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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 3 Recap

Hideki wants to get the winning streak back to Oulu to help him. He will always keep the position of CEO. He will give him time to consider the winning streak, but don’t let him wait too long. The next day Tao Xiaodi, whose head and face were wrapped in bandages, woke up. While lying on the hospital bed, she reached out and fumbled for a cup of water. The nurse wondered if there was no family to take care of her. When the water bottle was empty, she helped her fetch water.

Tao Xiaoting, who was cleaning the toilet in Ou Nuo, slipped out while the security guards didn’t pay attention. Running Lian Sheng received her call. She called him the black car master and told him that she was in Ou Nu Shopping Mall and asked him to pick her up, but Lian Sheng listened to her. Describing the surrounding scenery for a long time but still can’t figure out her location, let her send him the location.

Afterwards, Streak rode a motorcycle to pick up Xiao Ting and went straight to the plastic surgery hospital. On the way, Xiao Ting also bought buns and porridge for her sister. When she came to the plastic surgery hospital, she couldn’t help crying distressedly when looking at her sister who was wrapped in gauze on the bed. Seeing Xiao Ting crying, Xiao Flute wanted to cry too, but her tears would cause infection.

Xiao Ting quickly wiped the tears from her sister’s eyes with a tissue. She asked her sister how she wrapped up like a mummy. Xiaodi said that she had also undergone heightening surgery. Xiaoting complained that her sister shouldn’t toss herself so much. She didn’t know how to explain to her mother if there was a mistake. She slipped out and couldn’t stay too long. After feeding Xiaodi some porridge, she went back.

After Xiaoting left, Xiaodi couldn’t sleep and asked the nurse for a magazine. The nurse gave her a copy. She was surprised to see the handsome picture of Yingshu on the cover. The assistant she thought was really handsome. .

Xiao Ting walked out of the hospital with a heavy heart. She wanted to walk alone. Lian Sheng said that she could be sent to her for free. Xiao Ting thought it was nice to ask him what his surname was, and he said the last name was Ye. She called him Master Ye. In the evening, Xiao Ting dragged his tired body away from the gulls, and was stopped by the streak at the door. She couldn’t help wondering how she always saw him and felt like he was turning around her. Streak said that he often pulls a living here. . He wanted to send her back. Xiao Ting said that he had no money, and the winning streak asked her to pay him the fare when she had money. Xiao Ting couldn’t help but feel very happy when she heard that she could still use credit.

Looking at the beautiful night view of Shenzhen, Tao Xiaoting was in a good mood. She was confident that there must be a home in it in the future. After learning that Streak has been in Shenzhen for 20 years but there is no home for him, Xiaoting can’t help sighing and wondering when she will be able to make her debut. She sympathizes with him and feels that he is still a black car driver after all these years. Curious how he persevered.

Streak sent Xiao Ting to the door of the house, and she fell asleep on his back tiredly. He sent her in and put her on the bed. Xiaoting slept very deeply, and Streak quickly flipped through her bag for a USB flash drive, then he looked around in the room but couldn’t find it. After winning streak, he went to find Jeff for a drink. Jeff expressed his feelings that the streak was a driver of a black car every day. It was because of a man who robbed his woman. He said that there are 10,000 ways that the little girl can tell the whereabouts of the USB drive. Tell Jeff not to mess around, the little girl can’t stand him.

Xiao Ting was cleaning the toilet that day, Xiao Ting’s boyfriend, You Wei, came. He thought Xiao Ting in front of him was Xiao Ting, and he pushed her away when he wanted to kiss her. He told her that although the family was bankrupt, he had found a new job. He wanted to cheer with her. Xiaoting hid in the small grid and didn’t know what to say. You Wei gave her a cute doll and left.

On the board of directors, Yingshu proposed to let Streak come back to be the chief executive officer and was opposed by everyone. Mr. Zhao said that if Yingshu favored himself, he would not qualify as chairman. Yingshu said that the chairman can not only do it, but also do it steadily. Mr. Zhao throws him a problem. The D&O brand that has settled in Oulu wants to withdraw and join another partner. D&O’s chairman Dong Ming has already been with each other. After signing the agreement, he asked Yingshu what way he could win the customer of D&O. Yingshu said that he would definitely give everyone a satisfactory answer.

Then Yingshu went to find Streak for help. He felt that Streak and Dong Ming were old friends, and that streak would be more effective than him. So the winning streak went to the beach and saw Dong Ming who was about to surf. Dong Ming knew his intentions and said that he would never look back. Lian Sheng said that the person who took the initiative to find Dong Ming was not here to beg him or to save him, so he talked about the dilemma that D&O farmed black pearls will face, and said that he has a solution. Dong Ming praised him as a Wall Street Wolf. Streak knew that his words had touched Dong Ming, and Yingshu should come forward and do the next thing. Yingshu was attending a party this day, and his eyes focused on a beautiful girl.

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