make this decision, so the final decision should also be in her hands.

Xie Yun saw that Li Qianrong insisted, so he stopped talking about the soul search needle. Soul-searching needles can temporarily force out the internal strength of martial arts in the heyday of the human body, which is what Li Jirong needs most. She left the remaining soul-search needles from Xie Yun for her own use on the pretext of studying.

Yu Wenzhi’s men failed to hunt down Zhou Yitang and privately asked for help from the people of the earth. As a result, he was captured by 48 hidden piles. Li Yurong learned that Zhou Yitang had been hunted down by the earth and must have been used as a hostage, so he decided to take people down the mountain that day.

Before proceeding, Li Jirong solemnly gave Li Qian the 48 seals of the village, and also gave all the hopes and future to him. Zhou Feiben cooked food for Li Jirong in the kitchen, and happened to hear Wu Chuchu talk about Li Yurong’s injury with his doctor’s daughter. Zhou Fei had learned in Xie Yun’s mouth that Li Yurong had asked for a soul search needle, and then met Li Yu to tell Li Yurong of the abnormality, and the two suddenly felt bad.

When Li Jirong was preparing to go down the mountain with his disciples, he was blocked by Zhou Fei and Li Ji at the gate of the courtyard. Zhou Fei won by force. Li Yurong was deeply comforted and could only temporarily give up the idea of going down the mountain.

At night, the Helishan River wall sent by Chen Zichen to Li Yurong disappeared, causing a little panic, and successfully attracting Dan, who was not away from Li Jirong. Hu Tianying took this opportunity to approach Li Yurong in the name of Chen Zichen.

Although her identity was exposed, the candles in the room had been poisoned. Li Yurong was seriously injured and was defeated by Hu Tianying’s hidden weapon, resulting in poisoning and coma.

Wu Chuchu came to deliver medicine to Li Jirong. He happened to meet Hu Tianying, who had escaped, and quickly warned everyone in the village with a sentry arrow. When Zhou Fei and Li Ji arrived, Li Jirong had long been unconscious, and Xie Yun’s longevity picture for Li Jirong was also stopped in the word “longevity”.

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