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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 4 Recap

At a “hello stranger” party, Yingshu successfully “drew” Dong Ming’s daughter, Dong Shishi. When the two were dating alone in the car, Dong Shishi knew his intentions and felt that Ou Nu was really working hard for D&O. Yingshu hoped that the two of them could unite strongly. Dong Shishi said that her father thought Ou Nu was too old and wanted to persuade him to get her. Go to Oulu to check it out.

Then Yingshu told Liansheng about the process of meeting him and Dong Shishi, and Liansheng praised him for doing well. Afterwards, Dong Shishi came to the Ou Nu shopping mall and happened to meet Tao Xiaoting who was cleaning the house. Xiaoting told her truthfully about her problems. Then Dong Shishi met Yingshu. She felt that the shopping mall was low in traffic, and she asked Xiaoting to prove her claim. Xiaoting said that the elderly and housewives usually come, so Dong Shishi believes that Ou’s main consumer group is not the target of D&O. Consumer groups.

Streak saw from a distance that Xiao Ting didn’t dare to come over because she was afraid of being recognized by her. After Dong Shishi left, Ying Shu accused Xiao Ting of making trouble, and Xiao Ting angrily said that what she said was the truth. Seeing Xiaoting’s appearance after leaving the winning streak, he told Yingshu that they would think of another way.

The words of Xiao Ting and Dong Shishi and the D&O withdrawal incident exposed the problem of Ou Nu, so Lian Sheng and Ying Shu thought about and sorted out the reform plan to help Ou Nu department store transformation. Then they split up. Yingshu took the plan and went to the beach to meet the surfer Dong. Old Dong didn’t want to look at his plan. Dong Shishi took the plan from Yingshu and said that she would find a way to let her father take a look. Then Yingshu received a phone call from Lian Sheng, and was very happy to hear that he had obtained the patent for marine aquaculture.

On the board of directors that day, Yingshu put the contract signed between Ou Nu and D&O in front of Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao was surprised when he saw it, but he felt that Mr. Dong’s capriciousness might change his mind in the future. Yingshu thought that it would not be because of Oulu’s stake in D&O. Mr. Zhao and others couldn’t help being surprised when they heard it. What surprised them was that Yingshu still After winning another big brand, Bao Di Nisi, the directors looked at Yingshu with admiration and praised him for his good work.

Afterwards, Yingshu drank and celebrated with the winning streak and Jeff. Yingshu said that this time the credit was in the winning streak, and asked him what reward he wanted. He was pleasantly surprised when he heard that the winning streak wanted the CEO of Oulun. The winning streak continued to look for the USB flash drive. Jeff couldn’t help but laugh at him as Mei Changsu strategizes during the day. Lian Sheng said that Xiao Ting’s bag was also searched for but not found. This time he has to take a more direct approach.

On this day, Boss Qian called Xiaodi’s cell phone and wanted to ask her to have a meal with her, but Xiaoting who answered the phone scolded him not to harass her. These words happened to be heard by Yingshu. He felt that she was a complete gold worshiper. Xiaoting said that he deliberately spent money to keep her here to humiliate her. Yingshu said that he didn’t have time to humiliate her. He came to the toilet. Seeing him walk in, Xiao Ting tried to lock him in the toilet and couldn’t get out.

After rectifying Yingshu, Xiao Ting felt in a good mood. After leaving the company, he encountered Streak. Streak offered to send her off. Xiao Ting took out a small book. Last time he said that the car can be used on credit, so she wrote it down once she took the car. . Lian Sheng praised her very carefully, saying that besides bookkeeping, there are celebrity quotes in her book. Xiaoting wondered how he knew there were famous quotes in the book.

Lian Sheng said that he saw it when she wrote it last time. Xiaoting asked him what else he saw. , He said which boy she had a crush on, Xiaoting heard this and turned around and left, Streak hurriedly caught up with her and asked if she could give him the money today without credit. When Xiao Ting heard anxiously, he said why he was like this. Streak pretended to be pitiful and said that he was hungry if he didn’t make any money.

Xiaoting only had 20 yuan, and they came to a food stall. When Streak saw that the crayfish was too expensive to buy, he asked the boss for 7 bunches of squid. The boss said that the squid was gone, and Streak discussed with Xiaoting that it is better to buy something and cook and eat, which is economical and affordable. Xiaoting finds it inconvenient to go to his home, nor is it appropriate to go to his own home. The winning streak said that he had to go back hungry. At this time, the boss said that he had a bag of screws left. Xiaoting said happily that she liked screws the most, and the boss sold them for 20 yuan.

Then the two of them came to Xiaoting’s house, and Liansheng walked around while she was frying the screws. Xiaoting saw and asked him what he was doing. Liansheng said that he was lost, and Xiaoting would be scolded if he told him not to touch her sister’s things. . After the screw was fried, Lian Sheng took out his mobile phone to take pictures and sent it to Moments. Suddenly he said that the phone memory was full, so he asked Xiao Ting to borrow a USB flash drive. Xiao Ting found one for him. Lian Sheng didn’t think he was looking for it. That, watching him hesitate, Xiaoting said that he didn’t need her and put it back, he hurriedly took it and said to use it.

After dinner, Xiao Ting sent a winning streak to go out, watching him go on a motorcycle, she just turned around to go back, and she couldn’t help but scream when she met a bandaged person. The person said that Xiao Ting pretended to be her sister, and Xiao Ting hurriedly helped her back to the house. It turned out that Xiao Ting was going crazy in the hospital and came back. My sister asked who the uncle was just now, Xiaoting said that he was a black car driver and sent her back just now.

Soon Xiaodi removed the bandage, and she came to the inauguration conference of Ou’s CEO Streak in a new look, which successfully attracted everyone’s attention. Then she went to the bathroom, Xiao Ting did not recognize her, until she covered her nose with a tissue and said Xiao Ting should not cry, Xiao Ting realized that the beautiful girl in front of her was her sister. But Xiaodi’s unfamiliar appearance made her sad. Xiaodi embraced the crying Xiaoting and comforted her. Xiaoting cried and asked if she was her sister.

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